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12 Creative DIY Gift Ideas for a Paper Anniversary

Congratulations on your first year of marriage! As you know, the first anniversary is crowned as paper anniversary, meaning you and your lovely spouse should exchange paper gifts! Paper may seem like a very simple material, but it can have an incredible value when you put your time and love into a special, personalized hand made gift. Surprise your husband or wife with a thoughtful, unique paper anniversary present that will celebrate your love and sacred union! Here are the greatest 12 DIY paper anniversary gifts!

1. Tissue Paper Home Decoration 


That magical moment when you step into your home and there’s a surprise waiting for you is one of the best things about sharing your life with someone! Create that moment for your partner by making an incredible tissue paper decoration piece! See how it looks at Hallstrom Home!

2. Paper Birds 


Birds have a strong symbolism when it comes to weddings and marriage. Representing freedom and eternal love, sometimes white doves are released into the sky as part of the wedding ceremony. Create a gentle white paper bird as part of your first anniversary gift to show your love is truly meant to last forever! Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith!

3. Surprise Exploding Box 


What looks like a simple tiny box on the outside holds many secrets on the inside! As soon as your spouse opens the box they are faced with a paper explosion! This is one of the most creative and personal gifts you can possibly make, as you can fill the content of the box with personal letters, messages and your darling’s favorite candy! Visit Sunny Lin to learn more!

4. 3D Origami Heart 


Sure, red hearts are a cheesy gift, but they are also incredibly traditional and have a very clear, always understood message of love! When your heart beats for someone else it’s only fair you gift them a cheesy little heart and express your devotion! Check out Paper Folds if you want your paper heart to have an origami twist!

5. Heart Box 


Another very traditional gift is a heart box, though not many people think to make it themselves. The gift instantly increases in value when it comes from under your own hands! Jeremy Schafer will show you how to make a classic heart box, then all you have to do is fill it with your spouse’s favorite chocolates and you’re ready to celebrate!

6. Mini Photo Album 


Making memories together is the sweetest thing in marriage! Experiencing life and going on adventures, that’s what it’s all about! For your first wedding anniversary, collect some of your favorite memories from your first year of marriage and turn them into a mini photo album, just like the one at Troom Troom!

7. Paper Flowers


Flowers will never go out of style! No matter the occasion, they are always an appropriate gift and bring a smile to anyone’s face! Thanks to  TQT Hacks, you don’t have to pass up flowers just because it’s paper anniversary! Make a paper flower bouquet and continue on the floral tradition!

8. Paper Coasters 


Furnishing and decorating your home is one of those things in marriage that really makes you feel like functioning adults. But even so, the long list of items you need seems to be endless! If you are still out of coasters, take this off your spouse’s shoulders by surprising them with these paper coasters we found at Paper Tales!

9. Paper Succulents 


Some people just aren’t plant people! Maybe your dearest husband or wife loves the way plants look but they aren’t committed to taking care of them. This is a perfect opportunity for you to swoop in and make paper succulents from Avanti Morocha that will always look great and will never have to be watered!

10. Golden Paper Feathers 


If you married someone with an eye for aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous decor elements, they will truly be able to appreciate these golden paper feathers by Lia Griffith! This is a great way to give them something made of paper that still has a luxurious look!

11. Wax Paper Lanterns 


Lanterns are incredibly romantic! Just think of all the evenings you’ll be able to share in your backyard, drinking warm beverages, talking in the gentle light of your lantern! A Practical Wedding has an amazing tutorial for a DIY paper lantern your spouse will surely fall in love with!

12. Love Bug Bookmark 


Did you marry a bookworm? Red Ted Art has the perfect gift for them! It’s a sweet and insanely adorable love bug bookmark that will make them think of you and your blessed union every time they are engrossed in their favorite book!

Happy anniversary – here’s to countless more!