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Channeling Inner Picasso: DIY Painted Wall Art 

We have yet to see a home that wouldn’t benefit from epic wall art! When we were teenagers we were hanging up posters of our favorite bands all over our bedroom and now as adults we’re hanging up our favorite art pieces all over the home! Because paintings are known to cost a lot of money and we know that you’re always up for a good creative project, we figured we could challenge you to create your own wall art! Channel your inner Picasso and get inspired with these DIY painted wall art ideas!  

1. Dragged Painting 


You have a bit of an advantage if you are into modern art, because there are often no rules as to how it’s supposed to look like. Mr. Kate shares a tutorial for a so-called dragged painting which is a really cool technique to make your own dark and mystical modern painting!

2. Gold Chevron Paintings 


Which room of your home is in a desperate need of uplifting decor? You’re going to need some exceptional wall art to give your living space a charming vibe and we think these gold chevron paintings by Jess Lively might just be the perfect fit! They are golden, dynamic and won’t ever go unnoticed!

3. Abstract Paintings 


A homemade abstract painting isn’t just a unique piece of art that can’t possibly be replicated by anyone else, it’s also a wonderful way for you to express yourself through art. Dive deep into your emotions and visit Oh Happy Day to see how you can channel them into a special abstract painting!

4. Footprint Monogram 


A monogram is perhaps one of the simplest and most personal painted wall art pieces you could possibly create! If you have little toddlers, they’ll be delighted to be a part of the creative process, especially if you decide on these footprint monogram paintings by Mommypotamus!

5. Rainbow Metallic Paining 


Sometimes you simply can’t settle on just one color, so you must have them all! A rainbow art piece is something that will revolutionize any room of the house, but Makeademic made it even more special by giving it an unexpected metallic touch!

6. Pinwheel Painting 


Have you ever encountered a painting that completely captivated you, almost making you feel a little hypnotized? This pinwheel painting by Enjoy It is one just like that! If you decide to recreate it for your own home, you can be sure it’s always going to draw you in until you wonder how many minutes have I been staring at it again? 

7. Acrylic Painting 


An acrylic painting is a wonderful way to bring softness and depth into your living space. When you create it yourself it’s also a reflection of your inner world and therefore an incredibly valuable decor piece – more valuable that any art you could ever purchase! Find out how Jennifer Rizzo brought it to life.

8. Birch Tree Painting 


For our dearest minimalists who love to keep things chic and monochrome, we’ve found this incredible birch tree painting at Persia Lou. It’s a very innovative choice of wall art because it’s simply not something you see every day. If you have a passion for black and white and an eye for detail, give this painting a try!

9. Spoon Painting 


Would you believe us if we told you that you don’t even need a paintbrush to create an outstanding painted wall art? Believe it or not, it’s absolutely true! Set your paintbrush aside because you’re only going to need a big spoon for this one! Visit Mr. Kate to see what we’re talking about!

10. Golden Abstract Painting 


This is another abstract painting that gives you a complete freedom of expression. The colors that you choose for your painting vastly impact the mood of the art piece, so if you love to create with cold colors but don’t want the painting to feel too blue (pun intended), check out how Lolly Jane created this golden abstract painting.

11. Coastal Paintings 


We are absolutely smitten with coastal decor and jump at every chance to include it in our homes! If you already have enough furniture pieces and only need to add a tiny but powerful coastal touch to your living space, City Farmhouse can show you how to paint your very own coastal painting!

12. Ombre Painting 


Ombre is still one of the best ways to honor a color’s vast spectrum of shades. If you have a favorite color, embody all of its most potent shades within an ombre painting that will be a stunning addition to your wall art collection. Two Delighted shares the whole process!