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10 Gorgeous Seashell Crafts that Usher in Coastal Charm

Every summer that we possibly can, we pack up all our bags and head to the seaside. There’s just something about the waves on the sand and the sun on our skin that makes us feel at home. Even in the winter when we’re not on the beach, it’s usually safe to assume that that’s where we’re dreaming of being! In the meantime, we settle for making ourselves seaside themed crafts to make us just feel like we’re there.

Check out these stunning DIY seashell crafts that, through trinkets, décor, and all kinds of useful things, will remind you of your favourite place, especially since you can actually make them from things you brought home with you from your favourite place!

1. Seashell picture frame


Have you ever noticed just how many awesome DIY ways there are to make your own picture frames? Whether your style is more subtle or whether it’s a little more eye catching, there’s definitely a tutorial out there for you if DIY photo frames are your thing. That’s why we were so happy to come across this seashell version from Chiffon Souffle!

2. DIY seashell candles


When we first heard of the concept of making seashell candles, we assumed that people meant covering simple, plain looking candle holders in seashells using glue. Imagine, then, how excited we were when we saw that they actually meant making cute little tea light candles inside big, pretty seashells! Get the full details on Shelterness.

3. Framed seashell monogram


Did you like the idea of making yourself a seashell photo frame but you’re even more intrigued by the concept of having what’s inside the frame be made of shells instead? Then we have a feeling you’ll love this project featured on Plum Perfect and Me! they removed the glass from a pretty picture frame and put it around a 3D monogram made of seashells in all different shapes and sizes.

4. Seashell wind chimes


We’ve always been big fans of wind chimes in all shapes and sizes but there’s just something even more whimsical about making your own chimes out of things that remind you of a place you love. That’s why we were such big fans of this seashell chime tutorial on The One Thing! We love the way they’ve strung the occasional shell vertically along the string as a contrast all of the shells that lie horizontally.

5. Driftwood and seashell wall art


Are you in love with the idea of seashell crafts but your appreciation for the seaside actually goes far beyond just the shells themselves? Then try building a decorative seaside area that makes more of a statement in your home, almost like an homage to your favourite place! We love the way Finding Home Farms used a big, beautiful piece of driftwood as the base for a stunning string of seashells along a rope.

6. Seashell LED lights


No matter how many times we move house, we always end up stringing cute little white LED lights somewhere in our bedrooms. We started it when we were in middle school and we still love the look all these years later. There’s just something about the way they twinkle! That doesn’t mean, however, that we’re not always on the lookout for ways to jazz the lights up a little bit in some rooms! We’re absolutely in love with the way By The Seashore transformed their lights with little coloured seashells that glow in a dreamy way.

7. Seashell mirror frame


Are you the kind of crafter who’s not afraid of a challenge and you’re on the lookout for a project that really makes your adoration for the seaside evident to any guests you might host? Well, if you’re going to make a statement piece, you might as well make one that will take peoples’ breath away! We have a feeling that this utterly beautiful seashell mirror frame from HGTV will do the trick.

8. Rope and seashell wall hanging


As a DIY enthusiast, have you ever just had the urge to make something beautiful with your own two hands? Sometimes we just have to sit down and make something detailed that will impress even ourselves each time we pass by it! This absolutely breathtaking seashell strung piece that mocks ship netting will add more than a little bit of seaside style to your décor. Check it out in full detail on Brico Bistro.

9. Seashell key chain


Are you so in love with your seaside cottage retreat that you’d like to carry a reminder of it with you every day? Perhaps you’re just hoping to mark the boathouse keys in a unique way so that visitors know which ones to use to get out the floating toys when the family goes down to the lake? Then try making a simple but adorable seashell key chain, just like this one from DIY Enthusiasts!

10. Seashell embellished ribbon


Have you always loved makin your own gift wrapping and embellishing your family members’ presents to the point that they barely even want to open them? Well, here’s an idea for the loved one who adores the seaside just as much as you do! The Mermaid’s Mercantile shows you how to make a stunning ribbon covered in tiny shells and delicate pieces of smoothed sea glass. We’d keep this ribbon afterwards and use it for all kinds of things if we received it wrapped around a gift!

Do you know someone who adores seashells and the seaside just as much as we do, if not more? Share this post with them and help them get inspired to do some crafting!