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Wonderful DIY Spring Décor Ideas

Blooming flowers, warm weather, the sound of birds … spring is one of those seasons when the nature wakes up; and with her, so do we. After you’re done with spring cleaning, it’s time to add some new decorations that will suit the season. Take a look at these DIY spring décor ideas and find your inspiration!

Paper Flower Wall Art

VIEW IN GALLERYpaper flower wall art

Decorate your wall with giant paper flowers that are super quick and easy to make! Flowers are always an indicator of spring, so you can’t possibly go wrong with this idea. For some people this time of the year is full of sneezing and runny noses, but paper flowers won’t give you any trouble at all! Visit The Sits Girls for more details!

Floral Sconce


Welcome spring into your living space by making a sconce out of your favorite flowers. It doesn’t matter where you hang them, they will definitely brighten up any room! If you’re eager to try this out, find the how-to at Crafts Unleashed!

String Heart

VIEW IN GALLERYstring heart

When spring arrives we all fall in love. Maybe it’s the birds or the bees or the warm weather, but something about spring makes us think all about the power of love! Channel that love into a DIY project and if you need a good idea, Green Wedding Shoes has an amazing tutorial on how to make a heart, using a string!

Spring Burlap Art


It doesn’t have to be a big project – you can bring spring into your home with something smaller as well. This idea by Debbie Doo’s is a perfect way to do that! Draw a nice spring motif (you can use a stencil) on a burlap sheet and congratulations, your room already feels warmer!

Butterfly Wreath


Who doesn’t know that amazing feeling each year when the first butterfly crosses our path! We instantly turn into a curious puppy and follow it around, wide eyed. Capture that feeling by making a butterfly-filled wreath! You can find the instructions at Tatertots and Jello!

“Happy Spring” Banner


Just like you would welcome a friend, who comes home after months of traveling, by making a “welcome home” banner, you can welcome spring into your house by making it a nice, housewarming banner! You can find the instructions and the printable letters at Shanty 2 Chic!

Flower Monogram


This one will probably stay on your wall all throughout the year! It’s so beautiful you will just want to keep it in sight! Pick a meaningful letter and decorate it with faux flowers! We love how something personalized can still capture the vibe of spring! See how our friends at Decoist made it happen!

Hanging Tissue Paper Flowers

VIEW IN GALLERYHanging Tissue Paper Flowers

Whether you decide to place this installation inside or outside, it will definitely take everyone’s breath away! These tissue paper flowers look so real they might even draw in some bees! Play around with your favorite colors and find all the other steps at Mid South Bride!

Tin Can Vases


You can turn a boring, old, useless tin can into a beautiful, bright, gentle vase that captures the warm energy of spring! It will draw attention to itself and surely bring a smile on your face! A Pumpkin And A Princess kindly shares the tutorial!

We wish you a spring full of beautiful décor, warmth and love!