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15 Awesome Holographic DIY Projects

When it comes to trends in fashion, décor, and crafting, we like to keep an eye on what’s new, what’s popular, and what’s going in and out of style. It’ll come as no surprise, then, that we’re currently completely obsessed with holographic things! In fact, we love holographic textures and images so much that we’ll basically wear, buy, or make any holographic thing we can find at all. As you can probably guess by our ongoing love of DIY and crafting, however, the option to make holographic things ourselves is absolutely our favourite in the list.

Just in case you love holographic things just as much as we do, if not more, here’s a list of 15 absolutely awesome holographic DIY projects that we can’t wait to get started one (practically as soon as we’re done writing this post)!

1. DIY holographic vase


Do you love holographic effects so much that you’re actually interested in incorporating them into your home’s décor scheme? Well, if you could see some of the pieces we have in our own homes right now, you’d understand why we wholeheartedly support that aesthetic decision. That’s why we were so happy to find this awesome holographic vase tutorial from A Beautiful Mess! their techniques for covering the vase are quite simple and you could use a holographic paper of a different hue, like blue or purple rather than a pink base, if you can find it in your local area or online.

2. Holographic tile coasters


Are you still thinking about the idea of adding a holographic flare to your interior décor scheme but you’re a little more reserved and you’d prefer to keep it quite subtle? Then perhaps you’d be better off making yourself these completely adorable angled, half-holo coasters by Love Vividly! They use the same awesome holographic wrapping and craft paper as you saw above, but in smaller quantities for a calmer shiny effect (is such a thing as holographic décor can be called “calm”).

3. DIY holographic clock


Do holographic effects make you so happy that you’ve been thinking about making yourself some holographic accessories to keep around your desk to keep you cheerful while you work? We think this is a great idea, which is why we were so excited when we found this awesome holographic clock tutorial from Studio DIY! They show you how to upcycle a plain old clock by using holographic paper to give it a makeover.

4. Holographic cuff bracelet


Are your favourite holographic things usually the ones made with actual holographic material or vinyl, rather than just a top layer of lovely shining paper? Then here’s a simple project for you to get started on working with thicker holographic materials instead! We love how simple this bangle from Smart n’ Snazzy is to make even though it’s so awesome and attention grabbing.

5. DIY holographic t-shirts


Have you always seen holographic materials and spandexes in your local fabric store and wanted to use it, but never thought you’d really have an opportunity when you’re mostly a jeans and t-shirt kind of person? Well, Jamie Maree Melbourne is here to show you how awesome those very fabrics can be even for you! Check out these awesome geometric but surprisingly simple t-shirt patterns that are made with- you guessed it- shining holographic fabric.

6. Holographic pineapple decor


Are you still thinking about holographic décor but you’d rather make yourself something a little more kitschy, funny, and unique than the clocks and vases we’ve already shown you? Then perhaps you’d be interested in project like this hilarious holographic painted decorative pineapple! Karen Kavett shows you what to do (and also what not to do) to make it happen with holographic nail polish.

7. Homemade holographic boots


Do you love the shine that holographic paper gives off so much that you wish you could wear it? In that case, you’re going to be very pleased with this awesome tutorial for holographic boots from Brit + Co.! They show you how to use decoupage-like techniques to affix strips of paper across the surface of a pair of boots that are already a colour you’d like to use as the base colour below your shine.

8. DIY holographic nail polish


Have you been thinking about how awesome holographic nail polish would look since we mentioned it in the pineapple tutorial but you’ve just never found a good nail polish that’s quite as holographic as you want? Well, whenever we’re looking for something we can’t find, we try to make it ourselves instead! That’s exactly what Smart n’ Snazzy did here, making their own holographic nail polish from shining silver glitter.

9. DIY holographic laptop case


Laptop stickers are awesome because they come in all kinds of colours and finishes, but we don’t often see pre-made holographic laptop stickers that are as big or shiny as we really want them to be. Imagine how excited we were, then, when we found this awesome holographic laptop case tutorial on Lucykiins! They show you how to make a computer skin from amazing patterned holographic gift paper.

10. DIY holographic necktie


Are you totally enamoured with the idea of holographic fashion but you’d rather err on the side of mirrored holographics than the shiny pink kind we showed you with the shoes? In that case, perhaps upcycling some old CDs and DVDs would be better option for you! We love the way Kade Strunk made a holographic looking “smashed glass” effect tie by gluing cut up pieces of the discs’ reflective sides to a plain black neck tie.

11. Homemade holographic nail polish case


Do you have leftover holographic pieces of disc from making yourself the tie we showed you above, but it’s not very much and you’re trying to figure out how to use them up? Then we’d suggest making something like this awesomely embellished nail polish stand from My Crafts! You could use this same technique to make just about any of your cosmetic storage things as shiny as you please.

12. Pink holographic rhinestone manicure


Have you actually already found the most awesome holographic nail polish you’ve ever seen and now you’re just looking for the inspiration you need to create a manicure that does the polish justice and looks as awesome as possible? Well, to get your creative juices flowing, here’s a holographic stiletto nail manicure from Style Me Shaz that gives maximum sparkle by pairing the holographic finish with matching pink rhinestones!

13. DIY hologram hoodie


Did you way over estimate how much holographic fabric you were going to need when you went shopping to make your holographic t-shirts and now you have leftovers? Then try embellishing a hoodie to match the shirts! Thread Banger guides you through the process of sewing pieces of the holographic fabric over the pocket sections of a hoodie like you would appliques.

14. Homemade holographic phone case


Perhaps you made the vinyl of faux leather holographic cuffs we were talking about above and you actually have leftovers from that instead? Then grab some spare thick jewelry making chain and a strong, thick sewing needle and try turning your scraps into a phone case, just like Smart n’ Snazzy did here! Your phone slides right into the top like you’re putting it into a very shiny pocket.

15. Holographic foil shattered glass nails


Have you been thinking about the awesome potential of holographic manicures since we showed you the pink rhinestone design, but you don’t like the feeling of sticking gems to your nails? In that case, perhaps this “shattered glass” effect from A Beautiful Mess is more to your taste! Their tutorial guides you through the process of carefully laying down cut sections of holographic paper onto the surface of the nail and painting a clear top coating over it to maximize the shine and protect the paper so your manicure lasts longer.