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Reinvent Your Living Room With the Best DIY Television Stands!

In our house, we do our best to DIY, upcycle, or otherwise transform pieces of furniture as often as possible when we need something “new”. Recently, our old TV stand broke, so we started looking at different ways to make one of our own instead of just buying one outright from a package at the store. We were pleasantly surprised with just how many awesome ideas we came across!

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of making a TV stand of your very own as we were, here are 15 of the best designs we’ve come across so far.

1. Wood and chair leg TV bench


Are you currently living in a rather small space that only has a certain area for the TV, so you need to keep things pretty space efficient? Well, we have a feeling the way Sweet Verbena made a lovely DIY wooden bench that they used double function as a TV stand might appeal to you! When you need extra seating because you’re hosting game night, move the TV out of the way and pull the bench up closer to the couch so more people can sit and play.

2. DIY X-leg TV stand


Maybe you like the idea of making a rustic influenced TV stand for your home but you’d rather create one with a sort of farmhouse aesthetic rather than one that looks weather or explicitly upcycled from something else? Well, if you have even basic woodworking knowledge then you might prefer this simple wooden X-frame stand outlined in good detail on Build Something.

3. DIY wood pallet storage TV stand


Are you actually a big fan of the pallet idea but you’d like to completely rearrange the wood rather than leaving it looking similar to its old self, just with legs attached? Well, particularly if you’re also looking for a stand that gives you storage for movies or video games, we think you’ll be very intrigued indeed to see this pallet wood storage stand featured on 101 Pallet Furniture.

4. Grandy sliding door console


Just in case we really caught your attention with the idea of making something farmhouse inspired but you’re actually feeling up for a little more of a challenge, here’s an idea from Ana White that might get you a little more excited! We love the way they created a TV stand that has not only shelves but also sliding doors that almost resemble miniature barn doors.

5. Reclaimed wood and black pipe stand


If you’re going to make something that’s obviously upcycled and weathered, would you rather make a project that has more than one reclaimed element to it, just to make it look well rounded? Well, if industrial chic aesthetics have ever been your thing, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how What Rose Knows made this two-shelf stand from reclaimed wood and black metal piping.

6. DIY rustic wooden stand with shelves


Here’s an idea that’s even more fitting for the amateur woodworker who also wants to make their handicrafts and attempts at reclaiming and recycling known! In surprisingly few simple steps, Craftsman Drive shows you precisely how this lengthy, triple shelf stand was made. They might not have their TV on their in the photo, but we’d certainly use it and let devices and movies or books sit on the shelves below!

7. DIY floating TV stand


Perhaps you actually have a little bit more experience in building small furniture units of your own and you’re also looking for something that’s a little more uniquely structured? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Instructables made this fantastic “floating” entertainment system unit that has diffferently levelled cubbies for various living room essentials and space for game consoles, speakers, and a steadily mounted TV.

8. Dressing table turned TV stand


If you’re going to make yourself a TV stand would you definitely prefer to make it multi-functional but you just haven’t seen an idea that harnesses how you’d like to make that happen yet? Well, instead of building one from scratch or making one with lots of shelves, how does a vanity repurpose into a TV stand and desk with plenty of drawers for movies and video games sound? Get the full details for making your own on Homemade By Carmona.

9. Repurpose colour pop China hutch


Just in case you’ve been scrolling through our list looking for more of a statement piece, here’s an idea that caught our eye immediately and might actually be the winner for us in the end! We love the way Empathy Encompassed not only reclaimed an old china hutch and turned it into a stand by removing the glass doors and some shelves, but also how they made it pop by painting it bright yellow and backing the inside of the hutch with patterned wallpaper.

10. DIY wooden corner media centre


Are you actually still thinking about how much you loved the idea of making a stunning, farmhouse inspired wooden media stand from scratch but the biggest spot you have to put yours is actually int he corner of the room? Then we think you’ll be pleased to know that Rogue Engineer is here to save your day! That’s precisely what they teach you how to make, in detail.

11. Vintage safe deposit box turned TV stand


Here’s another idea for reclaiming something that used to serve a totally different purpose and will now make a great TV stand for you, but this time it’s got a vintage spin! Check out how Adventures in Creating cleaned up, slightly altered, and set up an old safety deposit box into a combination media stand and side table with all kinds of storage for little things.

12. Dresser to TV stand with drawers


This concept is simple and great for putting in a bedroom where you’d like to have the occasional comfy movie night. That’s because it’s just a nice painted dressing with a slight alteration near the top to put a device shelf rather than an additional row of drawers! Find out more about how it’s done on Craftily It.

13. Sliding barn door style TV cover


Okay, so this idea isn’t technically a TV stand per se, but it’s definitely an awesomely crafty way to install and display your TV, particularly if your home follow s that farmhouse aesthetic we keep talking so much about! Take a better look at Kristen Duke to learn how they created a recessed cubby for the TV in the wall and then built and installed a sliding door that resembles the one you’d find on a bar in order to close the TV area away when you’re not using it.

14. DIY TV stand from wooden crates


Are you actually still looking for simple, space efficient, and preferably upcycled ways to display your TV in your small apartment but none of them have been quite small enough for you? Then we think perhaps you’d get along a little better with something like this wooden crate stand outlined step by simple step on DecoArt Inc! Paint two crates, wood glue them securely together, fasten simple metal chair legs to the bottom, and voila!