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10 DIY Baskets for the Perfect Sunday Picnic 

Sunday is usually family day – it’s when all members of the family, however busy during the week, ideally come together to spend some much-needed quality time with each other. A picnic is a great bonding adventure for everyone! It involves good food, fresh air and maybe even some outdoor games! Every picnic requires a big picnic blanket and a picnic basket full of delicious snacks! You can actually make one yourself and draw inspiration from this selection of 10 DIY picnic baskets! 

1. Simple Picnic Basket 


You love to keep it simple and traditional – a simplistic picnic basket with the space for only the essentials, because the goal of a picnic isn’t to have a gourmet meal but to have fun while snacking on some sandwiches or a fruit salad! Find out how you can make this adorable picnic basket at Lovely Indeed!

2. Ikea Picnic Basket 


Ikea has become a beloved place to shop for those of us who love DIY projects, because a lot of their items can be transformed into so many various things! Visit Curbly to learn about the Ikea hack that is going to result in a new and beautiful picnic basket!

3. Old-Fashioned Picnic Basket 


You can’t get the old-fashioned picnic baskets out of your head, can you? The ones featured in childhood stories and cartoons! They had a very special design and even though our world call itself modern, you insist on having a proper old-fashioned picnic experience. May Arts is here to help!

4. Easter Picnic Basket 


Have you ever wondered what you can do with all of those baskets that are left over from Easter? Instead of piling them up in a cupboard and then forgetting all about them, repurpose them as small picnic baskets! Over the Apple Tree will show you how!

5. Lined Vintage Picnic Basket 


Vintage picnic baskets hold a special charm that cannot be denied, but they can be a little rough around the edges. If you feel weird about putting your food directly into the basket, The Polka Dot Closet is going to show you how you can safely line a vintage picnic basket!

6. Whitewashed Picnic Basket 


Speaking of vintage baskets, do you have an old basket at home that has the potential to one day come along on a picnic with you? If you whitewash it properly, you can actually give it a strong and memorable vintage look. Take a peek at how Shabby Love Blog did it!

7. Crochet Picnic Basket 


This particular picnic basket may not be able to hold your food and drinks, but the youngest members of the family will rejoice at having their very own picnic basket that can definitely get away with carrying some minor snacks! Find the crochet pattern at Joyful Life Makes!

8. Paper Picnic Basket 


We recognize that most of these ideas ask that you already have a basket, one that you then upgrade to meet your picnic requirements. But what if you don’t have a basket to work with? Don’t worry, Oh Happy Day can teach you how to make a picnic basket from paper!

9. Stenciled Picnic Basket 


Do you want to give your picnic basket a special and personalized decoration, one that will totally set it apart from the rest and make it undoubtedly yours? Bring out your very best and most creative stencil, because Heaven’s Walk has a great tutorial for you!

10. Modern Picnic Basket 


While picnics may be considered as something traditional, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t bring a more modern and trendy touch to it. Start with the picnic basket! The basket we found at Oh Joy has a beautiful minimalistic design with chic monochrome colors!