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Eating in Style: 15 Reusable Snack and Lunch Bag Designs

Did you know that, besides saving you money, packing your own lunch instead of buying one can also help you reduce your waste impact on the environment? That is, of course, if you pack it in a reusable bag. Instead of buying yourself a boring old zip-up lunch bag, though, we think you should consider making yourself a unique, custom one instead!

Check out these 15 reusable DIY lunch bags, boxes, and sacks that’ll have you eating in style.

1. Capri Sun juice pouch bags

VIEW IN GALLERYCapri Sun juice pouch bags

Do you love being able to recycle and reuse as many things as possible? If your kids are big fans of Capri Sun juice pouches, then you’re all set for an upcycling project! They’ll love the bright colours and how cool their friends think their bags are! Check out how it’s done on House of Hepworths.

2. No-sew leather “paper” bag pouch

VIEW IN GALLERYNo-sew leather %22paper%22 bag pouch

If you love the look of a “classic” paper bag lunch because it calls back to your elementary school days, then All The Good Girls go to Heaven has just the tutorial for you! This no-sew leather couch is designed and folded to look like a paper bag, but it’s reusable!

3. DIY sandwich box from a milk jug

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY sandwich box from a milk jug

Do you find that your sandwiches are always getting squished in your bag on the way to work or class? You need a sandwich box! Creme de la Craft has the perfect tutorial for you. You can make these in different sizes in case you’d like a smaller one for little snacks too. These are an awesome way to upcycle plastic milk jugs.

4. Mountain vista picnic basket

VIEW IN GALLERYLovely mountain vista picnic bag

Do you love projects with a good theme? This lunch box by Design Sponge is more than just a lunch box; it’s an outdoor eating experience, even when it’s cold out and you have to eat inside!

5. DIY wood and leather lunch box

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY wood and leather lunch box

Do you like idea of a lunch box rather than a lunch bag so your things don’t get crushed? Carrying a lunch box doesn’t have to mean carrying a cartoon tin like you’re in the second grade! This wood and leather lunch box has an air of class about it. Mr Lentz guides you through the process of making it.

6. Square, drawstring top lunch bag

VIEW IN GALLERYSquare, drawstring top lunch bag

Smashed Peas and Carrots shows you how to make a drawstring topped lunch bag that pinches shut at the top but stays formed at the bottom so you can fit everything in without things become squished before you can eat them.

7. Lego top lunch box

VIEW IN GALLERYLego top lunch box

Do you have a child who concentrates on their meal better when they have something else, like a small toy, to concentrate on as well? Follow in If Only They Would Nap‘s footsteps and attach some flat Lego pieces to the lid of a lunch tin and put a few pieces in with their snacks so they can build things while they munch.

8. Weekday stamped paper bags

VIEW IN GALLERYWeekday stamped paper bags

Do you have your heart set on having the authentic paper bagged lunch experience? You can still customize those! Stamp or decorate them with the letter and day of the week for a bit of extra style rather than just plain paper. As long as you use biodegradable bags, you’re still being green! Get more information on Ampersand Design Studio.

9. Canvas lunch bag with coloured seams

VIEW IN GALLERYCanvas lunch bag with coloured seams

If you like the paper bag style of lunch bag but you’re not necessarily committed to having actual paper, try this reusable canvas bag instead! We love the contrast between the plain, clean canvas and the visible outside stitching at the edges of the bag. Camille Styles has the pattern for you.

10. Unfolding upscale leather lunch bag with a handle

VIEW IN GALLERYUnfolding upscale leather lunch bag with a handle

If you love the look of the previous leather lunch bag options but you’re looking for something a little more unique in style, take a look at this handled tote idea from Design Sponge. It unfolds completely when you open it so you can dig right in.

11. Polka dot lunch sack

VIEW IN GALLERYPolka dot lunch sack

This adorable little reusable lunch sack by A Fabulous Fete hearkens to traditional bags, but it expresses a bit more of a modern style! We love how the simple style and the simple polka dots are both easy to do, but the overall effect is still completely adorable and looks well finished.

12. DIY lunchable jar

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY lunachable jar

Do you want to include things in your lunch that you’re not ready to mix yet because they might go soggy in your bag while you wait for meal time? Say Not Sweet Anne has the perfect solution! This little set of jars keeps things like cereal and milk, salad and dressing, or pasta noodles and sauce contained separately from each other until you’re ready to mix them together!

13. Bright oilcloth lunch bags

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY oilcloth lunch bags

Apartment Therapy suggests making your traditional paper bag style lunch sack from oil cloth! The slippery outer texture lets you wipe it up easily in the event of a spill. You’ll still have to clean it occasionally, like you would any lunch bag, not as often as bags made of canvas or absorbent materials. [Image: Martha Stewart]

14. Tuna can lunch box

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade tuna can lunch box

Are you looking for something really unique and unconventional to keep your main course in until you’re ready to eat it? Makezine guides you through the steps for making this reclaimed tuna can canister that will hold all types of foods! It’s a bit more of a hands on project, but the awesome results are worth the effort.

15. Zipper strap lunch sack

VIEW IN GALLERYZipper strap lunch sack

This adorable little lunch sack has it all! Between the name tag, the closing button, the patterned fabric, and the cute handle made from a zipper, you’ll be eating stylishly in no time. See how it’s done on Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

Time to spice up the style quotient of your ‘lunch time’ with one of these homemade beauties!