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15 Different Delicious Ways to Make Icing and Frosting

When it comes to getting creative in the kitchen, we’ll be fully honest that sweet things are often what get our full attention the easiest. We have some standard homemade icing recipes that we use often and that we find delicious, but we couldn’t help wondering what other kinds of delicious and impressive frosting ideas we were missing out on, so we immediately set to looking some new and unique ones up so we can challenge ourselves during our next few baking sprees.

Just in case you’re as interested as we were in the idea of learning how to make all different kinds of icing and frosting, if not more, here are 15 of the most delicious and unique flavors that we’ve come across in our search so far!

1. Two-toned frosting


Rather than changing the way that your regular favourite frosting tastes, are you actually more interested in getting a little bit fancy and decorative when it come to the colours that you can create when you decorate your cakes and cupcakes? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at this fantastically clear and straight forward tutorial from Sally’s Baking Addiction that teaches you step by step how to create lovely two-toned frosting so you can ice ombre style swirls onto your cakes.

2. Bright rainbow frosting


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about learning how to work with colours when it comes to frosting, rather than just changing textures or flavours, but you’re feeling pretty experienced in the baking world and you’re convinced that you can handle working with more than just two shades? In that case, we think you’ll get along very well indeed with this amazing rainbow icing tutorial featured on Cook Craft Love!

3. Delicious whipped cream frosting


Have you always had a little bit of trouble choosing whether to top certain kinds of cakes and cupcakes with frosting or whipped cream, since both taste so great? Well, what if we told you that you don’t actually have to choose? That’s right; Two Sisters Crafting found a way to combine whipping cream and frosting to get an icing so delicious and unique that we’re not sure you’ll ever find a more perfect blend of textures between the two.

4. Cotton candy frosting


If you’re going to put the work and effort into making a special kind of frosting that has a more unique taste than what you’d usually make, would you prefer to create something you really know your kids will go wild for? Well, ours have been totally into combination recipes lately, adoring baked goods that taste like other treats they really love, so we’re sure it’ll come as no surprise when we tell you that this cake frosting from Best Friends For Frosting that tastes just like cotton candy was very popular indeed in our house when we made it!

5. Brown sugar buttercream frosting


Perhaps you’d much rather create a kind of icing or frosting that, despite being unique compared to the plain chocolate or vanilla you usually make, is still quite classic in the grand scheme of flavours? In that case, we might suggest going the more traditional or classic route and trying your hand at this irresistibly sweet brown sugar buttercream frosting outlined step by step on Two Sisters Crafting.

6. Fudgey peppermint frosting


This particular cupcake in the photo might look like a dreamy Christmas snack but, if we’re being honest with you, this frosting is so darn good that we actually make it all year round, just without the crumbled candy cane pieces on top. There’s just something about the fudgey chocolate peppermint flavour (which A Treats Affair is here to guide you through making) that’s simply too good to be kept for only one season!

7. Swiss meringue buttercream


Have you been feeling rather intrigued indeed by these slightly more whipped or creaming frosting and icing recipes because, even more than flavour or colour, texture has really always been the thing you love experiencing most when you treat yourself or try something new? In that case, we think you’ll be very pleased indeed to learn about how this utterly delectable Swiss meringue buttercream was made thanks to Natasha’s Kitchen.

8. Rosewater buttercream


Are you quite interested indeed in the idea of adding a little bit of flavour to the frosting you use with your next cake but your taste in flavours has actually always been quite subtle, so you’re looking for something light? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Hungry Bites made this wonderfully floral rosewater buttercream that’s perfect in texture and by no means overwhelming in taste.

9. Galaxy frosting


If you’re going to start practicing the steps it takes to make multi-coloured icing, would you rather go all out and create something so eye catching that people will think you make cakes or cupcakes professionally? Well, if you’ve followed the way galaxy themes have been trending in just about every creative aspect of life lately, then we have a feeling that you’ll get a huge kick out of the way Taste Made teaches you to make a frosting that’s swirled with pink, purple, and blue and decorated with silver and star shaped sprinkles, then dusted with beautiful edible glitter.

10. Orange frosting


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find a fruit flavoured frosting because that’s the kind that has always appealed to you the most? In that case, we think you’ll get along quite well indeed with the way Growing Up Gabel made this fantastically fresh tasting orange frosting in a surprisingly easy way! We know this post is primarily about the icing on the cupcakes, but we won’t pretend this lavender cupcake recipe isn’t completely delicious with that orange frosting as well.

11. Zesty lemon frosting


Did we really pique your interest when we started talking about citrus based fruit icings but you’ve already tried making orange before and you’re prefer to try your hand at something new? Well, if you’ve ever been a fan of lemon baked goods, we have a feeling that you’ll be very pleased indeed to see that The Recipe Critic has a wonderfully zesty lemon tasting frosting to go right along with them!

12. Marshmallow frosting


Have you been mostly intrigued so far in the idea of making frostings and icings that have a slightly different texture than you’re used to, but you also wouldn’t mind put at least a light and mild twist on the flavour as well, even though you’re not sure any of the strong flavours we’ve shown you so far have quite appealed to you yet? In that case, we have a feeling this marshmallow frosting will be right up your alley! Get the full details for making it happen on The Gracious Wife.

13. White chocolate buttercream


Now, just because you’ve taken a look at a cupcake or a slice of sponge cake that’s smothered in wonderfully smooth and pure white icing doesn’t always mean that it’s just the plain vanilla icing you’ve been used to making and eating for so many years! This delectable looking bowl, for example, is actually filled with irresistible white chocolate buttercream, as outlined by Food & Wine, and we’re pleased to report that it tastes just as luxurious as it looks.

14. Coconut buttercream frosting


Just in case you’re feeling intrigued by the concept of these flavoured icing that are disguised as regular vanilla icing unless you know otherwise, here’s a delicious and slightly tropical idea that’s so good we have it printed and stuck with a magnet to our fridge! Check out how Baked By an Introvert made this wonderfully smooth coconut buttercream frosting that we promise will taste fantastic on just about anything.

15. Cherry cream cheese frosting


Now, cream cheese frosting is actually quite popular, so we’ve no doubt that you’ve probably at least heard of it before, even if you haven’t actually tried making it yourself from scratch. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to add a little something extra to a recipe even if you know it tastes good already! That’s what My Cake School did here with their cream cheese icing, which is so wonderfully cherry flavoured that we had a hard time resisting the urge to just eat it with a spoon before we’d even iced our cupcakes.