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DIY Mirror Décor Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

What is a bathroom without a neat mirror? It’s not only the reflection that’s important, but also the mirror itself! Fancy mirrors can cost us a lot, so why not attempt a DIY project that will result in having a totally unique (and very much fancy) mirror!

How does the saying go? Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Well, check these DIY mirror décor ideas and decide for yourself!

PVC Pipe Mirror


This idea comes from Thrifty & Chic and it is exactly that – thrifty and chic! It actually looks so amazing that you can use it just as a decorative item in itself. There’s so much room to be creative here – how big you make the entire thing, how do you lay out the pipe circles etc. Have fun with it!

Polka Dot Mirror


Who doesn’t love polka dots?! They make everything more fun! Make sure that every morning, when you look at your sleepy face in the mirror, you have something at hand to make you smile – like polka dots usually do, no? You can find instructions at A Girl And A Glue Gun!

Sunburst Mirror


This one definitely requires a lot of patience and precision, but the end result looks absolutely stunning, so it will pay off. Visit Country Living to see how it’s done!

Plastic Spoon Mirror

VIEW IN GALLERYplastic spoon

Nobody will ever guess these are plastic spoons! You can honestly fool anyone with this and the best part about it is that it’s crazy simple to make! All you really need is time, so put on your favorite music album, grab your glue gun, your favorite colors and get spooning! Addicted 2 Decorating will guide you through the process!

Egg Carton Mirror


If you are a big egg consumer and don’t know what to do with the cartons, we have an idea for you! Decorate a mirror with them! How? Better Homes And Gardens has a tutorial! Not only is it easy to make, it also looks like a mirror straight out of a home décor magazine. You’re welcome!

Masking Tape Mirror

VIEW IN GALLERYmasking tape

If you’re looking for something that looks like a hundred bucks, but costs much, much less, you’ve come to the right place. This masking tape mirror is a true masterpiece! If you want one to spice up your living space, visit Reposhture to see the instructions!

Mosaic Mirror


Very noticeable, unique and outstanding. You can keep all the mosaic tiles the same color or you can play around with different colors, even patterns! The possibilities are endless, so start dreaming and start doing! Lois Frances shares the how-to!

Rope Wrapped Mirror

VIEW IN GALLERYrope wrapped

Perhaps the easiest one of them all; just wrap a rope or two (or three or more) around your lovely mirror and you’re all done! It adds a special nautical touch to the mirror and makes it look stunning! Visit House By Hoff for more information on how to make it happen!

Plate Charger Mirror

VIEW IN GALLERYplate charger

This idea will appeal to anyone on a tight budget. It’s ridiculous how little you can spend for a mirror that will look almost exactly the same like those super expensive woven mirrors you see in stores! Thankfully, The Country Chic Cottage tells you how to make one all by yourself!

Sailor Mirror


Another nautical theme, brought to you by View From The Fridge. It gives the room so much dynamic and puts the ordinary, regular mirrors to shame. We heard this from our favorite sailor man Popeye, but hey, you can see for yourself!

Clothespin Mirror


Mod Podge Rocks came up with this fantastic and quick idea! Who knew there was a use for all the clothespins we have at home, just laying around not being used! Now you can finally use all of them and amaze all of your future house guests with this innovative idea!

Who’s the fairest of them all? Well, we hope you have found your answer. Have fun with mirror decorating – we know you will! Once it’s done, place it to a selected spot and admire it every day, while simultaneously admiring your beautiful reflection!