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10 Ways to Style Your Hair for the New Year’s Eve

The New Year’s Eve is definitely a big night for many of us! Whether you’re planning a party or just attending one, you need to figure out what you’re going to wear and which hairstyle is the most appropriate for the occasion. The hairstyle you choose for the night will forever be frozen in a picture, so choose well! If you are looking for some ideas, here are 10 ways to style your hair for the New Year’s Eve! 

1. NYE Side Braid 


The side braid by Abby Smith is an amazing way to look both elegant and fun! One side of your hair is neatly braided, giving you an ultra sophisticated look and the other side is rocking loose hair, bringing out the fun side of you that’s so important on the New Year’s Eve!

2. Romantic NYE Bun 


Even though choosing a New Year’s Eve hairstyle is important, sometimes it just escapes our mind. All of a sudden we only have 15 minutes left before we have to leave for the party and our hair is still a mess! Makeup Wearables Hairstyles saves the day (well, the night) with a tutorial for a 5-minute romantic NYE bun!

3. The Long Curls 


If you have long hair you know how much time and energy goes into styling it. People don’t realize that having long hair can be like a full-time job! The New Year’s Eve can be a challenging time if you need to style your super long hair, but with a little help from Lillian Tahmasian you can have mesmerizing long curls!

4. Loose NYE Updo 


The updo is a great way to keep your hair out of your face (and food) during the New Year’s celebrations. Give your updo style a special touch that is going to make it appear much more glamorous by making it loose and curly! Kukla Lu will show you how!

5. Mermaid Hair 


You’ve been eyeing the mermaid hair trend for months but you never felt bold enough to do it. The question is, when if not now?! The New Year’s Eve is the longest party of the year and you deserve to celebrate in style! Check out this wonderful tutorial for braided mermaid hair by Confessions of a Hairstylist.

6. Simple NYE Glam Hairstyle 


All of this frenzy around the perfect New Year’s hairstyle and here you are wondering can’t I just do something simple? Of course you can! In fact, Jennifer Klingvall Hairstyles has the tutorial for the perfect NYE hairstyle that looks glamorous particularly because of its simplicity!

7. NYE Half-Updo 


A part of you wants to sport an updo for the New Year’s Eve because you want to feel sophisticated, but another part of you just wants to keep your hair loose, because it’s more fun that way! For the Dainty Days brings you the best of both worlds with this festive half-updo!

8. Sideswept NYE Hairstyle 


The one quality that really defines a hairstyle is how natural it looks like. Even though you are in a celebratory spirit, you want your hairstyle to appear as natural as possible, as well as make it through the New Year’s Eve without getting messed up. Missy Sue’s sideswept hairstyle speaks for itself!

9. Big NYE Braid 


When you have really thick hair you know how long styling can take – not to mention always wondering if it’s going to stay in the same place or is it going to start poking into a hundred directions one hour into the party? Courtney Randall will show you how you can keep your thick hair in check with a big NYE braid!

10. Loose Waves NYE Hairstyle 


The loose waves have got to be one of the simplest and most wanted hairstyles on the planet. They are perfect for every occasion but have an incredible impact when worn on the New Year’s Eve. Imogen Fox will help you create the elegant waves and style them with the cutest little bow!