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14 Ultra-Cute Homemade Rag Doll Tutorials

When we were younger and we very first started sewing, one of the first things we learned how to make was a rag doll. This was exciting to us not only because we got to learn a new skill, but also because we got to actually make ourselves a new toy that we could keep playing with afterwards! As you can imagine, our skills have improved and the rag dolls we’ve made since then are far better than our finished product was that many years ago, but we had so much fun making that original doll that we’re not sure we’ll ever stop trying different patterns and making different types of dolls.

Just in case you’d like to join us in our doll making adventures, here are 15 awesomely adorable rag doll patterns that will be super fun to both look at, play with, or give away as gifts when you’re all finished!

1. Traditional DIY rag doll


Besides having the most adorable little dress and eyes, we’re completely in love with this classically designed rag doll because we love her roving wool hair! A Beautiful Mess teaches you how to make the doll herself, some clothing for her to wear, and also how to use thick, untwisted yarn to give her an adorable, fluffy hair-do too.

2. Cute kawaii rag doll


When you picture your ideal rag doll, does the toy that comes to mind look a little more like a cute kawaii cartoon than a real little girl or a more classically designed doll? Then we have a feeling you might enjoy this pattern from Missy Balance! They’ll show you how to make a doll with adorable yarn pigtails, big, cute proportions, and friendly button eyes.

3. Yarn haired rag doll


Are you totally enamoured by the idea of making rag dolls with cute yarn hair because you love the way it looks at the end but the patterns we’ve shown you so far don’t put quite enough hair on their dolls for your liking? Then check out this cute yarn-haired doll by Prima instead! Style your doll to have cute pigtails and bangs just like the picture of another cute hairstyle of your choosing!

4. Felt dolls with buns


Perhaps you’d actually prefer to make a doll that doesn’t involve yarn at all because you’re allergic to wool? In that case, working with felt might be a better plan for you! We love the way these dolls by Shkola are created to look like ballerinas thanks to their cute little felt buns.

5. DIY Raggedy Ann doll


Is your idea of the perfect rag doll a spitting image of the classic Raggedy Anne character from your childhood stories, with the bright red yarn hair and stitched on smile? Then go ahead and make yourself your very own version of a traditional rag doll! Check out how this cute Raggedy Anne inspired doll can be made on Instructables.

6. Topsy Turvy dolls


The term “topsy turvey” usually refers to something that turns upside down, so how would it describe a doll? Well, Shiny Happy World‘s pattern actually does make a doll that flips upside down! Their tutorial guides you through the process of making a double sided doll that looks different on each end, with a skirt that flips up and down to hide the other so it looks like two separate dolls.

7. Bunny rag doll


Just like not every rag doll has to look like Ragged Anne, not every rag doll has to be human either! While you’re learning to customize things to fit how you want them to be, why not learn to make yourself a toy bunny just like Stitched by Crystal did here? We love the idea of making all different kinds of bunnies by choosing fabric in different patterns and colours!

8. Little sock dolls


The whole point of making rag dolls was originally to use up old scraps and spare fabrics, so it would only make sense to make a doll out of upcycled clothing, right? We think the idea of making little dolls out of old mismatched socks is a great one because it stops you from throwing perfectly good socks in the garbage, puts leftover socks to good use after their matches have been lost in the laundry, and gives your kids something adorable to play with and snuggle! See how they’re made on Hands 4 Made.

9. Fabric Matyroshka doll


We’ve always loved the idea of Russian nesting dolls, but we’re not exactly expert whittlers and wood workers so we’ve never any of our own. Instead, we followed in Cut Out and Keep‘s footsteps and used our sewing skills to make a little scrap fabric rag doll that looks lie a Russian nesting doll! We think her little embroidered features are absolutely darling and we love the idea that you can make different looking dolls depending on what kinds of fabric scraps you have.

10. Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas


Are you a total popular culture junky with a love for anything that references your favourite movies? Then it only makes sense that you would love crafting tutorials that help you actually make classic movie characters of your own! We’re huge fans of this rag doll design to look like Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas and we’re thankful to Instructables for laying out how she’s made in such simple steps.

11. Mini Babushka plushie


Do you love the idea of making a Russian nesting doll but you have far less fabric scraps than the previous design calls for so you need to make something small? Then check out this cute little felt Babushka plushie instead! Cut Out and Keep shows you how to sew and stuff fabric to make the doll and also how to embroider the front with beads for a bit of extra pretty detail.

12. Fabric Princess Jellyfish doll


Were you very into the idea of making an animal rag doll rather than a little person but your kids already have plenty of bunny dolls and might prefer something else instead? In that case, try making them a cute little spotted octopus instead! The picture from this tutorial on Instructables shows one that’s well colour coordinated, but if you’re working with fabric scraps in the classic style of an actual rag doll, then yours might be a little more eclectic looking!

13. Swaddled baby rag dolls


Have your kids reached the age where they’re in love with baby dolls and the idea of caring for little children who are younger than them? Then they’ll absolutely adore a swaddled little baby rag doll that they can rock to sleep themselves. The swaddling blanket is also a great opportunity for you to use up a decently sized scrap of fabric from your stash. Get the details for making your own on Becca Marie Designs!

14. Pregnant mama doll


Are you expecting a new little bundle of joy and looking for nice ways to tell your child that they’re going to have a new sibling, as well as kid-friendly ways to introduce them to the idea that there’s a baby in your belly? Then try making and giving them this adorable pregnant mama rag doll to play with! Besides being a fun toy because of the cute baby under her dress and a great fabric stash buster for you, this one will also work like a teaching tool for you. Get the whole pattern on Sew Sisters!