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15 Interesting DIY Ways to Customize Light Switch and Outlet Covers

We love to include and display pops of colour and style in our home that are clearly homemade and show visitors our influence and handiwork. Rather than making large pieces, like painted statement walls or DIY reupholstered furniture pieces, however, we’ve always preferred to add personality to our spaces by getting creative with the smaller details in the rooms of our home. That’s how we’ve found ourselves looking at different fun ways to make our own colourful light switch and electrical outlet covers lately!

Just in case you’re as interested as we were in the idea of making DIY switch covers in all kinds of creative colours and styles, here are 15 of the best designs we’ve come across so far in our search.

1. Patterned card stock and Mod Podge covers


If you’ve ever done decoupage projects before then you’ll be pleased to know that you’re already familiar with all the basic crafting skills required to make these adorable brightly coloured and patterned switch and outlet covers featured on A Piece of Rainbow! This time, however, you’ll be using thicker card stock (like the kind you might create durable scrapbooking pages with) rather than construction paper, magazine cut outs, or newspaper like you might have done in the past. Because the card stock is thicker, your covers will actually last longer than if you used a thinner paper, especially if you seal it with Mod Podge like they show you how to do here.

2. Vintage newspaper outlet


Were you perhaps mildly intrigued by the card stock cover idea but what really caught your attention was when we started talking about decoupage techniques that involve newspaper? In that case, we’re happy to report that creating vintage newsprint outlet covers is a totally realistic project as well! Whimsically Homemade is here to show you how they detached the cover, affixed the newsprint layer smoothly and without wrinkles or bubbles, sealed it in place, and put it back on seamlessly.

3. DIY light switch frame


Have you actually been scrolling through our list look for a simple DIY cover idea that’s a little less obviously hand crafted or perhaps a little neater and classier looking? Well, if you’re open to decorating the area immediately around the switch, rather than the switch cover itself, then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how The Chic Site added a perfectly fitted frame to the wall like a fancy border!

4. Fabric covered switch and outlet plates


If you’re going to add a smooth, decorative layer to your outlet and switch covers a la decoupage but you don’t like the way the paper can get too saturated or tear if you’re not careful, did you know that there’s still another very similar option out there for you to try? Check out the surprisingly simple process that I Love Fabric followed to cover their switches in all kinds of fun patterns and colours to suit or stand out against their interior decor schemes.

5. Decoupage map plates


Did we catch your attention quite well when we started talking about using decoupage done with unique kinds of paper to cover your switch frames but you’re just not interested in using newsprint because you don’t think it will suit what’s already happening in the room? Then here’s another idea for your consideration, and it’s the perfect thing if you’ve got wanderlust! Take a look at how Good Housekeeping covered their outlets in pieces of paper maps.

6. Gold leaf light switch cover


If you’re going to go to the trouble of overhauling your outlet covers or giving your light switch frames a DIY face lift, would you rather do it using a technique that has a little more glitz and glam than what we’ve shown you so far? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Sarah Hearts created a fantastic metallic finish on theirs, hitting somewhere between flashy and classy, using gold leaf applied on a neat, clean angle.

7. Sticky note pad light cover


Now, we understand that this particular photo featured on Suck is actually a pre-made product that you can purchase from a website and select retailers, but we’ve actually seen this same idea repeated quite often in a DIY fashion! It’s particularly useful for families with older kids who are always out and about, passing at times where they need to leave notes for siblings or parents and taking down phone messages for whoever isn’t home right now. As long as you’re careful about using an Exacto knit to cut out the carefully measured space in the centre where your switch will poke through so you can still use the light easily. Anyone who comes to turn the light on or off will get your message!

8. Patterned washi tape cover


Are you the kind of crafter who loves keeping up with different trends in the DIY world, trying your hand at all kinds of things that are popular on all the biggest blogs? Then we’re sure you’re probably already familiar with how bright and fun washi tape projects can be! We’re huge fans of the way Skip to My Lou used the natural adhesive on the back of the washi tape to make fun, multi-patterned stripes that will hold their own place but then also sealed the whole cover with Mod Podge to make sure the edges of each stripe don’t lift with use over time.

9. Bronze and teal stained glass mosaic cover


Have you actually always been the kind of crafter or DIY enthusiast who prefers to work with harder materials that feel a little more solid and tangible in your hands? In that case, if you haven’t tried mosaic projects before, then we’d absolutely urge you to take a look at how Home Design Lover covered their light switch frame with a stunning combination of bronze and teal tiles organized in a mosaic pattern to mimic stained glass!

10. Custom polymer clay outlet cover


Were you quite intrigued by the idea of making yourself a slightly more solid (and absolutely more uniquely customized) cover, but you’re already a talented artist and you’d like to have more control over shapes and details than working with mosaic techniques allows for? In that case, we think you might just be the perfect person to try your hand at something beautifully moulded from polymer clay, like this whimsical piece created by Sandy’s Creations in Clay.

11. DIY marbled switch plate covers


Are you actually the kind of artist who prefers to work with paints, but you’re always open to new ideas and techniques when it comes to creating art with your favourite medium? Well, if you’ve never tried paint marbling before, then Gina Michele is here to show you just how simple and yet utterly stunning it really can be! They suggest delicately dipping your outlet or light switch covers in it to get a sort of water colour influenced effect.

12. DIY steam punk switch cover


Are you actually a much more tools-based, hands on kind of DIY enthusiast who isn’t afraid to get the drill out or solder things if you have to? Then we think you’d get along quite well indeed with a project like this steampunk inspired light switch covered outlined carefully on Steampunk Workshop. They show you how to use a metal light plate and a series of small repurpose clock or watch cogs to create a vintage looking yet industrial chic design.

13. Colour blocked and fully sparkled cover


In your world, whether it’s your personal style and fashion choices or your home aesthetic, do you firmly believe that everything is better when it’s got a little sparkle to it? In that case, we’re convinced that we’ve found the perfect tutorial for you! Take a look at how Dream a Little Bigger not only painted their light switch and outlet covers in a bright colour blocking pattern but also dusted a fine but satisfying later of glitter over top to really make them stand out. Their tutorial will show you how to seal the covers well so the glitter doesn’t fall off all over your house all the time!

14. Shoebox power outlet cover


When you set out scouring the Internet in search of tips and tricks for making a DIY outlet cover, did you really mean a cover, as in something that will actually hide the outlet from either pets or small children without detracting from your decor scheme? Then we’d definitely suggest checking out how Imana Ismail made a sort of decorative electrical box from a lovely, pattern covered gift box! Open it up when you need to plug something is but close it tightly when the little ones are around for safety.

15. DIY glitter and resin galaxy covers


Have you actually been scrolling through our list thinking about how, if you’re going to make yourself a creative outlet cover or light switch, you might rather find a way to do it completely from scratch so you have full control and maximum opportunity for customization? In that case, you simply must take a look at how Resin Obsession created this completely DIY galaxy inspired covers made from resin, resin dyes in swirled purples and blues, and a smattering of glitter to look like stars.