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Gorgeous Knitting Patterns for Beautiful Fall Cardigans

The cold weather isn’t quite here yet, but we know it’s coming! It’s never too early to start preparing for colder temperatures, especially if you’re a knitter, but that doesn’t mean you have to jump straight into your hat and mittens! Cardigans are the perfect transition clothing between tank tops and turtlenecks.

Check out these gorgeous light cardigan patterns that take all different levels of knitting experience to make! No matter how skilled or novice you are, there’s something on this list for you.

1. Honeybee cropped cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYHoneybee cropped cardigan

Sometimes it’s nice to have your arms and shoulders covered, but it’s just not hot enough yet for a full on sweater. That’s where cropped or “shrug” cardigans save the day! We love this lace weight pattern full or gorgeous intertwined detail from Laura Chau.

2. Devon cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYDevon cardigan

Is wearing a baggy, purposely over-sized sweater your favourite part of fall weather? Then we think you’ll fall in love with this design pretty quickly. As long as you have the knitting experienced for properly gauging your stitches, your finished product will be all kinds of comfy and cozy. Karin Kemper walks you through it.

3. Rimrock cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYRimrock cardigan

Not every cardigan has to feature buttons, or even close for that matter! We love this rounded design that purposely hangs open, letting you wear a fun contrasting colour underneath. We also love that the rounded edge hangs low at the back and creates a bit of a cozy collar near the top. See how it’s done on Imperial Yarn.

4. Bella Vita cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYBella Vita cardigan

Do you like how the precious design is longer at the back, but you’d still like some coverage and closure at the front? Check out this angled design from Minimi Knit Design! The difference in length and the cropped sleeves make it unique, but also comfortable to wear.

5. Big Cable cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYBig Cable cardigan

When Lete’s Knits says “big cables”, they’re really not kidding! This cardigan is a long, simple design in its construction, which is great because it makes for a comfy, classic fit. Possibly its best feature, however, is the massive cabling pattern all the way down the back. Talk about a standout detail!

6. Picea cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYPicea cardigan

Are you new to knitting cardigans and looking for something where the colour variation is the star of the show, rather than some type of intricate stitching pattern? Check out this design from Andrea Rangel Knits! It’s gorgeous in its simplicity and, depending on the colours you choose, it’ll suit pretty much any outfit.

7. Suit cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYSuit cardigan

Do you love the classic, boxy fit of a more vintage style cardigan, like the kind you might see in a 1980s TV show? Then you’ll love the finished product if you knit up the Suit pattern by Versaci Knits! The details around the edges are simple but effective.

8. Moon Shadows cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYMoon Shadows cardigan

Here’s another open cardigan that we just can’t take our eyes off of! The simple ribbing on the inner edge adds just enough detail to contrast perfectly with the stripes and the detailing at the shoulder seams. Check it out on Jodi Snyder.

9. Northern Lights cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYNorthern Lights cardigan

Are you up for much more of a challenge when it comes to colour changing and knitted patterns beyond just stitch variations? This Fair Isle pattern is beyond gorgeous if you’re a knitter with lots of experience! We love that the arms are long enough to keep your hands warm on chilly mornings. Get the pattern from Knitted Bliss.

10. Deep Woods textured cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYDeep Woods textured cardigan

When you think of the perfect fall cardigan, do you picture something bulky and textured with huge visible stitches? We do too, so imagine how pleased we were when we found this wrapped and belted design from Gina Michele!

11. Aidez fitted cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYAidez fitted cardigan pattern

Do you love wearing cardigans but you’re not always into the baggy, over-sized look? There are plenty of patterns out there for you too! One of our very favourite fitted cardigan patterns is this one by Berroco. It’s all one simple, muted colour, but the beauty is in the details!

12. Vivienne cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYVivienne cardigan

It’s simple. It’s textured. It’s big and cozy. It’s practically the perfect cardigan for your lazy down time in the fall! We love that the pattern skips making a shoulder seam all together, including it much further down so it hangs Wool and The Gang.

Do you have another favourite cardigan pattern that you don’t see on our list but that you’d highly recommend? Tell us all about it in the comments or link us to see it ourselves!