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Fun DIYs with a Difference: 15 Great Corking Craft Ideas

We’ve been huge fans of yarn crafts ever since we were little kids. Sure, we’ve learned how to weave, knit, and crochet in the years since our first few yarn projects, but our original skills were built on a hand held yarn loom, or a yarn cork! We were given a wooden spool with metal teeth when we were about five years old and we used it so much that we eventually broke it. That didn’t stop us, though! Since then, we’ve tried making and using all kinds of different DIY hand looms and spools and now we’re passing those skills and ideas on to our kids.

Just in case you’re a big corking fan too but you’ve always wanted to make projects in different sizes and styles than your original hand held yarn spool, check out these awesome DIY spool projects that will help you cork all styles and sizes of things!

1. Recycled wood and nail spool knitter


Have you always been pretty handy with at least the simplest tools and wooden materials, even though you’re a yarn and soft crafting enthusiast too? Then we can’t think of a better way to combine your skills in one place than making yourself a yarn spool from scrap wood and nails! Scattered Scissors guides you step by step through the process, showing you how to properly cut a rounded hole in the centre of a wood scrap and evenly place your nails for weaving.

2. Large spool knitter from an ice cream tub


Even though you love corking with your little hand held spool, have you always kind of wished you could make bigger projects with thicker yarn? In that case, we’ve found just the project for you! Etcetorize guides you through the super simple process of cutting teeth into the bottom of an empty, cleaned out plastic ice cream or margarine tub, giving you a bigger space to work with thicker yarn. This is a great, simple way to make a scarf!

3. Paper clip and drink bottle spool knitter


Are you feeling pretty intrigued about the idea of making your very own yarn spool out of upcycled kitchen wares that are already in your house, but you’re not sure you want to make your spool quite as big as the one before this? In that case, here’s an awesome DIY alternative that will let you create a project that’s somewhere in between for sizes! Check out how Knit Chat made their own yarn spool out of the top half of a plastic drinking bottle and some paper clips, giving them the perfect tool for making medium sized knitting projects!

4. Corking and pipe cleaner lizard


Have you had your fill of making scarves and neck warmers recently, and you’ve also been making a lot of jewelry as of late, so you’re on the hunt now for other cute projects you can make with your yarn spool, no matter what size you’re working with? Well, especially if you’re working on crafts with your kids, here’s an adorable little toy idea that was a big hit in our house! Check out how Cut Out and Keep used their corking skills to make the body of this funny little lizard before giving it pipe cleaner legs to stand on and even some quirky googly eyes for personality.

5. Ice cream tub corked scarves


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about the big plastic ice cream tub yarn spool for larger projects, but you’re actually feeling kind of intimidated by the idea of making something in a bigger size so you feel like you could use more guidance for making the project itself, rather than just the spool? Then this tutorial from Unicorn Hat Party is definitely the one for you! They show you how to make a cute, Boho chic neck scarf from chunky yarn complete with a fringed edge!

6. Spool knit jewelry wire


Is your spool quite small because you made yourself one from an old wooden thread spool and nails, taking the term yarn spool very literally? Well, besides being punny and useful, that size of corking tool is versatile because it’s the perfect thing to use for corking eye cord style jewelry using jewelry wire! The idea of using your crochet hook to loop wire around itself over and over might sound a little challenging, and it’s definitely a unique crafting experience, but if you get the very malleable kind, we assure you it’s not as difficult as you might think. Find out precisely how it’s done on Shoe Box Studio!

7. Corked beehive pin cushion


Were you fairly interested in the idea of making something small that isn’t jewelry or a scarf, but you don’t think the little lizard we showed you earlier is quite the project for you? Then maybe you’d prefer to make something that actually serves a purpose and has some practical use to you once you’re finished with it! We love Embroideroo‘s idea of making a DIY pin cushion from corked yarn, so we’ve actually recreated their cute beehive design more than once; we’ve made two for ourselves in different colours and several for friends as gifts!

8. Corked teapot mat


Regardless of what kind of corking you’re doing, what size of yarn and spool you’re working with, and whether you made the spool yourself, there’s still always the question of what you can make, especially if you’re a beginner to the whole process. That’s why we always hang onto this simple, cute little spiralling teapot mat tutorial from Embroideroo! It gives us something fun but easy to refer to our beginner friends or any of the kids we teach yarn skills to in our family and friend circles.

9. Corked baby hat


Does the idea of corking something wearable appeal to you most but you’ve already made yourself a few scarves and you’re ready for a new challenge, as long as it’s something small and manageable? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest that you give this adorable little baby hat a try! We love the simple step by step instructions at this WikiHow tutorial and we can’t get over how cute their little yarn tassel finishing detail is!

10. Circular area rug


Perhaps you find the spiraling teapot mat idea we showed you earlier in our list interesting but you were actually hoping to tackle a project that’s a little bit bigger and more satisfying? Maybe you’re just looking for an alternative way to use similar techniques because you don’t actually drink tea! Either way, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Eruptive Designs used yarn in different contrasting and complementary colours to cork themselves a whole circular floor mat using their yarn spool.

11. Cute corked candy kitchen sponges


Have you been scrolling through our list hoping to come across some kind of decorative piece or trinket that you can make for yourself or your kids, but the funny lizard we showed you earlier isn’t quite what you had in mind? Then perhaps you’d prefer these adorable yarn crafted candies in colourful “wrappers” instead! Check out how Necobit made the yarn wrappers using their corking spool, filling them and tying the gather ends in simple ways to finish the whole project off neatly.

12. Spiralled corked purse


Have you actually been yarn crafting since you were a very small child and now you’d consider yourself essentially an expert at corking? Then you’re probably already familiar with just how many things you can create from a simple corked eye cord as long as you’re willing to use a little imagination! At that skill level, you’re the perfect person to make something like this stunning corked purse by Big Blue Bully Bus. They suggest creating a little bag by swirling your eye cords into little rosettes and sewing them together edge to edge.

13. French knit tool lanyard


Did you know that corking or yarn spooling can also be called French knitting thanks to its area of origin? Well, regardless of what you refer to your skills and tools as, here’s another awesome and super practical project for your list of ideas! Stormdrane suggests using durable paracord in a variety of thicknesses to create a strong lanyard fit for attaching tools to your hiking bag.

14. Small spool knit floral purse


Were you pretty enamoured with the spool knit floral purse we showed you above but you’re also convinced that it’s a little bit over your head in terms of the skills required to make it happen? Then maybe you’d be better starting off with this simpler yarn corked purse idea that’s a little more basic in its construction but still gives you a bit of the floral element you like so much! Get the full instructions for making your own on WikiHow.

15. Spool knit baby rattle


Did we really catch your attention when we talked about corking little toys for your kids but your little ones are still babies, so they’re not quite ready for bouncy lizards and yarn candies? In that case, we definitely think you should check out this corked and yarn wrapped baby’s rattle design instead! WikiHow guides you through the process of wrapping the plastic ring, crossing corked yarn eye cords at the centre to tie around the edge, and even affixing some bells at the end of each cord to make the rattle lots of fun for baby to play with.