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Beautiful Projects Involving Felt Flowers and Succulents

Maybe because it’s because the summer weather outside is so beautiful and all our gardens are in bloom, but there’s just something with us lately that has us obsessed with making our very own faux flowers! We’ve tried all kinds of ways and loved each one, but we recently came across some tutorials that outlined how to make not only flowers but also succulents out of felt!

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of making felt flowers and succulents as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the more creative designs we’ve come across so far!

1. Simple baby blue felt succulents

Are you a big fan of the way pastel colour schemes are trending in art, fashion, and interior decor all at once right now and you’ve been reflecting that a lot in your own projects? Well, we actually think this particular project would look great in any colour of felt, but there’s just something very cool and realistic about the baby blue version that you see here? Then check it out in even more detail (regardless of what colour you choose) on The DIY Mommy.

2. Succulents made with textured felt


If you’re going to make your very own faux succulents from scratch, would you actually prefer to make them as realistic looking as possible? Then perhaps using textured felt that’s a little more rough on the surface and a little more green is a better idea for you! This clear, simple tutorial featured on Creative Kin shows you how to make a lovely, realistic looking felt succulent in just a few simple steps.

3. Felt succulents with fern leaves


Now that you’ve practiced making the succulents themselves a couple of times, would you actually like to make a more complete looking plant that has a few other features as well? Then maybe it’s time to start learning how to make felt leaves to go along with your succulent cluster! This tutorial from Lia Griffith shows you how to make long, luscious looking green fern leaves in additional to another simple layered succulent, just in case you want to get all of your steps in one place.

4. Yarn wrapped felt succulent wreath


Now that you’ve actually created all kinds of different succulents in different colours and shapes, are you actually looking for a larger project that you can turn your bunches of succulents into? Well, if you’re a yarn enthusiast in any capacity and have even a small stash to work with, then we have a feeling you might get along very well with this lovely yarn wrapped and felt succulent door wreath outlined step by step on Think Make Share.

5. Mounted felt succulent decor pieces


Are you quite enamoured with the idea of making wall or door mounted felt succulent art but you’re not sure a classically styled wreath really speaks to the rest of your interior decor scheme? Then maybe something smaller and a little more rustic or natural looking would be a little more up your alley! We love the way fLOhRA Design gathered several felt succulents into bunches and mounted them onto stained wooden circles.

6. Felt succulent and flower bouquet


Okay, we acknowledge that this particular bouquet actually contains silk flowers and not felt ones, but there are, in fact, felt leaves in the mix and we actually made a felt bouquet of our own based of The DIY Mommy‘s tutorial. In our version, however, we added a few different styles, shapes, and sizes of succulents in amongst the flowers to give it a more earthy aesthetic. When we followed these steps to make our own flowers using felt instead of silk, however, they turned out even more beautiful than you see here!

7. Vertical felt succulent garden


Do you actually live in a very small apartment indeed so you’re looking for an idea that will help you add some low maintenance greenery to your place while also taking up as little space as possible? Well, we can’t possibly think of a more fitting thing to make for yourself than this vertical felt succulent garden outlined step by step on Lia Griffith! We adore the wide range of handmade succulent types they show you how to create in addition to “planting” and mounting them once you’re done.

8. Boxed felt succulents


Are you actually such a big fan of the boxed felt succulent garden idea we showed you earlier that you can’t help but wonder whether or not there’s actually a way to make it even bigger and better than the skinny ones you saw before? In that case, we have a feeling you would much much prefer this full sized square felt succulent garden idea featured on Apostrophe! Once again, this tutorial shows you how to make a stunning array of succulent types that will impress your friends so much they might not even realize they’re felt at first.

9. Felt flower and hanging leaf mobile


As tempting as the succulents are to make, are you actually still completely obsessed with the idea of felt flowers, since that’s what sparked your love for handcrafted faux plants to begin with? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Lia Griffith created these stunning bell shaped flowers with accompanying leaves and then strung them to a hoop to create an absolutely stunning hanging mobile.

10. Modern felt succulent hoop wreath


Are you actually still thinking about the succulent wreath we showed you earlier because you do enjoy the basic concept but you can’t help but wonder whether there’s a slightly more modernized version you can try because that would suit your interior decor scheme a little better? Then look no further! We absolutely adore this golden hoop and scalloped ribbon wreath and the way Sarah Hearts embellished that with succulents in an asymmetrical way.

11. Artichoke style felt succulents


Are you actually feeling quite particular in your felt succulent making and you’d like to learn how to make the ones that look like artichokes because you think they’d look especially nice in your latest project? In that case, you simply must suggest the way fLOhRA Design created the ones you see in this photo! We love the way they created the same succulent in a few different shades of green because they think it would add depth to any project.

12. Sparkly felt succulent pumpkin centrepiece


Are you the kind of avid crafter who loves making your homemade seasonal decor in advance because you’re very busy with work and kids and you often have to stop projects half way through for a few weeks? Well, we’re much the same, which is why we’re suggesting a fall pumpkin design to you now, even though we’ve just been talking about summer! Lia Griffith shows you how to dip dye a white pumpkin in metallic gold paint, as well as how to arrange a beautiful selection of differently shaped felt succulents and some sparkling gold leaves across the top in order to make a stunning centre piece.

13. Felt succulent and rock garden


Have you actually been scrolling through our list wondering whether there might be another kind of complete faux succulent garden you might make that’s a little more mixed-material and perhaps a little smaller than what you’ve seen so far? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Shaken Together made a stunning little rock “garden” in a singular pot planter! We love the way they nestled one large, well made felt succulent right on top of an array of stones and pebbles.

14. Felt succulent in a miniature leather wrapped planter


If possible, are you actually looking to go even smaller with your felt succulent planter than what we’ve already shown you because you’d really like to keep it on the corner of your desk at work in order to brighten the place up a little bit with greenery but without taking on a real plant that would be more high maintenance? Then perhaps this adorable miniature succulent in a faux leather wrapped planter would be a little more up your alley! See how it’s done in more detail on Lia Griffith.

15. DIY felt poppy flower


Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking about how you can’t wait to try some of these great felt DIY projects in the future but that you might need something a little simpler for now because you’re actually quite new to crafting in the grand scheme of things? Then perhaps starting with a simple, singular flower would be a better idea for you! Mommy Like Woah guides you step by step through the process of making a lovely layered poppy flower complete with a felt centre and leaves, and a stem made of green crafting wire.