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Functional and Decorative DIY Ways to Repurpose Picture Frames

We’ve all found ourselves in a situation where we found some old picture frames and didn’t really know what to do with them. Aside from the pictures you already have on display, most of your photos are on your tech devices where the frames don’t really serve them. If you’re looking to put the modern and vintage picture frames to a better use, here are some functional and decorative ways to repurpose them!

1. Picture Frame Pin Cushion 


A tiny picture frame may not seem very functional at first glance but if you know what to do with it, it can actually improve your crafting experience! All Because She Saved turned a mini frame into a super useful pin cushion so you’ll never have to worry about losing your needles again!

2. Picture Frame Kitchen Sign 


Framing photographs and hanging them up is a pretty standard choice of wall decor, but lately a trend of decorative signs is taking over the interior design world. These signs can range from funny to inspirational and putting them in a frame gives them a  beautifully elegant look! Get the details at My Life From Home!

3. Picture Frame Mood Board 


It’s so important to always stay inspired and be in touch with your dreams. If you are  a very visual type then we highly recommend mood boards! They are a great way to visualize your dreams coming to life and an old picture frame can be the beginning of it all! Find out more at The Anastasia Co.

4. Picture Frame Chalkboard 


Another thing that works great in any household is a chalkboard! You can use it as a memo board to keep your family organized or just as an extra decor element that adds some dynamic to your interior. Check out how Artsy Chicks Rule turned an old picture frame into a modern chalkboard!

5. Picture Frame Sunglasses Organizer 


Accessories tend to pile up over the years, especially sunglasses! If you’re wondering how you could possibly organize your sunglasses and keep them on display so you could always make a quick decision which one compliments your style best, check out the incredible idea at Pullteeth Tuesday!

6. Picture Frame Vanity Tray 


A vanity tray can be a beautiful addition to your bathroom. They carry a certain vintage spirit so the best resource for making a tray like this would be an old-fashioned picture frame that maybe even has sentimental value! Check out the full tutorial at One Hundred Dollars a Month.

7. Picture Frame Wreath 


You’re surely familiar with the trend of floral wreaths on the front doors and even though you might like the idea, you find yourself wishing for something more innovative and unique. This upcycled picture frame wreath by Joy to my Heart will definitely set your home apart from the rest!

8. Picture Frame Bookshelf 


If you are an avid reader we daresay your bookshelf is considered a sacred space, which means you want it to always look extra special. Find a big vintage picture frame that you connect with and follow the steps at Hometalk to turn it into an essential part of your bookshelf!

9. Picture Frame Vase Decor 


Your old picture frames can be a fantastic choice of decor, especially when you pair them with other decorative elements. A couple of frames can create a beautiful installation together with some vases and flowers! Check out the entire idea at Flamingo Toes!

10. Picture Frame Headboard 


A headboard can instantly make your whole bedroom look more classy and elegant! It has a certain royal undertone that gives the space a sense of importance and allure. Check in with Vintage Revivals to see how an old picture frame can be repurposed as a headboard!

11. Picture Frame Wall Art 


If you have a larger collection of old frames and you really love their style, you can actually display them on your wall as a captivating art piece! This idea is super creative and brings together vintage frames with modern dynamic art! You can see the whole making-of process at Makely!

12. Picture Frame Lantern 


Smaller frames can be a great crafting resource and if you’re been looking to add some ambiance lighting to your home, Our Crafty Mom shares a tutorial for a stunning picture frame lantern that is going to infuse your living space with enchanting and romantic light!