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11 Interesting Crafts Made with Lighters

When it comes to crafting with unconventional materials, we like to get really unconventional about it whenever possible! That’s why, when we were suddenly introduced to the concept of crafting with lighters, we were absolutely enamoured with the entire idea. Then we learned that some people have even learned to make their own lighters and we were basically mind blown. Of course, you always have to be carful when you do any type of DIY project involving fire or anything containing flammable substances, but as an adult DIY project, lighters aren’t off limits by any means providing you take lots of care.

Just in case you’re as intrigued by the idea of getting creative with lighters as we were, here’s a list of 15 awesome tutorials and ideas that will keep you busy!

1. Lighter made from batteries


Did your ears perk up the second we mentioned learning how to make your very own lighter? Well, if you’ve always been interested in electronics and wiring your own things that actually function, work and move, then you’re going to love this full tutorial from Maketube Channel! They show you how to make it happen with two AA batteries and some simple wires.

2. Upcycled, spatter painted lighter art


Do you actually have a collection of old lighters that have no fluid left in them and you’ve been staring at the pile for a while now thinking about how they must have some kind of creative use you’re just not seeing? Well, if you’re a big fan of paint crafts and colour, then we’ve found a fantastic option for you! Check out this feature on Pinterest where the artist glued old lighters in different directions to a canvas and then used spray paint to mist and splatter all kinds of interesting colour combinations over them!

3. Kirigami pop up paper lighter


Just in case you’re not quite ready to actually make your own working lighter from scratch, since that is quite an undertaking, here’s another kind to try your hand at! We’ve always been impressed with the detailed art of kirigami, in which you make small cuts in paper to create a 3D image when you poke the pieces forward, but this strangely beautiful lighter piece is so neat that we were tempted to dig our scissors out immediately! See how it’s done step by step on My Crafts.

4. Lighter Advil case


When you started thinking about creating DIY projects with lighters, did you have something a little simpler and more practical in mind? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make something like this emptied lighter Advil case instead! Gags and Giggles guides you through the process of taking the inner workings out and filling the empty plastic shell instead, turning the bottom into a plastic cap.

5. Patterned, hand beaded lighter covers


Do you find that you’re constantly losing your lighters so you’re looking for a way to keep track of them? Well, turning a lighter into a keychain is quite simple but, if you’re going to have it dangling from your keys, why not turn yours into something decorative? Suvasi suggests doing that by beading your own slip-on lighter cases in any design you please!

6. Hand rhinestoned lighter


Do you prefer to keep a larger sized lighter because you use it often, so you’ve got a refillable one? Then you can stand to create a design on the outside of your lighter without having to throw your work away when it’s emptied! Now, we’ve always liked colour and shine, so we’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you that we’d immediately fall in love with the idea of completely rhinestoning our entire lighter, just to add some extra sparkle to our day! Check out how this purple fully gemmed version was made by SymphonyStar1.

7. Crocheted flower lighter cases


Have your best DIY and crafting skills actually always primarily lied in the area of yarn crafting? In that case, we have a feeling you’re really going to love this cutesy little crocheted flower lighter covers featured on Dawanda! Besides the fact that the flowers are both simple to make and adorable, the best part of these covers is that they slide off for when you need to replace your lighter, meaning you can keep them as long as you like on as many lighters as you please.

8. Hand glittered lighters


Perhaps you’ve been planning to give your friends cute little incense sticks and stands as a party favour but you don’t really like the idea of matches much and, while you can give them lighters to go along with it, you’re underwhelmed by how plain the lighters look compared to the other awesome things you picked out for them? Then perhaps it’s time for a glitter makeover, just like This is Why I’m Broke did here! We adore the idea of making glitter lighters in every colours of the rainbow, just like you see in the photo.

9. Pearl and bead embellished lighters


If you’re going to decorate your reusable lighter, would you like to really go all out when it comes to making it look completely adorable and super, extra eye catching? Then we have a feeling you’re going to be very into the idea of making your very own pearled, beaded, and spiked lighter just like these ones featured on Pinterest! It’s amazing what you can do with a few decorative embellishments and some careful work with a hot glue gun.

10. Cigarette lighter USB port


Perhaps you’ve actually been scrolling through lists on the Internet looking for lighter related crafts because you don’t often use a lighter, so you’ve been hoping to get rid of the one in your car, only you’re pretty adverse to throwing things out if you don’t have to? In that case, here’s a totally neat upcycling idea that’s perfect for electronic nerds who love figuring out how things work! Gavin Clark shows you step by step how to turn the whole console piece from your car into an inset USB plug that will fit right into a piece fur from the side of your kitchen cupboard or island.

11. DIY steampunk Zippo


Are your tastes in embellishment ever so slightly simpler than what you see in the rhinestone and pearl bead lighter ideas we showed you above, but you’d still definitely like to decorate the outside of your reusable Zippo? In that case, we think perhaps you’ll prefer this neat looking steampunk inspired lighter idea from Highwind Steamworks! They show you how to make it happen using a few small, thin cogs from an old clock.