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15 DIY Accessories That Look Great With Short Hair

Being the crafty people we are, we’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you at all that we usually prefer to make our hair accessories no matter the length of our hair rather than buying them in stores. We know you can find some really pretty stuff in the store for short hair, but there’s just something so satisfying about making the pieces ourselves! After all, half the appeal of DIY things is that you can customize them to fit precisely what you want.

Just in case you feel like you could use a little but of guidance in making cute accessories for your own short hair (or that of someone you love), here are 15 ideas that we’ve come across over the years to give you a hand or get you started!

1. Gold leaf and netting fascinator


Have you always been a fan of more vintage style fascinators because you love their classic charm and you’re also very into the way making your own accessories lets you recreate the style toy our satisfaction? Then we’re sure we probably don’t have to tell you how fantastic those recreated fascinators look in short hair! We love the way Z’s Beauty Ideas created one specifically design to clip into shorter styles using white netting and beautiful gold leafing.

2. Pretty silver hairband fascinator


Did we really get your attention when we started talking about pretty vintage style mesh fascinators but your hair is actually so fine that you find even the best quality clip-ins don’t stay very well? We actually have that problem too, cause us to grow tired of having to re-fasten it each time it slips out over the course of the night. That’s why we were so pleased to find this steadier hairband version of the same basic design on Love My Dress!

3. Fabric flower hairband


Were you very interested indeed in the idea of making a cute embellished hairband but you’re worried that the mesh part of the vintage fascinator design will simply bother you as you go about your evening? Then perhaps some lovely silk flowers will serve you a little better! Everly True guides you step by step through the process of attaching them well without making the design so heavy that it slips off the back of your head.

4. Pretty crocheted hairband


Have your best (or perhaps just your favourite) DIY skills always actually lied in the world of yarn crafting because you’ve been an avid crochet enthusiast since you were a little kid? Then we have a feeling this alternative flower design that features blossoms crocheted from brightly coloured yarns might be a little more up your alley! Get the full stitching pattern, as well as instructions for fastening them properly to your headband without damaging the yarn, on Sashe.

5. Sequinned applique leaf headband


Are large, textured flowers perhaps a little too much for the look you’re aiming for, even if they’re fake and made from light silk rather than being real… but you’re still aiming for a floral element in the accessories you make yourself? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Untamed Petals made a floral hairband using beaded and sequinned appliques for a lighter, flatter look instead! We love the glamorous aesthetic of the finished product.

6. 1970s inspired scarf hairband


Rather than just making yourself a short haired accessory designed to add a little bit of a design element to your look, would you rather make yourself one that also holds your hair back out of your way on days that you don’t have time to fully style it on its own? In that case, we think you might actually prefer something like this 1970s inspired hair scarf outlined step by step on Serendipitous Romance.

7. DIY tie bow baby headbands


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about wrap style hair scarves but you’re not actually the one you had in mind when you were thinking about them, since you have a baby girl whose hair is currently growing out and looking a little bit wild in the process? Then we think perhaps you’d get a lot of use out of one of these fantastic head wrap baby bows outlined step by step on Chandra Shumway.

8. DIY no-sew wire headband


Did we almost catch and hold your attention when we started talking about scarf wrap style hairbands like the ones we’ve just showed you but you’re just not sure that they’re quite the design for you because you’ve always had trouble making them stay on your head without sliding on your fine hair or coming untied? Then maybe you’d have better luck with a DIY wire headband that you can twist a little more tightly, just like this one you’ll find full instructions for on Sarah Hearts.

9. Beaded gauze headband


If you’re going to make a headband or hair wrap from a scarf and really have it stay on, would you rather make one with an elastic because you find those hurt your head a little less? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Melly Sews created this beaded gauze headband that bunches between the pretty gems all the way around your head. The elastic hides at the back without interrupting the style.

10. Double layer miniature chunky bow clips


Are you actually still thinking about how much you loved the idea of making little accessories for your daughter’s short hair but you can’t picture her being willing to wear a big bow that wraps all the way around her head because she’s such an active little girl who is always on the move? Then maybe you’d have better luck making her a smaller accessory that you can just clip right in and that she’ll barely feel! These fantastic, brightly coloured layered bows outlined on Sweet Red Poppy are the perfect example of what we mean.

11. DIY hairband from a broken necklace


If you’re to go to the trouble of making yourself an accessory from scratch and putting in that time and effort, would you rather make it into an opportunity for upcycling as well? Well, if you happen to have a broken necklace or two lying around, them you’ve already got almost everything you need to make this fantastic decorative hairband project featured on Creme de la Craft! They show you how to fasten the ends of you necklace to a hair elastic to give it some stretch for when you put it on.

12. Braided t-shirt headband


Are you actually really into these little stretchy hairband designs you’re seeing all throughout our list but you just haven’t seen one yet that’s quite the project for you because you can’t decide whether you want to prioritize making it an upcycling project or making it completely from scratch? Well, thanks to this tutorial from Jak and Jill, you can actually do both quite easily! Check out their tutorial to see how they handmade the braid out of strips from an old t-shirt and turned that braid into an elastic fastened hairband.

13. Quirky quote bobby pins


Is your hair actually very short indeed and you’re really just looking for a way to add a little pizzaz toy our look every once in a while? Then perhaps these super quick and very easy embellished bobby pins would be the best idea for you! We love the way Fall for DIY used plastic crafting letters, glue, and paint to make all kinds of little clips with fun singular word sayings.

14. Stylish rhinestone bobby pins


Are you actually very interested in the idea of making simple embellished bobby pins but you think you might prefer to use them as an opportunity to make a whole matching set that you can use in any combination? Well, if you’re the kind of person who loves adding a little bit of sparkle and colour to your look every once in a while, then we have a feeling you’re really going to enjoy this ombre gemstone bobby pin set outlined on The DIY Dreamer. We think this idea would look cute no matter what colour scheme you decide to use.

15. Sparkly star bobby pins


Just in case you’re still totally in love with the idea of bobby pin clips but you’re looking to collect as many ideas as possible because you just can’t get enough of the concept, here’s another adorable design for you to try! The Beauty Department suggests adding some sparkle to your hair by embellishing your pins with these adorable glittery stars that will catch peoples’ eyes from a mile away.