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15 Creative DIY Engagement or Wedding Gift Ideas

Buying your friends the perfect wedding or engagement gift can be a nerve wracking thing. You want to pick them something they’ll like, but also something they’ll be able to use. While you’re choosing, you’ll also have to consider price because engagement and wedding gifts can also be expensive. Sometimes making the gifts yourself is the best option to save money. It also gives them something with a personal touch that they’ll know you put your best effort into.

Check out these 15 ideas for creative and personalized wedding and engagement gifts your friends will love!

1. Etched champagne glasses

VIEW IN GALLERYetched-champagne-glasses

Brit + Co. guides you through the process of doing your own custom glass etching on all kinds of glasses. The best option for a wedding or engagement gift, of course, is a set of celebratory champagne glasses! Try creating a trendy geometric pattern like the one in the picture or grab a stencil and monogram them.

2. Gold leaf and leather valet

VIEW IN GALLERYgold-leaf-and-leather-valet

Brit + Co. is here to save the day with another winning suggestion! Everyone needs a little basket or tray to put their things in near the front door, but that’s not always something people think to buy themselves. If they do, it’s usually something cheap and easy that they picked up rather than something that contributes to their decor. Help your friends out with this gorgeous handmade leather and gold leaf valet so their sunglasses and keys can stay put in style.

3. Tripod camping stool

VIEW IN GALLERYtripod-camping-stool

Is the couple you’re getting crafty for more of an outdoorsy pair than anything else? Do you feel as though something like champange glasses or a leather valet might go to waste while they’re busy outside hiking? Making them something they’ll actually use instead! We adore this simple tripod camping stool design, and we think you’ll be surprised at how easy it really is t make. Get the instructions on Design Sponge!

4. Gold dipped glassware

VIEW IN GALLERYgold-dipped-glassware

Did you like the idea of giving your friends celebratory champagne glasses but you’re not a huge fan of doing glass etching? That’s okay! There are plenty of other ways to customize a plain set. Personally, we’re really into this every so slightly shimmered gold dip design by Honestly WTF.

5. Homemade beeswax candles

VIEW IN GALLERYhomemade-beeswax-candles

Perhaps the happy couple are the kind of people that adore very clearly handmade things and like to keep their housewares as natural and green as possible? In that case, they might not have a use for some of the fancier looking things on this list. They probably will, however, be into the idea of receiving these handmade beeswax candles that you so carefully rolled for them after you saw them on Oh Happy Day!

6. Paint dipped brass candlesticks

VIEW IN GALLERYpaint-dipped-brass-candlesticks

Inspired by Charm is here to remind you that reclaimed and upcycled things are another awesome way to create a handmade gift that shows how much you care! If you know the couple’s favourite colours or perhaps the decor scheme in their home, paint dipping a set of vintage brass candlesticks is a great way to give them something they probably won’t get elsewhere. No matter which colours you choose, this design blends classic and modern perfectly.

7. Embroidered napkins

VIEW IN GALLERYembroidered-napkins

Have you been practicing your hand sewing skills and looking for an excuse to try some very simple embroidery? Well, a wedding or engagement present is a great opportunity to give it a shot! We adore these textured napkins featuring adorable little embroidered hearts from Design Sponge.

8. DIY copper pour-over coffee maker

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-copper-pour-over-coffee-maker

Are you more of a hands person who likes to tinker with how things work? Does the happy couple love a good, dark cup of coffee in the morning? Then this DIY gift idea from Brit + Co. was made for you guys. The pour-over style of this coffee maker is very industrial chic in its look but green in its function, since you don’t even have to plug it in!

9. Metallic print glassware

VIEW IN GALLERYmetallic-print-glassware

Are you still not over the idea of giving your couple glasses, but the ones we’ve shown you so far just didn’t quite hit the spot for what you feel like making? Well, we think alternatives are always good, so here’s another! Sarah Hearts guides you through the process of metallic printing the glassware instead.

10. Hand painted dishes

VIEW IN GALLERYhand-painted-dishes

Even if you’re not that confident in your painting skills, hand painted mugs, saucers, and coffee or tea sets are always a gorgeous and thoughtful gift. The designs don’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to be an expert painter to make something classic that they’ll love using for years to come. In fact, we kind of thing it’s better if you’re not meticulous and perfect in your designs. Look how much great character these pieces on Delia Creates have!

11. Photo candles

VIEW IN GALLERYphoto-candles

Are you the kind of sentimental person who would cover just about every decorative piece in your home with your favourite pictures if you could? Well, handmade gifts are a great opportunity to share that nostalgia with your friends too! Check out these awesome (and surprisingly simple to make) DIY photo candles by A Beautiful Mess!

12. Personalized coffee stencils

VIEW IN GALLERYpersonalized-coffee-stencils

Remember when we asked you earlier whether the couple you’re gifting to were coffee fanatics? Well, if the answer was yes but you’re not quite up to the challenge of making them an entire DIY coffee system, consider sticking with the coffee theme but simplifying things a little. We love the idea of creating latte art stencils like these ones from Dust designer. They’re the perfect way to get an image on the top without having to learn how to control foam. Cocoa powder and the stencil are all they’ll need!

13. Herbed sugars

VIEW IN GALLERYherbed-sugars

Are you and your friends all about locally made good and healthy, organic sweets that give you flavour without being mass produced? Then these unique, homemade flavoured sugars will probably be right up their alley! Check out how Delia Creates flavoured these sugars using different types of aromatic herbs.

14. Light bulb vases

VIEW IN GALLERYlight-bulb-vases

Does the happy couples’ home have a sort of reclaimed industrial chic-ness about it that you can’t get enough of? Help them build their aesthetic by adding to the decor with your DIY skills! These reclaimed light bulb flower vases by The Merry Thought are an awesome way to put supplies made of glass and metal to good use that’s actually visually appealing.

15. Ombre teacup candles

VIEW IN GALLERYombre-teacup-candles

Do you know that the happy couple have a penchant for all things vintage? Did you see a lovely old set of teacups and sauces at your local thrift store or flea market that you think they’d just adore? You could get them the set as is and it would make a lovely gift, but turning one or two of the cups into adorable votive candles is an even more touching idea. It also puts the cups that are cracked to good use! Check out how they’re made on Miss Renaissance.