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Refreshingly Cool: 15 Deliciously Unique Iced Tea Recipes

When it comes to cool summer beverages, there are few things we enjoy quite as much as a delicious, cold glass of iced tea. There’s just something about the perfectly chilled and flavoured drink that reminds us of childhood afternoons, and we quite enjoy it whether it’s sweetened or not! Recently, however, we actually tried our very first flavoured iced tea and we literally couldn’t believe that it took us so long to give this fantastic taste phenomenon a go. Now we’re completely obsessed with the concept and can’t stop looking up unique new recipes to make at home and serve to our family and friends!

Just in case you’re as positively taken with the idea of uniquely flavoured iced teas as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the very best creatively delicious recipes we’ve come across in our search so far.

1. Mango iced tea


Are you the kind of flavour lover who thinks that the stronger the fruity flavour of something is, the better it tastes? Well, if you’ve ever liked the flavour of mangoes before, then we’ve absolutely found the perfect recipe for you! This tutorial from Flour on My Face walks you through the steps for making a delicious mango iced tea that packs a lot of fruity punch without overshadowing the classic tea roots of the drink you love so much.

2. Raspberry iced tea


When you think of eating and drinking delicious fruit flavoured things, does your mind always wander to berries rather than other types of fruit? We’re actually quite like that as well, and our favourite berry of all time is absolutely raspberries! We’re sure you can imagine, then, just how excited we were when we came across this fantastically flavourful (and perfectly sweetened) raspberry iced tea recipe featured on Taste of Home.

3. Peach iced tea


Even though we’re massive berry lovers, one of our very favourite things about all kinds of fruit ripening and coming into season in the summer is how utterly delicious the peaches in our area get! We buy baskets upon baskets of them each year and go through a massive peach phase where everything we eat, drink, and make tastes like peaches. That’s probably why we were so darn excited when we stumbled upon this mouth watering peach iced tea recipe featured on Flour on My Face.

4. Jolly Rancher iced tea


Are you actually self admittedly addicted to store bought iced teas because they plain and simply contain the perfect balance of flavour and sweetness that you’re looking for, but you’re still wondering whether there might be a way to put a creative twist on your favourite drink in this hot weather? Then we’d definitely refer you to this idea from Living on A Dime, which is a particular favourite of our children! They show you how to flavour your iced tea drink using Jolly Ranchers candies, which gives it a unique and delicious flavour. Keep it subtle by adding just one or two or amp the flavour up a lot by adding several!

5. Sweet Southern sorghum iced tea with citrus


When you started thinking about and searching for iced tea recipes, did you really mean that kind that your grandmother used to make you when you were a little kid? Well, we know exactly the kind of old fashioned Southern sweet tea you’re talking about, but we also know that not many people nowadays were actually taught how to make it from scratch back then, before store bought iced tea became quite so popular. That’s why we’re so happy to present Go Dairy Free‘s take on the traditional iced tea mixing technique! They show you how to make a drink that tastes just like what you had as a kid, only using a healthier kind of sweetening than what yours was probably mixed with back then.

6. Apple and mint iced tea


Even though you’re feeling very enthused indeed by all these cute fruit flavour options for your iced tea drinks, would you still perhaps prefer to make a recipe that has another subtle flavour element, just to keep things creative? Then we think you simply must take a look at how Taste made this delicious version of iced tea that’s infused with apple slices and mint leaves. Talk about refreshing!

7. Thai iced tea


If you’re going to try something very unique from scratch, would you rather really branch out and try something that most friends or family members of yours have never tried before? Then perhaps you’d be the perfect person to take a look at how Eating Thai Food made this fantastic Thai version of iced tea! We’ve actually tried this one before and, despite the huge difference in appearance, enjoyed the Thai street food beverage in very much indeed. Ten out of ten, would make it again!

8. Tropical orange iced tea


Whenever you think of things that taste like “fruit”, does your mind always automatically wander to things that are primarily orange, tangerine, and citrus based flavours? Well, if you’ve never tried tropical orange iced tea before, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! That’s why we’re here to make absolute sure that you see this fantastically fruity recipe laid out step by step thanks to Living on A Dime.

9. Cucumber mint iced tea


If you’re going to make yourself a super refreshing summer beverage, would you rather make something that has a very light taste but at least a little more flavour than water? Well, you might get what you’re craving from infused waters, but somethings we still just feel like we need a little something more. That’s why we were such big fans of how Well Nesting made these super refreshing cucumber mint iced tea drinks.

10. Lemon berry iced tea


Did we almost catch and keep your attention when we started talking about raspberry iced tea because you are, in fact, a massive berry fan, but you can’t help but wonder whether there might be another recipe out there that will give you the raspberry flavour you love… and a little bit more? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Happy Hour Projects made this fantastic lemon berry iced tea that gives you the classic citrust based flavour of the traditional recipe, but adds raspberries and blackberries for some extra kick.

11. Raspberry hibiscus iced tea


Are you the kind of DIY and kitchen enthusiast who loves keeping your fingers on the pulse of what’s trendy in flavours and recipes, so you can’t help wondering about the surge of floral tastes you’re seeing all over the Internet right now? Well, we felt the same way, so we can’t say we blame you. We actually went on a bit of a kick, trying as many floral drinks and baked goods as we could get our hands on, and we’re pleased to report that we were extremely impressed! Try making yourself a batch of this fantastic raspberry hibiscus iced tea from The Almond Eater if that idea sounds tempting to you.

12. Green jasmine mint iced tea with lemon


Have you been scrolling through our list and feeling very tempted indeed by some of the recipes we’ve shown you so far, but you’ve hesitated because your favourite kind of tea is green tea and you haven’t seen that amongst our suggestions yet? Then look no further, because we’ve finally included the green recipe you’ve been searching for! Eating Well shows you how to make a fantastically fresh tasting green jasmine mint iced tea with lemon and we can hardly get enough of it.

13. Lemongrass mint iced tea


Are you feeling pretty intrigued by these lighter recipes we’ve shown you, but you’re still kind of wondering whether there’s a flavour or kind out there that will give you something a little closer to the classic flavour, despite still having a subtle twist in its taste? Then we think perhaps you’d have a little more luck with how Food Done Light made this delicious lemongrass mint iced tea!

14. Iced green plum tea


Are you scrolling through our list with an open mind but also still secretly thinking about the idea of green tea based iced teas, hoping to come across even more recipes that will satisfying your craving for the kind of tea you love the most? Then we’re convinced you’ll immediately go for this recipe from Diane Abroad that not only shows you how to make a green tea based iced tea… but also shows you how to add the unique and delicious flavour of green plums to the mix as well!

15. Vanilla coconut iced black tea


When you set out to find a unique iced tea flavour, were you actually hoping to uncover a recipe that’s so uncommon but delicious sounding that you’ve never even heard of that combination before, like something you might find in a charming gourmet place on a walk with a friend to a new, trending neighbourhood? Then look no further! Kleinworth Co. guides you step by step through the process of making an iced vanilla coconut black tea that’s so fragrant and delicious you’ll have to make a double batch just to make sure you have enough.