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Awesome DIY Tapestry Wall Hangers

When it comes to decorating your walls and filling blank spaces with art, there are innumerable ways to build yourself a décor scheme that you’ll love for years to come. You can practice just about any of the DIY skills you’ve learned over the years, making wall décor quite a diverse project indeed! One of our very favourite things to make ourselves when it comes to wall art, however, is a tapestry. There are so many different styles of tapestry that all mimic the traditional wall hanging in unique and creative ways that sometimes we actually have to practice a little bit of self control and hold off on making new ones until the ones we have have been hanging long enough to warrant being switched out.

Check out these 15 fantastic DIY tapestry making tutorials that will help you create all kinds of different wall hangings using just about every crafting technique you’ve learned to make sure your walls are as decorative and unique as possible!

1. Woven wall hanger with pom poms


If you’re a yarn crafting enthusiast but you’ve never tried yarn weaving before, then you’re missing out! In many places, traditional tapestries left over from historical time periods were made in techniques very similar to this, so you’re getting a rather authentic tapestry making experience when you weave the pattern in this tutorial! Get the full instructions on Playful Learning.

2. DIY Batik-dyed wall hanger


Batik dying is a special crafting technique that, while slightly high maintenance, enables to you make absolutely stunning pieces that are totally unique. Kelli Murray shows you how to make a beautiful fabruc wall hanging using the wax and dip dying steps in their tutorial, letting you create pretty patterns to hang from a string, ribbon, or leather thong on the wall when you’re all done.

3. DIY macramé wall hanging


If you’ve ever done macramé or even friendship bracelet weaving then you already know how much fun, and also how pretty looking, those things can be. They’re surprisingly decorative and lovely for something that we all learned years ago in our summer camp days! A Pair and A Spare agrees, so they’ve built this tutorial to show you how to use your macramé skills to make yourself a stunning knotted wall hanging.

4. DIY yarn banners


Is your idea of awesome décor something that’s simple to do, colour blocked, and a bit minimalist? Then we have a feeling you might like these bright loose yarn hangings from Creative Bug! They show you how to cut and hang the strips of yarn in whatever colour and length combination you please.

5. Paint printed geometric wall hanging


Are you preparing to start filming your own online makeup tutorials or YouTube series and you’re looking for some kind of decorative wall covering that will jazz up the scene behind you a little bit? Perhaps you just live in a rental unit where you’re not allowed to paint or wall paper but you’d still rather have decorative walls than plain ones? Then check out how Design Sponge created this stunning geometric wall hanging using paint stamping techniques!

6. Hoop and yarn hanger


Are you very into the idea of making yourself a wall hanging that has some shape and visual appeal but geometric patterns with sharp edges don’t really suit the rest of your current décor scheme? Then try working with circular shapes instead! Free People incorporated rounded themes into their wall tapestry by using embroidery hoops, wrapping some of them in yarn for varying colour. You could use any shade of yarn you please and hoops in all different sizes!

7. Hanging quote banners


Are you the kind of positive thinker who loves having motivating quotes hanging around your apartment for just a little bit of daily affirmation? Then quote themed wall tapestries are the perfect thing for you to make! Choose your wording and follow the steps laid out on The Wonder Forest to create an adorable banner in whatever colour material you choose.

8. Stripped fabric branch hanging


Have you built yourself a bit of a rustic chic decorative scheme that you’d like to stick with for the most part, but you’d also like to add just a little bit of colour and pattern? Then check out this adorable tapestry made from stripped fabric and a simple, lovely tree branch! Skills + Frills guides you through the product, which is a pretty, easy way to use up scraps from your fabric stash.

9. Hand printed rug turned tapestry


Technically this tutorial from Poppytalk actually teaches you how to create a hand printed fabric rug but when we saw this picture of the artist holding the finished product up this way, we couldn’t help but think what a stunning wall tapestry this technique would make! Whether you use a rug like this one or another type of fabric, you’ll be able to create something great.

10. Leather and feather wall hanger


Perhaps you loved the idea of making a tapestry wall hanging that’s a little more rustic and natural looking but the fabric and tree branch design didn’t quite appeal to you? Then try this leather and feather idea instead! PB Teen shows you how to attach the feathers you’ve chosen all along a wooden dowel that contrasts perfectly with the leather strings and the feathers to really drive the aesthetic home.

11. Copper and rope wall hanger


Do you love the idea of making a tapestry that has some textured hanging element but you’d prefer something with at least a little bit of a metallic finish because your style is just a little more modern than what you’ve seen so far, without being completely contemporary? Then take a look at how Sarah Sherman Samuel made this one from pieces of rope and copper rings.

12. DIY no-weave tapestry


Did you absolutely love the look of the first woven tapestry we showed you on our list but you’re not so sure you have the patience or time to completely weave a pattern like that yourself? Then check out this faux, no weave tapestry design by Made in A Day instead! You’ll get the same woven effect but without having to tie your fingers in knots trying to make it happen.

13. Colour blocked scrap yarn wall hanging


Perhaps you’re torn between the woven design and the colour blocked yarn design and you’re having trouble deciding? Well, who says you have to do just one or the other? Check out how A Beautiful Mess created a tapestry wall hanging that involves both woven material and coloured yarn so you can play with the way it looks to suit your own tastes!

14. Wax dip dyed wall hanging


Are you looking for something that looks a little more intentionally worn and weather in its aesthetic but still has a pretty, uplifting air about it? Then we think this wax dyed fabric hanging might be the design for you! The DIY process for this one might be considered a little bit messy, but with the help of Going Home to Roost, you’ll get through it just fine and love what you’ve created in the end!

15. Looped yarn tapestry


Are you still intrigued by the designs we’ve shown you so far that use yarn but you’re not sure you just want to leave your strings hanging down the way you’ve seen? Then try this looping technique that A Ruffled Life uses instead! They’ve affixed both ends of the yarn in different lengths along a dowel to create what looks like an upside down rainbow.

Have you found other awesome DIY wall hangers to cover parts of your walls that you don’t see on our list, but that you really enjoyed making? Tell us all about how you created them in the comments section!