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Sparkly Fashion that Makes a Statement: Trendy Crafts Made with Sequins

If you ask us, any DIY project or craft that has a little bit of sparkle to it is more than enough to brighten our day! We’re actually such big fans of crafts involving glitter, shiny textures, and so on that we keep a list of ideas bookmarked to try out in the future. That’s how we’ve come to have such a big collection of sequinned crafts and projects that we can’t wait to try out!

Just in case you love the idea of making things with sequins just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the best designs that we’ve come across in our perpetual search for things that make life a little more happy and shiny.

1. Sequin phrase sweatshirt


Have you ever looked at a piece of clothing and wondered whether you might wear it even more if it had a bit more detail or embellishment than it currently does? Well, if sequins are your thing but you don’t want to take things too over the top, we’d suggest checking out how A Beautiful Mess added some cute, simple text to their own sweater using sequinned trim and easy stitching techniques!

2. DIY reverse message sequin pillow


Have you ever seen those awesome two-way sequin themed things that have a colour if you flip all the sequins one way and another colour or perhaps even text or an image if you brush your hand across to flip the sequins the other way? Well, that’s precisely what you’ll learn to make in this tutorial from The DIY Village! They show you how to make a pillow with your name on it using a stencilling method.

3. DIY sequinned mermaid sensory bracelet


Besides looking just plain awesome thanks to the multi-dimensional sheen of these blue-green sequins, this mermaid inspired cuff bracelet from Chica and Jo is also a cool sensory experience! The sequins themselves catch the light the same way fish scales do, look just like scales in their texture, and feel great to run your hand on as well.

4. DIY colour changing sequin notebook


Do you have some colour changing sequin fabric but you’re not actually interested in making a cushion because you’re not sure you like the way sequinned pillows feel? Then perhaps you’d get more use out of a beautifully coloured two-way sequin notebook instead! We’re kind of obsessed with how simply Karen Kavett shows you how to make just that here.

5. Sequinned elbow patches for sweaters


Did we really catch your attention with the first idea because you love the idea of adding sequins to an old sweater in order to jazz it up a little bit, but you’re not sure you’re ready to fiddle with stitching skinny trim into the shape of letters? Then maybe you’d prefer this more simply shaped sequinned elbow patch idea instead! See Kate Sew has plenty of tips for you when it comes to placement, as well as cutting and sewing this uniquely textured material.

6. Sequinned colour ombre notebook


Were you actually a pretty big fan of the idea of making yourself a sequinned notebook but you can’t help wishing you could get more colours than just two involved like you saw in the previous two-way sequin idea? Then maybe you’d prefer to make your own colour ombre by colour blocking the front of your notebook in strips of differently coloured sequin fabric! Get the full details for making it happen on Alyssa and Carla.

7. Sequinned heart coaster


Sewing and gluing sequinned trim or fabric onto things isn’t the only way you can customize different DIY pieces with sequins! This amazing heart themed coaster outlined step by step on Craft Klatch is the perfect example of what we mean. They show you how to make it happen using resin, loose sequins, and a heart pendant like the kind you’d normally use to make a necklace.

8. Colour changing sequin heart tote bag


Just in case you’re still intrigued, we’re not done with the colour changing sequin projects just yet! Here’s another really simple stitching idea for those who want to learn to sew better but still consider themselves beginners. We love the way Karen Kavett created this stylish tote bag by embellishing the front with a heart cut out of two-way sequin cloth and sewing it on carefully around the edges.

9. Sequinned heart marquee


Maybe you actually love the way sequins look so much that you’re rather make something decorative out of them instead of something practical that you’d wearing or carry with you day to day? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Sugar and Cloth created this lovely little heart-shaped wall marquee using sequinned fabric and- you’re seeing that right- fairy lights!

10. Sequinned quote bag


Did the sequinned trim text idea that we showed you at the very top of our list actually appeal to you so much that you’ve been scrolling through ever since wondering what else you might add cursive looking sparkling words to? Then we have a strong feeling you’re going to get along very well indeed with this wicker tote bag quote tutorial outlined in detail on Studio DIY.

11. Sequinned raglan trim sweater


Just in case you’re actually still thinking about how much you loved the concept of adding sequins to sweaters but you’re just not sure your personal style is quite as flashy as the colourful additions you saw further up on our list, here’s a slightly more subtle but still wonderfully sparkly design! Fafafoom suggests adding a strip of black sequin like a raglan on the shoulders of a black sweater so it catches the light every now and then.

12. DIY sequinned hangers


Are you the kind of huge sequin enthusiast that would add these shiny little pieces to just about anything and everything in your house if you have the chance? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Aleene’s made these fantastic sequin wrapped hangers with little tulle bows near the top! Sure, they made theirs for a wedding photoshoot, but we’d feel quite cheerful using these all the time, if we’re being honest with you.

13. No-sew sequinned camera strap


Just in case you’re still actually in the market for awesome sequin trim projects that don’t require you to sew at all, here’s a fantastic idea for those of you who are photography enthusiasts! Check out how Sugar and Cloth used the double width kind to add a bit of sparkle and personality to their camera strap, giving each photo session a bit of extra cheer and charm.

14. Sequinned chevron wall art


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about sequinned wall art like the marquee idea but you’re just not sure that the heart shape and the lights are really the aesthetic you’re going for? Well, if you’d prefer something a little closer to actual framed all art, we think you might get along better with this sequinned chevrons tutorial outlined on Live, Love, DIY!

15. DIY sequin lollipop sweatshirt


Words aren’t the only sequinned embellishment you can jazz the front of a shirt up with! Just in case graphic photo tees have always been more your thing, here’s an awesome tutorial from Aleene’s that shows you how to use sequinned trim in all different colours to make a lovely spiralling lollipop that sparkles as you go about your day.