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From the Colorful to the Creative: Ingenious Upcycled CD Crafts

Remember when, in order to hear your favorite band’s new album, you had to get dressed, go out to the store and buy it?! How about when you didn’t catch that popular movie at the cinema, so you had to wait for it to come out on DVD?! Oh, the good old days! The times have changed a lot, but most of us are still holding on to a large number of CDs and DVDs because it seems unfair to just throw them away. Well, you don’t have to! You can repurpose them and turn them into amazing crafts that will add up to your home!

See the amazing DIY CD and DVD crafts below!

Mosaic Flower Pots

VIEW IN GALLERYflower pots

Are you tired of flower pots that all look the same? Here’s an opportunity to treat your flowers to a new, shiny home, by decorating a boring old flower pot with boring old CDs! Maybe two wrongs do make a right, after all? Find out at Make It Easy Crafts.

Wind Spinners

VIEW IN GALLERYwind spinners

This is a perfect craft to make with your kids (and not just because you’ll have to explain to them what CDs actually are). Decorate the CDs with buttons and jewels, making them the chicest wind spinners out there! They will leave anyone who passes by in awe! Visit Hooligans for tutorial.



Transform an old table into a stunning piece of furniture! This unique table will be the center of attention in any room, as people won’t be able to believe that it didn’t cost you a fortune! Who said celebrities are the only ones who can have flashy tables?! See how Emzul made it happen!

Sun Catchers

VIEW IN GALLERYsun catchers

Another amazing project to involve your youngest humans into! Catch the sunrays by making these amazing colorful sun catchers found at Makezine! Spring is almost here, so out with the old, in with the new!

CD Lamp


Any music lover will definitely want to get their hands on this one. Stack up your CDs around a light bulb and make them shine again! Find more details at Photo Creatings!

Wall Art


This is a fantastic idea for wall art that will look dashing absolutely anywhere! Keep your beloved CDs on display, but decorate them with your favorite motives and patterns! If you are ready to let your creativity loose, visit Instructables and see the instructions!

Wall Hang


Here’s another idea for wall décor, because we know you need them! This one will especially serve anyone with lots of CDs and an eye for shiny things! The making-of process is very easy and Creative Me Inspired You shares it with you!

CD Ornaments


Hello flashy ornaments! Once Christmas season comes by again, you’ll be fully prepared! Make these wonderful ornaments by repurposing CDs and making sure that your Christmas decorations look absolutely original and Pinterest worthy! Crème De La Craft guides you through the process!

Stenciled Coasters


The day you buy your first coaster is the day you realize you’re actually an adult. But if you still want to keep a childlike vibe going, you can make your own coasters, by using up your old CDs! Crafts By Amanda will tell you how!

Well aren’t you glad that you haven’t said goodbye to your CD collections yet! Make sure to share these ideas with your friends, because you know they’re still holding on to those boy band CDs!