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15 Great Ideas For a Cozy DIY Pet Bed

We’re always crafting for our family members and friends and occasionally even for ourselves, but lately we’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to craft for our pets.

Our cat and dog are always curling up in the funniest spots in the house and we can’t help thinking that they just don’t look their comfiest in the laundry basket or in that box we just unwrapped something from.

That’s why we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled lately for awesome DIY pet bed tutorials.


DIY Pet Bed Ideas

Are you feeling just as interested as we are, if not more, in the idea of making a DIY pet bed for your furry friends? Check out these 15 fantastic ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search.

1. DIY knotted fleece pet bed


Are you hoping to make your four legged friend a pet from something very soft because you want them to feel comfortable but you’re not that experienced with sewing? Then we think you’ll be very pleased indeed to find out that this particular pet bed from The Honest Kitchen is made entirely by knotting rather than with a needle and thread! This is a great design for every side of pet, from small cats to very large dogs.

2. Beside table pet house


Do you actually crate train your dog for the night because routine makes him feel secure but you like to keep him close so he doesn’t feel alone? Well, if you’ve got any experience making simple alterations to furniture then we think you might really appreciate the way Woodshop Diaries made this bedside table pet house that can be closed like a crate but that suits your decor and keeps your pet close to you.

3. Woven and raised pet bed


Do you find that the floors of your house get very cold in the winter so you’d rather make your pet a bed that raises them up off the boards so they stay a little bit warmer? Well, particularly if your dog is very big, then we think you’ll adore the way Wouldn’t It Be Lovely made this woven belts bed on a wooden platform and topped it with a cushion (which you can make or buy).

4. DIY side table cushion bed


Did you really love the idea of making a pet bed in a bedside table but your dog prefers to be in the living room where all of your family spends their time? Then maybe you’d have better luck making something like this little hollowed out side table cushion bed outlined in nice, simple steps thanks to 86 Lemons! They even show you how to dress the space up inside like a little bedroom.

5. Covered pillow pallet bed


If you’re going to make your pet a permanent bed that will stay in the spot you put it in, would you rather make sure that it at least suits the space and your decor scheme? Well, if you’ve got a slightly vintage rustic aesthetic happening then it’s possible you might appreciate this covered pillow and crate DIY bed outlined in simple, clear steps on Prodigal Pieces.

6. No-sew pet bed made from old jeans


Are you the kind of crafter who likes DIY projects that also involve upcycling in some way best, but you’re also a fan of kitschy, creative pieces that make people look twice? In that case, we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Heart Dogs made this funny cross legged pet bed from a pair of jeans that make it look like your pet look and feel like they’re sitting on someone’s lap, even if you have to get up and do things rather than being pinned to the couch.

7. T-shirt cat tent


Are you intent on making your very own cat bed but you’re working on a budget and want to keep things simple and as cheap as possible? Then maybe you’d get along better with something like this adorable cat tent made from an old t-shirt and a wire coat hanger! You’ll find all of the steps you need to make it happen on Instructables.

8. Little pet teepee


Have we really caught your attention now that we’ve mentioned the funny idea of a cat tent but you’d rather make a version that looks slightly fancier than just a t-shirt stretched over bent hangers? Then maybe you’d have better luck making something like this adorable fabric and wooden stick cat teepee that you’ll find the details for on Fudge and Joy!

9. Covered foam cat cushion


Is your cat the kind of animal that loves burrowing into cozy little spaces that makes him feel secure and warm, so you’ve been on the hunt for something that’s a little more like a pod? Then we’d definitely suggest checking out the simple steps that iHanna followed to make this comfy foam cushion bed that has a slightly raised top, but not quite so high as the tent designs you saw before.

10. Cardboard pet rocket


Are you actually the kind of crafter who who always prefers construction some kind of actual structure than, say, sewing or altering pre-existing things? Well, particularly if you’ve also a lover of novelty, then we have a feeling this hilarious painted cardboard cat rocket might be a little more up your alley! Take a better look at how it’s made on Makezine.

11. Retro doggie sofa


We’ve done a lot of talking about kitsch and upcycling at this point, but are you also a big appreciator of all things retro, to the point that you’d like even your pet’s bed to have some style? Then maybe you should take a look at how Cut Out and Keep made this hilarious 1970s inspired retro bed from an old drawer! You can choose whatever paint colour and fabric design you please.

12. Suitcase dog bed with a toy tub


If you’re going to make a pet bed out of something retro or vintage, would you prefer to give it some kind of modern spin in the finished product? Then maybe you’d rather try your hand at making something like this cushion filled pet bed made from an old suitcase! We love the way Craft Your Happiness outlines the process so clearly and also shows you how to add a little toy box to the front where your cat or dog can keep their favourites.

13. Painted tire doggie bed


Are you still interested most in the style of pet bed that lets you upcycle something into a rather eye catching and comfortable piece, but you’re interested in a more modern and maybe even industrial chic look than the retro and vintage things you’ve seen? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Practically Functional made this fun dog bed from a brightly painted car tire!

14. Dog murphy bed


Are your pets large enough that you need quite a spacious bed for them but, even though you technically have the space for such a thing, you can’t really have it lying around all day when you need to use that room? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along a little better with something like this doggie murphy bed! Little Houses, Bog Dogs walks you step by step through the process of making it happen from a piece of shelving.

15. Rope bowl cat bed


If you’v never tried rope wrapping projects then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out on something very fun indeed! Did you know that you can even use the technique to make small cat beds? Remedy the situation by trying your hand at this little bed from Lia Griffith that’s a little extra special thanks to the fact that it’s also actually shaped like a cat!

Have you made another kind of awesome DIY bed for your pet before that they love sleeping in but that you don’t see anything quite similar to here on our list? Tell us all about what you made and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!