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Timeless Pattern Back in Style: Polka Dot Themed Crafts

Sometimes when we’re crafting, it’s a particular technique that we fall in love with. Other times, however, it’s an aesthetic or visual effect that we get a little bit obsessed with and we find ourselves searching for as many ways as we can to recreate that look in all kinds of different ways, in order to make all kinds of awesomely themed things! That’s what happened recently when we decided that polka dots are our new favorite things.

Just in case you love polka dots and polka dotted themed things just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the best designs we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration!

1. Coneftti letters


Have you always been a huge fan of monograms and novelty letters? Then we think we might have actually found the perfect tutorial for you right off the bat! Take a look at how this lovely polka dotted monogram letter was created step by step on Homemade Ginger. You could also make a version that only features one colour of polka dot but we’re pretty in love with this multi-coloured version, if we’re being honest.

2. Polka dot party garland


Perhaps you’re actually just looking for some temporary decor in your quest to celebrate polka dots, rather than making a permanent or long standing piece of decor? Then perhaps you’d get along better with something like these adorable polka dotted paper party garlands featured step by step on Glorious Treats!

3. DIY polka dotted wrapping paper


Perhaps you adore polka dots so much that you can’t resist any opportunity to share that love with the people around you? Then we’re convinced you’ll get along very well indeed with something like this super simple polka dotted gift wrap featured by Stylecaster! They show you how to do it nice and quickly.

4. Polka dotted planter pot


Besides polka dots and crafting, are you also the kind of person who adores house plants? Then we think you just might appreciate the way found a way to marry all three of those things in one place! Take a closer look at this tutorial on The Happy Scraps to see how they painted a terra cotta pot nice and neatly to have negative space dots that let the natural colour show through.

5. DIY polka dot sneakers


Pots and planters aren’t the only things you can paint with nice, neat polka dots to get a neat dual coloured effect! What if you love the look of polka dots so much that you can’t help always wanting to wear them? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at the way Yesterday on Tuesday painted white circles on a pair of red canvas running shoes.

6. Polka dot chair makeover


Just in case you’re the kind of DIY lover who actually prefers to make unique statement pieces if you’re going to add a fun patterned element to one of your home’s rooms? Then maybe the eclectic visual texture of this fantastic painted upholstering chair project from Rain on A Tin Roof might be a little more up your alley!

7. Gold polka dot desk vase


If you ask us, one of the best ways to make study and work spaces a little more fun to spend time being productive in is to get creative with the small details so the spit has a little more personality than the average desk. That’s probably why we loved this pretty little polka dotted desk vase idea so much! See how you can make one to keep your pencils and other utensils in on Mod Podge Rocks.

8. Painted polka dot piggy bank


If you’re going to make something super fun that involves painting polka dots, would you rather make it something that’s a little more kid-friendly, whether that means they’re the ones using the finished product or actually helping you make it? Then maybe an adorable piggy bank where your kids can keep their allowance and spare change in would be a fun idea! Get more details about how this one was made on The Crafty Blog Stalker.

9. DIY polka dot plates


Are you actually such a big polka dot fan that you can’t help wondering whether you might be a little better to customize something you’d actually use every day? Then maybe you’ll get a kick out of the way these wonderful DIY plates would brighten up your breakfast each morning. A Kailo Chic Life shows you how to make it happen in a way that will last through countless meals and even your dishwasher.

10. Sponge painted polka dot wall


Did we actually catch your attention quite well when we started talking about slightly more permanent ways to make a polka dot themed statement piece but you can’t help thinking you might prefer to make something even more permanent than just a customized piece of furniture? Then we have a feeling you’ll get along quite well indeed with the way Oh Oh Deco used circular sponges to make this fantastic polka dotted accent wall!

11. Watercolour polka dot art


Are you actually already pretty specialized in painting techniques already and you’re simply looking to find a better way to create new shapes that you like with those skills? Well, if you’re watercolour painting enthusiast, then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Lines Across used cotton swabs to make even little polka dots across their page!

12. DIY polka dot napkins


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about polka dotted kitchen things but you’re just not sure the plates are the project for you? Perhaps you actually already made the plates and you’re looking for something to go with them to make a complete set! In either case, we definitely think you should take a look at the way Freutcake made these awesome customized cloth napkins that are, of course, covered in polka dots!

13. Polka dot tights


Are you actually still thinking about how you love polka dots so much that you feel like you could honestly wear them everyday, but you’re looking for a way that’s a little bit subtle so you can even wear them to work? Well, we often wear tights to work with a nice skirt or dress but it’s nice to add a bit of personality with some pattern, even if you can’t find the design you’d really like in stores. That’s why we were so pleased to find this DIY polka dot tights design outlined nice and clearly on This Heart of Mine!

14. DIY polka dot rug


Are you actually catching yourself scrolling through our list and still thinking about how you’d still really like to make yourself a piece of polka dotted home decor, but you simply haven’t seen the idea that quite grabs you just yet? Well,  here’s another alternative from A Beautiful Mess for your consideration! Their tutorial teaches you how to make an awesome floor carpet covered in jumbo polka dots.

15. DIY polka dot storage bin


Have you actually already pretty much decided that you’d like to do some polka dot painting of some kind but you’re just having trouble deciding what you want to paint the dots on? Well, we know you’ve seen quite a number of suggestions already, but here’s one more before you go! We love the way A Little Craft in Your Day painted a basket in all kinds of awesome bright colours to make a very cool storage bin.