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Fair Isle Knitting Projects Experienced Knitters Will Adore!

If you’re an experienced knitter, then you’re already familiar with just how gorgeous the Fair Isle knitting technique is. Sure, it’s traditional, but it’s also timeless. Knitting a Fair Isle sweater, for example, will make the wearer look classic rather than outdated. If you’re not an experienced knitter, then Fair Isle knitting is definitely something that you’ll feel motivated to work towards (or at least motivated to beg your more advanced knitting friends to make for you)!

Check out these 15 Fair Isle knitting patterns that caught our eye immediately!

1. Enya rectangle Fair Isle shawl by Fashionworks

VIEW IN GALLERYEnya rectangle Fair Isle shawl

Rectangular shawls are warm, versatile garments! This one is long and wide enough to keep you extra warm no matter how you wear it. Wrap it completely around your body or bunch it up high around your next with a thick sweater. No matter how you wear it, the pattern will look gorgeous all the way through!

2. Miss Rachel hat by TanisKnits

VIEW IN GALLERYMiss Racehl hat

Knitting Fair Isle patterns into a hat can take some concentration depending on which pattern you choose, but it’s a great opportunity to use more colours and create gorgeous combinations. It also keeps you looking stylish rather than shabby in the winter.

3. Snowflake mittens by Patty Lyons Patterns

VIEW IN GALLERYSnowflake mittens

This style of Fair Isle snowflake is one of the most common shapes or designs you’ll see in Fair Isle knitting. In fact, most people who don’t recognize the name for the technique have actually seen this design before once you point it out to them! These mittens make an adorable winter gift.

4. Snowflakes at Night hat by Sarah Setters Designs

VIEW IN GALLERYSnowflakes at Night hat

Do you like the idea of a Fair Isle hat but want something with a little more pattern than the one above? This particular hate design takes the basic snowflake shape and shrinks it down a little so they can fit scattered all over the hat.

5. Clayoquot toque by Tin Can Knits

VIEW IN GALLERYClayoquot Toque

This hat is a simple enough project hat it serves as great practice for testing out how different colour combinations look together in Fair Isle design. It’ll help you get the hang of switching colours in pattern.

6. He Said, She Said hat by TanisKnits

VIEW IN GALLERYHe Said, She Said hat

Rather than making shapes or patterns, try making actual little pictures! These little people are a great way to practice a more detailed Fair Isle pattern. You’ll love seeing the pictures develop as you go.

7. Fair Isle hat by Gressman Originals


This gorgeously decorative hat is knit using traditional Fair Isle patterning techniques that are actually documented historically. No matter what colour combination you choose, these little flowers and vines will look delicate and intricate.

8. Wesley’s Baby Hat by Colourworks by Debi

VIEW IN GALLERYWesley's Baby Hat

Fair Isle patterns even look nice in smaller detail! In this project, you’ll get to practice the technique in a size that requires you to change your colours more quickly than most other projects. This one’s also good practice for knitting hats with ear flaps!

9. Camissonia mittens by Mary Ann Stephens

VIEW IN GALLERYCamissonia mittens

These intricate, highly pattern mittens take some concentration, but the end result is absolutely gorgeous no matter what kind of colour combination you choose! The pattern calls for an alpaca yarn, making them gorgeously soft both to wear and to knit.

10. Rosalia kimono sweater by Twist Collective

VIEW IN GALLERYRosalia kimono sweater

This gorgeous open sweater hangs loose in a stylish, comfortable way and features colourwork patterns all over, with a solid edging for contrast. The knitting pattern combines traditional Fair Isle with Nordic and Asian techniques for a beautifully intricate visual.

11. Sleepy Monkey blanket by Mary Ann Stephens

VIEW IN GALLERYSleepy Monkey blanket

This adorable baby blanket takes the idea of making pictures using Fair isle techniques to a whole new level! Rather than just vague shapes, you’re actually creating an image. No matter what colours you choose, the blanket will be love by the baby you give it to for years to come.

12. Kaleido-Yoke sweater by Ryan Yarn

VIEW IN GALLERYKaleido-yoke sweater

This sweater is designed to resemble the awesomely varying colours of a kaleidoscope around the yoke. You can achieve this effect by knitting in the Fair Isle technique in several colours, or in your main and yoke colours but using a bright variegated yarn in place of many differently coloured yarns.

Do you know someone who is always looking for new knitting challenges and loves hearing about new patterns? Share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!