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10 Super Fun Ways to DIY a Cozy Blanket Scarf 

If summer is the time of chokers and necklaces, fall is the time of scarves. They are definitely one of our main accessories, come cold and windy days! A good scarf is warm, chic and cozy. Have you ever found yourself wishing you could just wrap yourself in a blanket and walk around town like that? DIY blanket scarves will make this dream a reality!

1. No-Sew Flannel Blanket Scarf 


You don’t have to be a sewing wizard to make yourself a blanket scarf. Wholefully has a super simple tutorial that doesn’t require of you to be a seamstress – you only need to have a good eye for flannel fabric. The end result is going to be the most amazing scarf you’ve ever sported!

2. Super Cozy Blanket Scarf 


The reason blanket scarves are so popular right now is their coziness. You can tie it around your neck in a number of different ways but if the day gets very windy, you can also place it around your shoulders and wrap yourself in it to stay warm. Domestic Bliss Squared shares the how-to for this beautiful and cozy blanket scarf!

3. Gray Blanket Scarf 


You can absolutely ditch flannel if that’s not your style and go for fabric that is more aligned with your personal style, as well as the season itself. Neutral colors are a fantastic choice, as they appear elegant and perfect for the chilly months. Find out how Mom Advice made this gray blanket scarf!

4. Dark Plaid Blanket Scarf 


Have you figured out yet that the biggest challenge in the making-of a blanket scarf lies in choosing the fabric? Fabric presents a great idea for a dark plaid blanket scarf that is edgier than the regular red flannel and will be an outstanding accessory to show off during the upcoming cold months!

5. Monochrome Blanket Scarf 


If you make yourself a black and white blanket scarf your closet is going to gain an accessory piece that you’ll always be able to rely upon. The monochrome color palette mixes well with neutral colors as much as vibrant ones, so don’t hesitate to get the instructions for this blanket scarf from Riva la Diva!

6. Fall-Inspired Blanket Scarf 


Being in tune with the seasons brings something magical into our lives. After you successfully decorate your home for fall, it’s time to think of the wardrobe too! Real Housemoms shares with you an amazing fall-inspired blanket scarf that will make sure your fall is warm and fashionable.

7. Fringed Modern Blanket Scarf 


The most important thing about the blanket scarf is the fringe – that’s how you make it look like a proper cozy blanket! The fringe can be longer or shorter, the choice is up to you. We love how Crafty Staci styled the fringe on this modern blanket scarf!

8. Campfire Blanket Scarf 


If you’ve ever been camping you know that there is nothing better than sitting around a campfire on a chilly evening, wrapped in a blanket and sharing deep conversations with your closest friends. It’s such an incredible bonding experience! Channel the campfire vibes with this lovely blanket scarf by Two of Wands.

9. Colorful Blanket Scarf 


Fall allows the warm and bright colors to come into the forefront before the winter brings in its neutral shades. Aside from the classic warm tones of yellow and orange, the trees are full of red leaves that are blown away with each windy moment. Capture the dance of colors with Simple Simon & Company‘s colorful blanket scarf!

10. $5 Blanket Scarf 


Fashionistas on a budget know how frustrating it is when you really wish for a top-notch fall accessory that would complete your style, but your wallet doesn’t agree with it. Forget the over-expensive scarves! Visit Katie Bookser to learn how a blanket scarf can be yours for only $5!