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Say Goodbye to 2017 with DIY New Year’s Eve Decorations 

The week between Christmas and New Year is often very busy. We are all trying to swap our Christmas decorations with festive New Year’s Eve decor and hit the stores to buy the last items necessary before the celebration begins! If you have absolutely no idea how to decorate your house this year, here are some incredible DIY New Year’s Eve decorations!

1. “Happy New Year” Garland 


Garlands are a big hit at any party, but they are especially popular on New Year’s Eve. You don’t have to waste your time in the stores searching for a garland that’s going to hang in hundreds of other homes as well – get crafty and unique with Vicky Barone instead!

2. Intergalactic New Year Decor 


What’s going to be the theme of your New Year’s party? Oh Happy Day has some wonderful intergalactic decor ideas that you can steal for your own festivities, if you want to make them super magical and interstellar. Create your own silver planets and stars and enter the New Year in a galactic fashion!

3. Confetti Piñata 


The best parties, and also most remembered ones, are those where the guests get to smash a piñata and eat all of the candy that falls out! This year, surprise your guests by filling the New Year’s piñata with confetti and see if you can smash it right as the clock strikes midnight! You can find the tutorial at Oh Happy Day.

4. NYE Clock Balloons 


Counting down is one of the best parts of the New Year’s Eve! It’s the final seconds of the old year and we’re all eager to step into the new one surrounded by the ones we love most. Honor the magic of the countdown by decorating your home with these epic clock balloons by Balloon Time!

5. Paper Medallions Decor 


Are you looking for a simple but glamorous decoration idea that’s not going to look cheap but also won’t cost you a whole fortune? (Let’s face it, your wallet is still recovering from the Christmas shopping!). Make these glistening paper medallions by Lia Griffith!

6. Gold Fringe NYE Decor 


The New Year’s Eve is always marked with golden decorations. It’s the color that feels supreme to all the others, one that announces a celebration of abundance and is ideal for a New Year’s party! Check in with Ruffled to see a tutorial for a fabulous gold fringe NYE decor!

7. Wine Bottle NYE Centerpiece 


Everyone’s celebration of the New Year is different. Some go out to a wild party, some host a party at their home, some skip it altogether and some host a festive dinner. If you belong to the latter, you’re going to need a wonderful centerpiece for your dining table and we can’t think of a better one than Vicky Barone‘s gilded wine bottles!

8. Glam Champagne Glasses 


Everything about the New Year’s Eve needs to feel glamorous and festive, even the glasses that you’ll be sipping your champagne from! Instead of spending money on expensive fancy glasses, visit Something Turquoise and simply make them yourself!

9. Gold and Glitter Dipped Feathers 


Copenhaven brings you another way to make your New Year’s Eve golden and sparkly. These gold and glitter dipped feathers are going to make an incredibly unique decoration for the longest night of the year. Celebrate well into the morning hours with these charming feathers keeping the ambiance magical!

10. Shooting Star Pull Piñata 


We couldn’t resist another piñata! We love this one in particular because you don’t have to smash it – you only have to pull a string and bam, it opens up! This seems like a really good idea for a New Year’s Eve where people might get a bit tipsy. Find out all the details at Delia Creates!

11. Sequin Letter Garland 


Never underestimate the irresistible power of sequin decorations. A Beautiful Mess created a magical sequin letter garland that you can use as part of your New Year’s Eve decorations and charm everyone who comes to your home to celebrate with you!

12. Glitter Candle Holders 


Candles can create an incredibly romantic and enchanting ambiance. If you are lucky enough to have a handsome date for the New Year’s Eve, I Love to Create has the perfect idea for glitter candle holders that are going to glisten in the candlelight and contribute to the dreamy atmosphere!