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Getting Ready for Halloween: Witch Themed Crafts for Kids

If there’s one classic Halloween character that we’ve always been just about obsessed with, it’s the witch! There’s just something about them that’s so spooky and yet powerful that we can’t help admiring them. Our kids feel the same and we know they’re fond of celebrating their favorite things in a very DIY way, so we’ve been on the hunt for all kinds of kid-friendly witch crafts this fall!

Check out these 15 adorable and super fun witch themed crafts and DIY projects that we’ve come across in our search for new ideas.

1. Cut and paste construction paper witches


On a busy afternoon where your kids insist on having some crafty time (which is never a bad thing), what’s better than a simple cut and paste craft? We love the way Toddler Approved made this funny witch using paper, scissors, glue, and their imaginations!

2. “Melted” witch made from a recycled CD


If we had to choose a favourite kind of project, we just might pick a good old upcycling opportunity as the thing we like doing most! That’s why we thought this repurposed CD idea, outlined step by step on Glued to My Crafts was so neat. We love the way they used tissue paper and scrapbooking paper to make it look a witch has melted into a little green puddle!

3. Paper bag witches


This particular craft has all kinds of fun crafty elements that will keep your kids busy! Besides being made from a paper bag, meaning your kids can use the finished witch as a puppet, this with also has a paper plate face, making the project an upcycling opportunity, and handprint shaped hair, making the craft hands-on! Get the full details on I Heart Crafty Things.

4. Half paper plate witch


Are you actually quite interested indeed in the idea of making paper plate witches with your kids because they’re quick and easy on a rainy afternoon, but you’ve realized you don’t actually have very many plates left? Then maybe you’d prefer this design from Glued to My Crafts that suggests making each witch using only half a plate instead!

5. Stuffed paper bag witch


We know we’ve already shown you one method of making a paper bag witch, but the beauty of DIY ideas and getting crafty with things is that there’s usually more than one way to do something! For example, I Heart Crafty Things suggests stuffing your plastic bag and sealing the opening so the witch stands up on her own like a proper decor piece.

6. Flying pumpkin witch


If we’re going to suggest a cut and paste craft to out kids, somethings we like to make sure there’s some kind of 3D or unconventional piece to be glued, just to keep them extra interested. That’s one of the things that caught our eye about this idea from Glued to My Crafts; they glued a popsicle stick right to the page to make their broomstick! The other thing that caught our eye was, of course, the idea of making a witch that is also a Jack-O-Lantern! Our kids loved that.

7. Witch house fort


If you’re going to get crafty on a lazy afternoon when the kids are out of school, would you rather do something seasonal that they can really interact with, and maybe even keep using once it’s finished? Then we have a feeling this awesome DIY fort featured on Artful Parent that’s decorated with pumpkins and faux webbing to look like a witch’s cottage might be right up your alley! All kinds of spooky Halloween games will ensure inside.

8. Paper plate and foam witch hat


Here’s another paper plate upcycling idea, just to make sure you have all kinds of options to consider! We love the way Glued to My Crafts painted the plate and a foam cone with black, glued the two together, and added a nifty construction paper strap and buckle to make a witch’s hat that stands up high.

9. Footprint witches


Whether it’s their hands or their feet that their pressing into the pain, our kids love printing crafts. That’s probably because they’ve always been huge fans of getting as messy as possible with their crafts! You won’t be shocked at all, then, to hear that this footprint witch idea outlined on Crafty Morning was a huge success indeed in our house.

10. Popsicle stick and yarn witches


Are your kids actually much more interested in staying focused on their project when they’re presented with the opportunity to make things that are multi-media, or created using supplies that have different feelings and textures? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Glued to My Crafts made these awesome little abstract witches using construction paper, popsicle or crafting sticks, and yarn for witchy hair!

11. Yarn and toilet paper roll witch


Did you really enjoy the idea of making a witch with yarn hair but you’re not sure you have any crafting or popsicles sticks left, and your kids really want to craft today? Then we’d suggest reaching for those empty toilet rolls in the recycling bin instead! Check out how Fun Thrifty Mom used rolls, yarn, and some construction paper to make little witches in fringed dresses.

12. Tea light magnet witches


Our kids have always adored making magnets because they’re such an easy piece of work to proudly display on the fridge for everyone to see once they’re done! These funny Halloween tea light witches, which are also actually magnets, were a popular craft in our house for precisely that reason. The kids light them up at night like a spooky night light, just in case anyone comes downstairs for a drink of water after bedtime! See how they’re made on Live, Craft, Love.

13. Paper napkin witches


While we’re on the topic of crafting using repurpose disposable kitchen wares, here’s an awesome ay to get crafty with napkins that we might not have thought of otherwise! Glued to My Crafts shows you how to pinch the napkin in the middle and fashion it with washi tape to make a dress, and then draw features around it to turn the cinched napkin into a little cartoon witch.

14. Witch pumpkin


Do you actually have a pumpkin that you’ve been hoping to help your kids transform, but you’re looking for an alternative idea to carving it because they’re already made Jack-O-Lanterns this year? Then maybe painting it green and dressing it up like a with would be a fun alternative for you! HGTV shows you how they made this one in more detail.

15. Flying witch Halloween craft


Are you still quite interested in making some kind of Halloween craft using paper plates but your kids are a little bit older and you’re convinced they’ll be more excited if the crafty they make is interactive in some way once it’s all done? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how I Heart Crafty Things made this funny little flying with that actually moves across the paper plate’s night sky backdrop thanks to a popsicle stick and a strategic cut.