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14 Beautiful Homemade Christmas Cards to Inspire You

Have you spent hours scouring the shelves for the perfect Christmas cards for your family and you still haven’t found ones you like enough to buy? Well, whenever we find ourselves in that situation, whether we’re looking for cards, gifts, or basically anything, we turn to our DIY and crafting skills to save the day!

Check out these 14 adorable (and super easy to make) DIY Christmas cards that are perfect for anyone you want to make feel appreciated this holiday season!

1. Finger print reindeer cards

VIEW IN GALLERYFinger print reindeer cards

Here’s an adorable card idea that we can especially picture your kids have fun making! I mean, who doesn’t love finger painting, even if you’re only just using one single finger to make a quick print? Heck, we plan on making these ones whether our kids want to get their fingers into the paint or not because that just means we get to have the hands on fun! Once you’ve got your print down, draw some antlers and some cute features, just like Gemma Garner did here!

2. Sparkly Santa suit card

VIEW IN GALLERYSparkly Santa suit card

Have we mentioned that we love glitter? No seriously, we adore working with glitter, sparkles, and basically anything shiny. You can imagine, then, how excited we were when we saw this adorable little sparkly Santa suit card! You can make it using pre-glittered paper or sparkle the pieces yourself once you’ve cut them. See how it’s done on Stamp With Heather.

3. Torn Christmas story tree cards

VIEW IN GALLERYTorn Christmas story tree cards

If you’re a fan of Christmas themes and you’ve chosen upcycled chic or rustic for your decorating and gift wrapping scheme, then you’ll love this adorably worn card idea. Choose your favourite Christmas story and print it out on a page, then rip it into strips, picking out your favourite lines in the story. Next, glue the strips down in ascending length to create a tree shape that actually tells a Christmas story. Check the whole idea out on Granne Med Selma.

4. Googly eyed owl card

VIEW IN GALLERYGoogly eyed owl card

Besides loving how cute this cut out owl is himself, we can’t stop giggling at his silly googly eyes! Kids will be especially big fans of a card like this because the owls eyes will “look” around the room as they move the card to open and read it. Blue Jelly Sew n’ So shows you how easy this design is to make.

5. Button ornament cards

VIEW IN GALLERYButton ornament cards

Are you a huge fan of turning little household wares into other things during your crafting process? We like using things unconventionally as well! That’s why we adore the way Becoming Alice transformed old buttons into of different sizes into Christmas ornaments on this holiday card! We also love that they used an actual cut from a fir tree.

6. Cotton ball beard cards

VIEW IN GALLERYCotton ball beard cards

Whether you draw your own picture or print a template from the Internet, we love the idea of filling a cute Santa image with glitter on his hat and fluffy cotton balls for his beard! It makes him look jovial, festive, and ready to spread Christmas cheer. Check out how HGTV customized this design!

7. Paint chip hole punch cards

VIEW IN GALLERYPaint chip hole punch cards

Just like we enjoy crafting actual wreaths out of unconventional materials before we hang them on our door, we love the way Beauty and The Beard made these mini wreaths from unconventional things to create cute Christmas cards! Using a simple circular hole punch, they’ve taken coloured pieces from paint chips and arranged them to look like ball ornaments in a wreath (and we love it).

8. Paint chip and sequin Christmas trees

VIEW IN GALLERYPaint chip and sequin Christmas trees

Do you like the idea of using paint chips but you don’t have a hole puncher right now? Cut pieces of each shade into triangles and make yourself a little forest! We love the way Beauty and The Beard arranged their trees in an ombre so that each shade of the same colour shines. Stick a sequin on the top of each one like a star and voila!

9. Fingerprint Christmas light cards

VIEW IN GALLERYFingerprint Christmas light cards

Did you love the idea of using your fingers to make a cute Christmas card, but you gave out reindeer cards last year and you don’t want to repeat themes? Try grabbing all of your paint colours and creating this adorably bright Christmas light design instead! Connect them all with a swirling marker line to make a cord. See the design in more detail on Crafty Morning.

10. Washi tape Christmas tree cards

VIEW IN GALLERYWashi tape Christmas tree cards

Have you recently bought yourself an adorable set of Christmas themed washi tape rolls? Perhaps you just have a lot of red and green patterned tape that you’ve been looking for an excuse to use? Then About a Mom has a great card idea for you! Create a tree shape using lengths of different tapes that help create a cute Christmas aesthetic on the card’s cover.

11. DIY glitter embossed card

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY glitter embossed card

Florence Finds guides you through the process of using glitter to emboss a lovely Christmas greeting on the front of your cards. We love the idea of using a stark, bright red on a creamy white background to make things stand out even more than they already would thanks to sparkle.

12. Scrapbooking paper trees

VIEW IN GALLERYScrapbooking paper trees

Do you like the idea of trees made from patterned strips because you enjoy how abstract and artsy it looks, but you don’t have any washi tape right now? Try delving into your scrapbooking and decorative paper stash instead! We love the way Kate Baer cut her paper strips on different angles at the ends to make the tree even more stylish and art deco looking.

13. Torn paper Santa card

VIEW IN GALLERYTorn paper Santa card

Have you always enjoyed the look of art that uses messy techniques to make a neat little image when all the pieces come together? Then we think you’ll really like this paper tearing Santa card by Kate’s Creative Space! Use peach and red paper as a base for the face and hat and tear strips of white to make his beard and hat fur lining. All that’s left after that is adding a cheerful face!

14. Faux leaf wreath card

VIEW IN GALLERYFaux leaf wreath card

Do you have an affinity for cards that have any type of interactive or 3D element? Then faux plants are about to become your best friend during your card making process! We love the way Earnest Home Co. used mini fabric leaves wrapped in a circle to make a tiny Christmas wreath right on the front of each card. Just be careful not to crush the leaves if you decided to slide the card into an envelope!