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Appreciating Finer Cuisine: Yummy Recipes for Mushroom Lovers!

When we were much younger, we would have sworn that we didn’t like mushrooms. In reality, we were simply too young to appreciate their delicious taste over the slightly slimy texture of the ‘mushrooms and steak’ we were served by our parents. It wasn’t until later in life that we realized just how delicious their flavour really is, or just how many ways in which mushrooms can be used and prepared. Lately, we’ve been making lots of awesome mushroom based meals in hopes that our kids will start to like them just as much as we do; letting us enjoy one of our favourite foods whenever we want without having to make different dinner sides for everyone at the table!

Just in case you’re curious to learn new ways that mushrooms can be used or simply looking for delicious recipes to satisfy a craving, here are the very best mushroom recipes we’ve tried so far!

1. Mushroom lover’s grilled cheese


If you’re a hot sandwich and grilled cheese fanatic like we are, then you’ll have heard of this basic idea before. After all, the idea of putting a few mushrooms on a grilled cheese isn’t exactly a new one! This specific recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up, however, is a little different (and a little more up our alley) because it’s much heavier on the mushrooms. They show you how to make a toasted sandwich that does, in fact, feature a delicious slice of cheese on both the top and the bottom, but that is primarily stuffed with fragrant grilled mushrooms that make the meal really satisfying.

2. Mushroom lover’s cheesy pizza dip


Have you always loved putting mushrooms on your pizza more than just about anything else? Well, we can’t blame you. We love mushrooms on our pizza too and we’re such huge pizza lovers that we’ll take just about any opportunity to eat it. In cases where we can’t eat it, like potlucks where we were specifically asked to bring a dip, then we’re happy to find creative recipes that just taste like pizza instead! That’s why we fell so immediately in love with this delicious pizza nacho dip from The Mushroom Channel. It doesn’t just taste like pizza… it tastes like mushroom pizza!

3. Mushroom ricotta open faced sandwich


Did we really catch your eye (and your stomach) with the idea of a toasted mushroom sandwich but you’re just not sure that the idea of a regular old grilled cheese made in a pan will quite do it for you when it comes to flavour? In that case, we’d definitely suggest trying this delicious open faced mushroom panini from Hello Little Home instead! Instead of being accompanied by just regular cheese slices on bread, these mushrooms are topped with creamy ricotta and grilled to perfection until it melts just right.

4. Wild rice and mushroom soup


Mushrooms in soup might be one of our very favourite ways to enjoy them. Heck, we’re so fond of soup, particularly around this chilly time of years, that we’ll eat just about any kind, but they’re more satisfying when the recipe is really hearty and filling. It’ll come as no surprise, then, that we’re especially big fans of this delicious mushroom and wild rice soup from Saving Room for Dessert! We love that the base of the soup is just a little bit creamy but without being very heavy.

5. Mushroom lover’s pie


Have you always loved pie crust so much that you wish you could also eat pie as your entrée, but the closest thing you’ve ever found to getting to do that without eating dessert for dinner is a chicken pot pie? Well, some chicken pot pie recipes do contain mushrooms, but if you’re the kind of really huge enthusiasts we think you might be, then that’s probably not quite enough mushrooms for you. Instead, try this absolutely scrumptious “mushroom lover’s” pie from Vegetarian Times! We love that this dish is, in fact, vegetarian so that almost anyone at the table can enjoy it, regardless of their dietary restrictions.

6. Raw, vegan, gluten free Portobello mushroom burger


If you’re a vegetarian (or perhaps even just the friend, partner, or family member of one) then you’ve probably seen veggie burgers that have a deliciously grilled Portobello mushroom in place of the beef patty. That’s one way to make a veggie burger, and it’s certainly the more common one, but we recently found this alternative for people who also eat gluten free and, even though we do eat both meat and wheat, it was so incredibly tasty that we’re basically obsessed! Instead of using the mushrooms as the patty, The Global Girl guides you through the process of making grilled Portobello mushrooms the bun and then mixing a flavourful raw “patty” from bell peppers, mustard, quinoa, and other vegetables blended in a food processor.

7. Garlic butter mushroom stuffed chicken


Perhaps you do eat meat and you feel like treating yourself on a special occasion, so you’re more than willing to make something irresistibly creamy? In that case, we think we might have found just the recipe for you! This chicken from Café Delites is made with a creamy garlic butter sauce and, as if that’s not a great enough thing on its own, it’s also stuffed with deliciously seasoned mushrooms!

8. Mushroom ground beef


Are you looking for a super simple way to incorporate mushrooms into your meal without skipping out on any other components? Perhaps you’re just hoping to mix them into something you already know your kids love in hopes that they’ll eat them without hesitation and remember how great that tasted for next time when you serve them another way. In that case, we have a feeling this easy mushroom ground beef is going to be right up your alley. See how it’s made in just a few simple steps on Lebanon in a Picture.

9. Risotto stuffed mushrooms


We’ve talked about mushrooms in combination with various cheeses already and we’ve also talked about how great mushrooms can tasted mixed with rice, but what if you’re a huge fan of all three things and would really like to combine them all in one place? Then Too Sweet 4 Two is here to save your day! They show you how to make delicious mushroom bites stuffed with mouth wateringly cheesy risotto that will have you eating the whole platter.

10. Roasted mushroom fries


Have you been craving fried foods for a whole week now but you haven’t given in because you’ve really been trying your best to eat healthier lately? In that case, we have a feeling these completely delicious roasted mushroom fries are just the kind of thing you’re looking for! They’re lower in carbs, they contain less fat, and they’re so full of flavour it hardly even makes sense. Find out how to make the batter and actually batter the mushrooms from The Watering Mouth.

11. Mushroom meatloaf


There are about a million different spins and twists that you can put on meatloaf, but at its core there’s just that classic dish that kids and adults alike have always loved. Even though we’d never had it before, we were fairly certain that a mushroom meatloaf existed out there somewhere, so imagine how excited we were when we finally came across this recipe from The Cooking Jar! They show you how to make mushroom meatloaf so that the flavour of the mushrooms is showcased deliciously without overshadowing the classic taste of the loaf itself.

12. Mushroom stuffed pork burgers


Have you been practically drooling over all of these mushroom stuffed meat recipes but you’re actually not that keen on chicken or beef if you’re give the choice? In that case, your wait is finally over; we’ve found one of the best pork recipes we’ve ever had! Pork Be inspired shows you how to make delicious mushroom stuffed pork that gives you a perfect blend of flavours.

13. Dry chili mushrooms


Are you actually quite an experienced cook who is used to experimenting with your favourite flavours and ingredients, so now you’re looking for something that’s really unique because you’ve run out of ideas to keep dinner interesting? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to get a real kick out of these dried chili mushrooms from Home Kitchen! They show you how to lightly batter mini whole mushrooms and make a sauce that really amplifies the taste with as much or as little spice as you please.

14. Balsamic sauteed mushrooms


Are you carefully tracking your calorie intake right now but you’re still intent on enjoying mushrooms in new ways, so you’re looking for options that are a little more health conscious than some of the things we’ve shown you so far? In that case, we think you might find just what you’re looking for in this light balsamic sautéed mushroom recipe! Check the whole idea out in more detail on Recipe Girl.