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15 DIY Napkin Folding Techniques for a Fancy Dinner Table

Table presentation might not be the most important part of the meal when dinner is delicious, but it certainly builds atmosphere! Giving each of your guests a nice place setting makes them feel welcome and gets them anticipating the meal you’ve worked hard to make. Even something as simple as how you place the napkins can impress your guests.

Check out these great DIY napking folding techniques that your guests will hardly want to unfold when their food arrives!

The Christmas tree fold

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree napkin

(Source: BHG)

Nothing will put your guests into the spirit of Christmas like finding their own personal Christmas tree on their dinner plate!

The T-shirt fold

VIEW IN GALLERYT-shirt napkin

(Source: iCreative Ideas)

This T-shirt shape is the perfect folding technique for Father’s Day. It looks just like the kind of polo neck shirt your dad might wear golfing!

The modern bunny ears fold

VIEW IN GALLERYModern bunny ears napkin

(Source: The Party Dress)

Whether it’s Easter dinner, a bunny-lover’s birthday party, or just an occasion that you feeling like getting fancy for, these minimalist bunny ears are an adorable technique.

The rose fold


(Source: Oh! Crafts)

Spring time is just around the corner and flowers will be blooming soon! Give your next luncheon a fresh feel with this adorable rose technique.

The napkin pouch fold


(Source: Living Locurto)

A DIY napkin pouch doesn’t just look cute- it’s also useful! Pouches give your guests a miniature vase of flowers or a bowl of post-dinner chocolates. Fill them up how you please!

The double roll fold

VIEW IN GALLERYDouble rolled napkin

(Source: The Party Dress)

Sometimes all you need is a simple detail to impress. Try this rolling technique to give each place setting a unique twist.

The sushi roll fold

VIEW IN GALLERYSushi roll napkins

(Source: Giddy Gastronome)

Rolling your napkins up like maki rolls is the perfect touch for date night (and it’s easy to do)!

The pinwheel fold

VIEW IN GALLERYPinwheel napkin

(Source: Howcast)

The pinwheel shape is a simple touch that calls family picnics and summer fairs to mind. It’s simple to do but elegant enough for a casual summertime wedding or anniversary party.

The envelope fold

VIEW IN GALLERYEnvelope napkin

(Source: Pride in Photos)

Napkin envelopes make the perfect pocket for cheerful flowers at lunch. Are you allergic to flowers? Keep it simple and slip the cutlery inside to keep things neat looking, or pop in a party favour for each guest!

The heart fold


(Source: Nita Gill)

Valentine’s Day dinner has never looked so festive! Folding your napkins into a heart shape keeps things simple but on theme.

The French pleat

VIEW IN GALLERYFrench pleated napkin

(Source: Nalata Nalata)

Themed place settings are lovely, but sometimes you just need a more classic style. Try folding your napkins in a French pleat and placing each piece of cutlery in it’s own section of the pleat!

The elf hat fold

VIEW IN GALLERYElf hat napkin

(Source: Fridge Check)

Folding your napkins into an elf hat shape will impress adults and kids alike. Just don’t be surprised when at least one guest puts their “hat” on their head!

The bow fold


(Source: Sugar and Charm)

Whether you want to pass this folding technique off as a bow tie at your son’s graduation party or a hair bow at a little girl’s birthday, bows make for a fun effect every time.

The standing fan fold

VIEW IN GALLERYStanding fan napkin

(Source: Napkin Folding Guide)

A simple but 3D napkin design is enough to impress any dinner guest, especially ones who are only used to seeing such detail in restaurants!

The turkey fold

VIEW IN GALLERYTurkey napkin

(Source: Neatologie)

Who says there’s only room for one turkey on the table at Thanksgiving dinner? Give each guest their own feathered friend!

Have you tried folding other great napkin designs that you don’t see here? Tell us how you did them in the comments!