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All Too Easy: Delightful Dollar Store Embroidery Hoop Crafts

When it comes to getting unconventional with our crafting supplies, one of our favourite things to do is use a tool we already have lots of thanks to our usual DIY skills for something new, in a way that we’re not used to. There’s just something about it that keeps us interested in our craft but thinking outside the box as well! That’s probably why, as lifelong embroidery, cross stitching, and needlework enthusiasts, we’ve been so obsessed with the idea of making all different kinds of things out of embroidery hoops lately. Of course, we save our really good hoops for our needlework, but there are plenty of affordable versions at dollar and crafting stores that are perfect for turning into other unique things!

Just in case you love the idea of doing embroidery hoop crafts just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best and most unique ideas that we’ve come across in our search for inspiration.

1. Fabric scrap and embroidery hoop art


This particular craft actually does use the embroidery hoops themselves in their more traditional sense, but we’re obsessed with the idea of colour matching them to the project itself! We’re also totally in love with how, rather than sticking strictly to embroidery, U Create Crafts shows you . how to make designs that jump right from the cloth using scrap fabric and stitching.

2. Embroidery hoop snowman


Are you the kind of avid year-round crafter who adores collecting seasonal and holiday ideas even when that’s not the time of year you’re in, just so you have lots of things to keep busy with when that month comes around? We do that too! That’s why we simply had to include this adorable snowman from Pitter & Glink that’s made from differently sized embroidery hoops and some fabric stretching techniques.

3. Mini embroidery hoop pin cushion


Have you actually come across what you’re pretty sure is the world’s tiniest embroidery hoop and you’re convinced you’d never use it for actual embroidery but you also know you simply have to make it into something because it’s so darn cute? In that case, we think you’ll really appreciate the way U Create Crafts made their miniature embroidery hoop into a pin cushion!

4. Beautiful lace hoop art


Do you actually have a pretty wide collection of embroidery hoops that are up for grabs, in all different sizes, and perhaps a rather large space on your wall too that’s practically begging for some simple decor? Well, if delicate, feminine aesthetics have ever been your thing, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Honey Pot made this beautiful stretched lace hoop art.

5. DIY embroidery hoop advent calendar


Sure, this particular advent calendar made from a fabric stretched embroidery hoop and tiny mailer envelopes might be a countdown to Christmas the way it’s embellished, but we think you could easily take Curtsey Boutique‘s basic idea and customize it to be a fun countdown to anything! We’re picturing birthday and graduation versions of this same concept, just decorated a little differently.

6. Embroidery hoop wall hooks for crafting supplies


Are you the kind of crafty person who adores marrying the concepts of function and decor whenever possible? Well, if you’re looking for some simple, low maintenance ways to organize your craft room, then we have a feeling you’ll really appreciate how U Create Crafts affixed some mini hooks inside the edge of an embroidery hoop and hung the hoop on the wall above their crafting table to keep the supplies they need often nice and easily accessible. Isn’t it need when crafts that are made from crafting supplies help you to do more crafts?

7. Tiered hoop photo mobile


Just in case you’re a big fan of the hanging projects that involve more than one size of embroidery hoop but you just don’t have the room for something like the lace wall piece we showed you, here’s a project for the nostalgic photo lovers instead! Check out how Lomography affixed three hoops so they’re tiered by size and made a lovely photo mobile using tiny clothespins.

8. Mini hoop chalkboard buffet signs


Perhaps you’re hosting a party soon and you’d like to label the buffet so people know what everything is and can help themselves, but you’re known as the crafty friend of the group and you’ve love to add a visibly DIY element to things? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest trying out this idea from Hostess for making buffet signs from miniature embroidery hoops and chalkboard paint.

9.  Decorative embroidery hoop spheres


If you’re going to make something unique out of embroidery hoops, would you rather it be something that you actually construct yourself, so that you’re making a piece that has a whole new shape? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll really enjoy the way Objective: Home created these mantel orbs that are done by painting and then interlocking embroidery hoops.

10. Embroidery hoop and spool thread rack


Just in case we really caught your eye with the concept of embroidery hoops being made into things that help you make even more crafts than you already are, here’s a fantastic way to store your threads and filled bobbins above your sewing machine! U Create Crafts guides you through the process of making this simple (and accidentally rather decorative) thread rack.

11. Crochet embroidery hoop


Perhaps you’re just looking for a simple way to combine several of your DIY and crafting skills in one place to make something pretty you can hang on a blank space on your wall that could use a bit of colour? Well, crochet enthusiasts rejoice, because this idea’s for you! Check out how Sew Chatty crocheted a beautiful frilled edge around an embroidery hoop like a wreath.

12. Beautiful floral embroidery hoop wreaths


Speaking of making wreaths, embroidery hoops are actually fantastic bases for doing just that! Just in case you don’t actually crochet and you’d rather make something that goes with the current season, here’s a fun tutorial from Clumsy Crafter that shows you how to make a lovely springtime floral wreath in just a few simple steps.

13. Interlocked embroidery hoop succulent planter


Were you very intrigued indeed by the idea of painting and interlocking embroidery hoops to make a piece of art but you can’t help wondering whether the orbs you make from that can’t be used for something practical as well? Then we’re pretty sure Our Crafty Mom has just the design for you! They turned theirs into a hanging planter for succulents and their tutorial shows you how to make it happen with your hoop orbs as well.

14. Embroidery hoop earring holder


Crafting supplies aren’t the only things you can store, hang, and keep organized on embroidery hoops! We’re also completely in love with the way Berry Sprite created a simple but lovely wall mounted earring holder from an embroidery hoop, stretched fabric, and some simple sewing pins. The scrap fabric heart stitched to one side is a really cute touch too!