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Daily Dose Of Stunning: Best DIY Mosaic Projects

Everybody has a soft spot for some mosaics! They look captivating and historic, easily turning our home into a visual paradise. They are compatible with any room, but it doesn’t stop there – they can do wonderful things for your garden as well! If you’re craving some mosaic patterns, we have compiled some of the most stunning DIY mosaic projects for you! They are various and unique, so dive in to get your dose of mosaic inspiration!

Mosaic Backsplash

VIEW IN GALLERYMosaic Backsplash

We’re kicking off this roundup with Reality Daydream’s backsplash mosaic that is made out of mason jar glass! Did you even know that you can make a mosaic out of mason jars? Guess that’s just another thing to add to the long list of mason jar uses! The idea is absolutely brilliant and the end result will make your bathroom look like a blue paradise!

Mosaic Stepping Stones

VIEW IN GALLERYMosaic Stepping Stone

Mosaics will do great in your garden! They will be that special element that gives it a true energy of homeliness! Exterior of the house is just as important as interior; don’t dismiss it! These stepping stones are a great mosaic project to go with, so head over to BHG and you’ll soon have some fresh décor in your garden!

Mosaic Tray


It really pays off to invest into a chic tray that makes your everyday tea-or-coffee rituals a lot more sophisticated – especially when you have some friends over for brunch. This mini tray immediately caught our attention because of its charming mosaic pattern and you can get the tutorial at Design Sponge!

Mosaic Flower Pots

VIEW IN GALLERYMosaic Flower Pots

Is anyone else addicted to decorating flower pots or is that just us?! The ideas are never-ending and with each season you can add more to the collection! If you don’t have a mosaic flower pot yet, or are just looking to add another one to the family, here is an amazing tutorial we found at Birds & Blooms!

Mosaic Table Top


This gorgeous mosaic tabletop is the item that will be passed through generations; trust us! It will be the center of attention and won’t leave anyone cold. Its most valuable asset, of course, will be your love and time that you put into it! See how to do so at Running with Sisters!

Mosaic Photo Frame

VIEW IN GALLERYMosaic Photo Frame

Put your favorite memories on display with the help of this mosaic photo frame! Your most precious photographs deserve an impeccable photo frame and we think this one is truly special – just like mosaic themselves, photographs are born in the past, but they keep us inspired in the present! Find the tutorial on Instructables.

Mosaic Boxes


Boxes can be so dull! We use them for storage and then completely forget about them or the fact that they are still a vital part of our home. They truly don’t deserve to look plain and boring. Pay some special attention to some of your boxes by giving them a mosaic upgrade! Instructables will tell you how!

Mosaic Mirror Frame


Mosaics are almost destined to be a part of our bathroom. This mosaic mirror frame by Caffeine & Cabernet is a great way to bring something special into the room! Every morning when you look into the mirror and simultaneously notice the mosaic frame you will feel so happy with the choice – and what better way to start a day than with a sprinkle of random happiness?

Mosaic Garden Beds

VIEW IN GALLERYMosaic Garden Beds

Are you eyeing raised garden beds? You must have noticed how expensive they are! Grow and Resist will show you how to whip them up yourself and give them a little mosaic twist! We think they look incredibly stunning and if Romans could see them, they would be proud!

Mosaic Mason Jar


A simple mason jar lantern, beautified by mosaic décor! The colorful light has a peaceful effect so don’t be surprised if you find yourself staring at this lantern, feeling inner peace. This mosaic is surely something special! If you want one just like that, The Country Chic Cottage has the how-to!

Mosaic Birdbath

VIEW IN GALLERYMosaic Birdbath

This mosaic craft by Me and My DIY has left us speechless! It is a captivating birdbath! You will need some old CDs to make it, giving you an amazing opportunity to upcycle! This mosaic birdbath will definitely appeal to not only birds, but the human eye as well!

Clear an afternoon and start making some mosaics!