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Simply Sweet: Not Your Ordinary Fudge Recipes!

If there’s one thing our entire family can agree on when it comes to the kitchen and food, it’s that fudge is delicious. Sure, we all have our flavour preferences, but there’s something so sweet and smooth about homemade fudge and so enjoyable about the process of making it that we’re all pretty pleased any time there’s time to make fudge. That’s why we’re always bookmarking new, creative recipes, just to make sure we have all different kinds to try and don’t have to repeat too often!

Just in case you love the idea of making some uniquely flavoured fudge just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best recipes that we’ve come across lately.

1. Cake mix and sprinkles fudge


Do you have a birthday coming up in your house but you happen to know that the person you’re celebrating actually likes fudge way more than they like regular birthday cake? Then why not make them a fudge that tastes like birthday cake? We’re obsessed with this fantastically sweet and wonderfully colourful birthday sprinkles and cake mix recipe from Ashlee Marie.

2. Rainbow sprinkle fudge


Did the lovely colours of the sprinkles we showed you above really catch your eye and make you wonder whether there’s an even more colourful option for you out there, even if it doesn’t taste like cake? In that case, we have a feeling this wonderfully bright rainbow sprinkles fudge recipe featured on Taste Made might be just the one for you!

3. Root beer float fudge


Are you actually very into the idea of making delicious fudge recipes that taste like other treats you love but it wasn’t food you had in mind necessarily? Well, if you’ve ever been a big Root Beer fan, then we have a feeling you’ll get along quite well indeed with this fantastic recipe from Taste of Home that tastes just like the pop you adore!

4. Watermelon fudge with chocolate chip seeds


What if you’re the kind of DIY food enthusiast who loves to present a full concept with your flavoured treats whenever you can, giving your family and friends adorable presentation and delicious flavour at once? Then we think you just might be the perfect person to try your hand at this fragrant watermelon fudge from Yoyomax12 that is also made to look like watermelon, complete with little seeds made from miniature chocolate chips!

5. White chocolate caramel fudge


Have you actually been looking for extra decadent fudge recipes that combine several of your favourite sweet ingredients and even maybe a bit of crunch? Then, so long was you’re not allergic to nuts, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Gonna Want Seconds made this gourmet level white chocolate caramel fudge topped with crushed pecans!

6. Chocolate cheese fudge


Yes, you rather that correctly; this fudge is actually made with chocolate and cheese! Finding Zest guides you step by step through the process of making this uniquely flavoured (and still wonderfully sweet) fudge using Velveeta melting cheese as part of your base. It gives the fudge some rather exquisite texture!

7. Berrylicious fudge


Perhaps you’ve actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find a type of fudge that lets you get colourful but is also a little fruitier than a lot of the very sweetness based recipes you’ve seen so far? Well, we promise you it’s still got that particular sweetness of the treat you love, but we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Shugary Sweets made this bright blue berrylicious fudge that smalls great and looks like a whole lot of fun.

8. Mango coconut fudge


Have we really caught your attention when we started talking about fruit flavoured fudge but you’re looking for something a little more tropical than berries? In that case, we think Jolly Homemade might have just the recipe for you! Check out how they made this fantastically gooey mango coconut fudge that is topped with crushed pistachios.

9. Easy cinnamon snickerdoodle fudge


Just in case you’re still scrolling through our list thinking about how you like the sound of fudge recipes that taste like other treats you love, here’s one for the cookie lovers from Back for Seconds! Their tutorial shows you step by step how to make a delicious cinnamon rich fudge that tastes just like snickerdoodle cookies.

10. S’mores fudge bars


Alright, we know that this particular recipe isn’t technically an actual fudge in the classic sense of what you were probably expecting to find, but it does has a fudge chocolate layer and it’s so good that we just couldn’t bear leaving it off our list! Check out how Sugar Apron made these scrumptious S’mores fudge bars.

11. Easy candy cane fudge


Are you the kind of mint lover who will take any hint of cold weather as an excuse to start getting creative with candy canes, even if it’s not technically seasonal yet? Well, we find peppermint based recipes rather refreshing and delicious as well, so we can’t say we blame you. Check out how DIY Candy made delicious mint fudge with crushed candy cane on top!

12. Zesty orange creamsicle fudge


Just in case you’re still thinking about delicious kinds of fruit flavoured fudge but you just haven’t seen the one that quite struck your fancy yet, here’s another refreshing option for your consideration! We adore the way Inside BruCrew Life harnessed the flavour and fragrance of citrus in making this stellar tasting zesty orange creamsicle fudge.

13. Pumpkin spice fudge


Just in case you’re a pumpkin spice worshipper who loves to eat your favourite flavour all year round, even when it’s not seasonal, here’s an extra delicious recipe for you! We can’t get over how smooth, perfectly spiced, and incredibly fragrant this delicious pumpkin spice flavoured fudge from Shugary Sweets is.

14. 3-ingredient Oreo fudge


If you’re going to make a fudge recipe that tastes like something else you love, would you rather go all out and just include that thing right into the mix? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Happier Homemaker made this mouthwatering 3-ingredient Oreo fudge that actually contains crushed Oreo cookie.

15. Cotton candy fudge


When you saw the wonderfully colourful kinds of fudge that we showed you near the top of our list, with their swirling layers and their sprinkles, did you immediately start to think of bright novelty treats like cotton candy? Then we think you’re going to get alone very well indeed with this delicious pink and blue cotton candy flavoured dudge that’s topped with all the sprinkles you could want. Get the full details for making a batch of your own on Taste Made!