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Frugal and Nifty DIY Paper Backdrops

Whether you are a blogger, a photography enthusiast or just planning an event that will call for some epic photographs, you need to set up a backdrop (or three)! It serves as a beautiful and completely unique background to your photographs, giving them a theme and quality. There are countless ideas for backdrops, so today we’re only focusing on those made out of paper. Take a look at these DIY paper backdrops and get ready to fall in love!

Ombre Paper Backdrop

VIEW IN GALLERYOmbre Paper Backdrop

Ombre never goes out of style – it’s always there to spice things up and now it can do just that with your photographs! Change up the regular white-wall-background with this stunning ombre paper backdrop and be amazed at how gorgeous the photos turn out! Want more details? Check out Boots & Cats!

Geometric Paper Backdrop

VIEW IN GALLERYGeometric Paper Backdrop

What better way to bring some dynamic into your pictures other than using a geometric backdrop? Bloggers will go crazy over this one – finally a backdrop that will naturally make your photos stand out from countless marble-backdrop stock photographs! Trying new things always pays off and so does visiting Green Wedding Shoes!

Paper Punch Backdrop

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper Punch Backdrop

We love crafts that are simple but give us amazing results! This paper punch backdrop by Ruffled is just the one! Arm yourself with a circle puncher and have fun setting this up! It will be a nice addition to your picture, plus you can always upgrade and change it as the time passes and you get fresh ideas!

Wax Paper Backdrop

VIEW IN GALLERYWax Paper Backdrop

When taking pictures at the most personal and special occasions, like weddings and baby showers, we’re always aware that those pictures will forever be in our family albums. That’s why it’s so important to pick a backdrop that won’t disappoint! Style Me Pretty has the perfect one! It’s dreamy, calming and elegant beyond compare!

Paper Flower Backdrop

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper Flower Backdrop

Bring in the big florals! Flamboyant and flashy, this backdrop will serve anyone who wants diva-like photographs. All shades of pink welcome! If you just don’t get minimalism, Mama’s Gone Crafty has got you covered. Go big or go home, right?

Fringe Backdrop

VIEW IN GALLERYFringe Backdrop

With this backdrop you are in for some fun photographs! Call your group of friends and set up a photoshoot day to let your inner crazy run wild and take a ton of hilarious pictures in the process! Remember, these fringe and funky memories will last you a lifetime! See how it’s done at Oh Happy Day!

Diamond Backdrop

VIEW IN GALLERYDiamond Backdrop

Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but this project by Evermore Paper Co shows they might be an amazing companion to photographs as well! Sure, you’ll be dealing with paper diamonds, but they will prove to be just as charming! Make this diamond paper backdrop and watch how your photographs go from random to ravishing!

Paper Flower Wall

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper Flower Wall

If you are following pop culture at all, you have probably noticed how much celebrities love flower walls. Visit Paperblog to see how you can make your very own flower wall, with lots of paper and patience! The result? Being able to take celebrity-like pictures!

Gold Paper Backdrop

VIEW IN GALLERYGold Paper Backdrop

Another great backdrop by Ruffled, this one capturing the gold theme! It will truly bring the best features forward of any person or item you’ll choose to photograph. Something about the gold that makes everything better, you know? Besides, who could give up having a gold backdrop at hand?!

Tissue Paper Backdrop

VIEW IN GALLERYTissue Paper Backdrop

There’s so much you can make out of tissue paper and we’re delighted to tell you that a backdrop is on the list as well! Go crazy with the color combinations and don’t be afraid to keep things spontaneous. Crafting is the best when we simply let it be – but if  you get stuck, Lovely Indeed has some great guidance!

Triangle Backdrop

VIEW IN GALLERYTriangle Backdrop

The more triangles the better! It’s almost impossible to go overboard with them. Just think of how many different ways you can style them and how each photo series can be a little different than the other – the possibilities are endless! This triangle backdrop by A Ruffled Life is a sure win!

Ready to take some breathtaking photographs now?!