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Genius and Unique: 10 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Hula Hoop

If the days of your hula hooping are long over and you are ready to let go of your childhood dream of becoming a professional hula hoop dancer, it’s time to give your old hoop an honorary place in your home by upcycling it into something useful with a strong decorative value! Need inspiration? We got you covered! Check out these 10 genius ways to repurpose an old hula hoop! 

1. Hula Hoop Wreath 


Front door wreaths are one of the most beautiful ways to spice up your home’s exterior and welcome the guests with a beautiful assortment of flowers. Your old hula hoop can be of great importance when you’re creating a wreath – HGTV will show you how!

2. Hula Hoop Rug 


When the time comes for you to bring some colors into your living space, a rug is one of the quickest and simplest ways to do so! If you’re not in the mood to browse the stores for hours in the search of a perfect rug, Flax and Twine will show you how to make one yourself, using your own hula hoop!

3. Hula Hoop Nook 


Summer days are best spent outside in the yard, in a cool shade! The kids love to run around and play outdoor games, so setting up a little nook for them that is shaded from the sun seems like a great idea! If you have a hula hoop or two on hand, The Craft Nest will share the details!

4. Hula Hoop Play Tent 


A nook for the kids is also beneficial inside of the home! This macrame play tent is so beautiful and elegant! It gives your little one a safe space to play in all day long! All you need to do is bring back your old hula hoop and check out Pocketful of Posies to see the instructions!

5. Hanging Hula Hoop Wreath 


Take the idea of a hula hoop wreath to the next level with these hanging hula hoop wreaths by Afloral! They are the most marvelous outdoor decoration, perfect for weddings and garden parties! Their big size and blooming florals make them impossible to miss!

6. Hula Hoop Canopy 


So many little girls wish for a canopy so they could sleep like true princesses! Thanks to Hometalk you can now make a full canopy by repurposing an old hula hoop! You can even encourage your sweet daughter to help you out – making her own canopy will make her feel so proud!

7. Hula Hoop Dreamcatcher 


Dreamcatchers are the magical element that brings something special into any room! If you need a stunning piece to hang upon an empty wall, a big dreamcatcher is the best choice! You can create it from a hula hoop, following the tutorial at Life by Mom!

8. Hula Hoop Chandelier 


A chandelier can easily cost you a small fortune so it’s a totally sensible decision to learn how to DIY your way around it! The good people at Wiki How have figured it out and share their secret with us. Spoiler: you’ll need a hula hoop and string lights!

9. Hula Hoop Picture Frame 


We can never have too many picture frames! There are always so many photographs to display! If you are looking for a unique and convenient frame that you can hang on the wall and display more than just one picture, Oriental Trading has the tutorial for an amazing hula hoop picture frame!

10. Hula Hoop Mandala 


It is widely believed that mandalas have special powers and people who love to color them will tell you it’s a truly calming experience. Naztazia brought together two calming things: mandala making and crocheting! It’s a wonderful way to express your creativity and repurpose an old hula hoop!