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15 Knitted Scarf and Cowl Patterns for Fall

If you ask us, there’s no such thing as having too much knitwear once the cold weather has arrived and settled in! We’re always keeping our eyes peeled for new things to knit for fall, but this year we’re really feeling it when it comes to knitted scarves and cowls. Perhaps it’s because having one can mean the difference between being comfortable or feeling frozen, or maybe the fact that they make great gifts, but we’ve been bookmarking patterns we’d like to try for weeks!

Just in case you love the idea of knitting some new scarves and cowls for the fall just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best patterns, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across in our search so far.

1. 3-Rabbits cowl


Just in case you’ve always loved the braided cowl look but you’d much rather actually fully knit your piece than simply braid knitted pieces together, here’s the perfect pattern for you! We adore the way this design from 3 Rabbits Patterns appears to be woven but with an eyelet in the middle at each “cross over”.

2. Seed stitch cowl

We’ll just come right out and say it: seed stitch is our absolute favourite stitch to do! There’s just something so entertaining yet effortless about the way the yarn goes back and forth and we love the visual pay off of that effort in the finished product. It’ll come as no surprise to you then that we simply adore this entirely seed stitch cowl by Sheep & Stitch!

3. Kelso scarf


Do you actually live in a place that’s slightly milder in the fall and you’d definitely still love to have something warm to wrap around your neck, but the stitched fabric doesn’t need to be quite as dense as if you lived somewhere colder? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days made this fantastic cowl that’s a little more meshy!

4. Knit Cable button cowl


B esides the fact that this wonderfully chunky pattern by Windy City Knits is a fantastic learning tool for those looking to try simple cables and button holes for the first time, we can’t get over how much we love its basic design! The cable and its garter stitch border will help this cowl sit nice and flat against your chest under your jacket.

5. Gorgeous Grape cowl


Here’s another slightly lighter knitted cowl design for your consideration, just in case you do live somewhere warmer but the meshy design we showed you earlier just doesn’t quite grab you! We love the way this slightly more delicate pattern from All Free Knitting is dense at the back where it sits on your neck but hangs looser at the front for comfort.

6. Intermezzo beaded cowl


Perhaps you’re actually quite an experienced knitter indeed and, besides adding a little bit of stitch patterning to the mix, you’d also like to take things a step further in some creative way? Then maybe it’s time to try your hand at beaded knitting! Rahymah guides you step by step through the process of making a beaded, knitted cowl that’s actually a lot simpler to do than it looks, despite its beauty.

7. Mistral scarf


Perhaps you’d like to make some kind of decorative dress scarf so that you or someone you love can continue to be stylish and classy looking this fall rather than just looking bundled all the time? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest checking out how Lavender Hill Knits used colour gradients and angles to make this stunning piece!

8. The Traveler infinity scarf


Would you much rather create some kind of bulky, cozy, and easily wrapped piece that you’ll look quite Boho chic wearing but that’s easy to curl right up into whenever you’re chilly, no matter what your outfit looks like? Then we think perhaps this particularly wide and wonderfully textured infinity scarf from Mama in A Stitch might be right up your alley.

9. Simply Ribbed scarf


Are you actually still quite new to knitting and you’re hoping to make something a little simpler and more manageable? Perhaps you’re actually just looking for a design that’s slightly less girly in its details so you can make it for one of your more masculine loved ones. In either case, we’d suggest taking a look at this wonderfully warm ribbed design from Knit Chic Grace.

10. Column of Leaves scarf


Are you actually still looking for something a little more advanced and rather impressive looking indeed? Then we think you might get along quite well with this stunning lace scarf design from Brooke Nelson! Besides being a great fall project by virtue of being a scarf, the lace is also inspired by the shape of leaves, so it’s just about the perfect piece.

11. Rippenschal scarf


Have you always loved scarf patterns that give you some kind of awesome design element just by virtue of the stitch combinations you create, rather by anything complicated or fancy? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll greatly appreciate the way the stitches in this pattern from Margarete Dolff appear to cross over each other and change direction, particularly if you’re a big fan of ribbing!

12. Brioche Cabled Turtleneck scarf


Here’s another rather advanced pattern for this knitters who are very skilled indeed but would prefer something a little thicket and warmer than lace knitting in their scarf, since they live in a rather cold place! Check out how Wearable Art Emporium made this pattern that not only weaves in cables, but that also presents you with gorgeous density thanks to being knit in brioche stitch.

13. Birch Trees scarf


Were you rather enamoured with the lacy looking fall scarf that was inspired by leaves but you’re worried that the design is too thin in its width for you, meaning you might put all that work in just to not enjoy wearing it? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at something like this stunning birch tree inspired scarf from Hand Knitted Things instead! It’s still slightly lacy and very fall themed, but it’s got more width to it for those who find that satisfying.

14. Daphne scarf


Don’t worry, fall leaf lovers; we’re not done with the ideas for you yet! We actually adore the idea of knitting a leaf motif right into a new fall scarf, but we also understand that not everyone can get away with a fall piece that’s quite so delicate. That’s why we wanted to make absolute sure that you see this more densely knit leaf cowl from Knit Picks as well!

15. Staggered Rib scarf


Are you actually still scrolling through our list hoping to find something ribbing heavy or slightly more masculine to knit this fall, but you still want it to have some visual interested as well? Then we think you simply must look at the way It’s a Stitch Up designed this fantastic staggered rib scarf that’s nothing short of interesting (though not complicated) to make.

Do you have another favourite fall scarf knitting pattern that you loved making and wear all the time but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about how it’s made or link us to the pattern or photos of your finished scarf in the comments section!