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Snack Away: 15 Delicious Sandwich Recipes that Leave You Wanting More!

Whether it’s lunch time or we’re about to sit down for dinner, there’s just something about a good sandwich that satisfies us to no end. Sandwiches make for a decently low maintenance meal but they fill you right up and taste extra great with yummy side dishes, like potato salad or a bag of chips. Have you ever thought, however, about how many different fantastic kinds of sandwiches there really are out there? We’ve been trying to make ourselves all different kinds of sandwich based creations lately to really explore our favourite kind of food thoroughly because sometimes it’s nice to shake things up rather than just eating the same cheese and ham on rye every day.

Are you as intrigued about the endless possibilities of sandwiches as we are so you’ve been keeping an eye out for cool recipes to try? Here are 15 of our very favourite sandwich recipes that will take your lunch to the next level!

1. Fried chicken sandwich


The best part about making awesome, unique sandwiches is that not everything you put on the sandwich has to be that outlandish to make it an unconventional treat. This amazing fried chicken sandwich recipe from Spoon, Fork, Bacon is the perfect example. Fried chicken isn’t exactly an uncommon thing to eat for supper, but if you’ve never put it on a sandwich before, you’re about to have a totally new flavour experience for something so simple to make!

2. Mahi Mahi sliders


If you’re a big fan of seafood and sandwiches, this recipe is practically a dream come true! Cooking for Keeps shows you how to make sandwiches featuring big, delicious chunks of grilled tuna. As if that doesn’t sound good enough already, we think it’s actually really the toppings that make this sandwich so irresistible. pile on pineapple, corn and brussel sprout slaw, lime sour cream to really get that Mahi Mahi taste.

3. Grilled eggplant marinara sandwiches


Are you vegetarian but you’ve always kind of lusted after those big meatball subs because you love the taste of good spaghetti with homemade sauce? Then you’ll be pleased to discovered this all-veggie marinara sandwich recipe from She Knows! Instead of meatballs or other meats, they’ve used grilled eggplant as their primary ingredient.

4. Cuban inspired panini


If you’ve never had a Cuban sandwich before then you’re in for a treat. This delicious grilled panini, while not particularly outlandish in its ingredient list, is stacked high enough and packed full enough to really make for a more special sandwich meal than usual. Check out how Closet Cooking made theirs using thick cuts of ham roast, cheese, pickles, and mustard in thick, mouth watering layers.

5. Slow cooker pulled chicken fajita sandwich


If you’ve ever had a regular fajita before, you already know that they’re delicious. Imagine, then, how great a cross between a fajita and a satisfying sandwich would be! That’s exactly what She Knows gives you the recipe for here, but it’s even better than usual because, on top of a spicy sauce and some flavourful grilled peppers, they show you how to make it with succulent pulled chicken made in a slow cooker.

6. Heirloom tomato BLT


Everyone loves a good BLT. They’re not particularly complicated, nor are they fancy per se, but there’s just something so great about the classic idea. That doesn’t mean, however, that putting a slight spin on the concept can’t make it even more delicious than usual! We love the way Half Baked Harvest regular tomatoes up for extra flavourful little heirloom tomatoes to add a bit of extra flavour.

7. Prosciutto, parmesan, and arugula Italian tea sandwich


Tea sandwiches are an amazing snack for events that are timed between meals and don’t involved sit-down eating time, but they’re also just plain delicious if you’re a big fan of open faced sandwiches and like to cut your crusts off sometimes (there’s no shame in doing that as an adult)! She Knows shows you how to make something as simple as a little square sandwich into a delicious gourmet snack by adding great ingredients like prosciutto ham, parmesan cheese, and arugula for an Italian inspired taste.

8. Kimchee Reuben


Are you a total sucker for the Asian fusion trend like we are? There are just so many delicious combinations you can create when you start to think outside the box in terms of which ingredients can go with which basic meal concepts! That’s why we love this Korean kimchee Reuben sandwich from Closet Cooking. You get all the goodness of a classic Reuben but with the great spicy kick of the kimchee on top.

9. Greek turkey meatball sub


Remember that meatball sandwich we were talking about earlier on our list? Well, just in case you’re not a vegetarian and really are a huge fan of a good meatball sub, here’s a great Greek inspired version from Cookin’ Canuck! It doesn’t deviate too much from the classic Italian based recipe, but swapping out the meat for turkey balls and adding feta cheese certainly gives things a delicious twist.

10. BBQ salmon pineapple burgers


Did we catch your attention when we started talking about seafood sandwiches but you’re actually not the biggest fan of tuna and would presser a different type of fish, even though you were all about the pineapple rings? Then you’ll be thrilled to know that Half Baked Harvest has a similar recipe that’s made with barbecue salmon and pineapple rings instead!

11. Kentucky hot brown


If you have never tried a Kentucky hot brown before, buckle up because you’re in for a treat. We’d never heard of this sandwich before we cam across it on Read, Chop, Eat so, naturally, we tried it immediately and we were not disappointed. The recipe shows you how to combine French toast with toppings of maple bourbon glazed turkey, creamy cheese sauce, and bacon for the ultimate in sandwich decadence.

12. Sweet potato chicken burgers


If there’s one food trend we’re terribly glad about, it’s the world’s sudden mass love for sweet potatoes! Whether it’s sweet potato fries or buns and bread made with sweet potato, we’ll take it and we’ll love every bite. It only makes sense, then, that we would include these amazing sweet potato chicken burgers from She Knows on our list! They show you how to make it right down to the homemade patties.

13. Tarragon and lemon lobster rolls


Here’s another one for the seafood lovers! Just in case you prefer shellfish over both tuna and salmon, Cooking for Keeps is here to save the day with the lobster roll to end all lobster rolls! Rather than just sticking with the classic recipe, they’ve added tarragon and lemon to the mix to make sure you really get a set of deliciously complementary flavours.

14. Bacon havarti jam sliders


When you started thinking about “unique” sandwich recipes, had you kind of already made the decision to include some kind of genuinely unconventional combination or ingredient involved? Then we have a feeling you’ll be a big fan of this recipe from She Knows! They show you how to make mouth watering little slider sandwiches using bacon, Havarti cheese, and- wait for it- jam! Try putting out a range of jams for your family to choose from so they can get a full range of flavour combinations.

15. Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich


If you’re going to go out of your way to try something new already, would you prefer to try something international and from a place that you haven’t had the pleasure of actually visiting yet? Then here’s a great international recipe for your books, hailing from Vietnam! This Banh mi sandwich combines fresh grilled tofu with lemongrass and roasted cherries for maximum flavour. Check it out in more detail on She Knows!