Mouth-Watering Treats: 15 Delicious Recipes Made with Plums

Plums might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to make something that tastes sweet and fruity, but that doesn’t mean they’re not completely delicious if you give them a try! We’re huge plum lovers and we’re lucky that the rest of our family likes them too, so we keep our eyes peeled at all times for delicious and unique plum recipes to make at home.

Just in case you adore plums as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the best recipes, tutorials, and snack ideas involving plums that we’ve come across so far!

1. Homemade plum jam

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade plum jam Mouth Watering Treats: 15 Delicious Recipes Made with Plums

Making different kinds of homemade jam is the kind of thing we could do every day and never get tired of. We’d never tried making our own plum jam until recently and now that we have, we never want to be without it! Get the full instructions to make your own on Serious Eats.

2. Original plum torte

VIEW IN GALLERYOriginal plum torte Mouth Watering Treats: 15 Delicious Recipes Made with Plums

Have you only ever had savoury tortes before? Well, we’re here to open your mind and fill your tummy with something that’s somehow deliciously sweet and sour all at once! Check out how NY Times Cooking made this plum torte that’s got perfect texture.

3. Roasted plums with Greek yogurt


Would you rather enjoy your plums in their slightly more whole form rather than pureed or baked into something? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Epicurious made this delicious snack by serving roasted plums in creamy Greek yogurt!

4. Plum clafoutis


Do you have some small, tart plums that you can’t help but think would taste great in a sweet baked dish of some kind? Well, we’d definitely recommend this clafoutis from Salted Plains because it’s completely delicious and gluten free.

5. Plum cake


When you say that you’re a cake lover, do you really meant hat you love dense cakes the best, rather than fluffy sponge cakes? Then we’ve got just the thing to combine that with your love for plums too! Check out how Thanks for The Food make this tasty plum cake that has a slice in each… slice!

6. Honey and rose baked plums


Did we almost have your attention when we started talking about the roasted plums but you’re just not sure about it because you don’t really like yogurt? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Woman & Home made these oven baked honey and rose plums that taste great without anything added!

7. Plum almond cake


Just in case you love the idea of making a plum flavoured cake but you’d like a slightly more spongey or crumbly texture than the very dense version we showed you before, here’s a plum and almond creation from Leite’s Culinaria that has amazing flavour!

8. Baked, spiced red wine plums


Are you still feeling quite intrigued by the idea of making baked plums with extra flavour but you’ve always been a fan of richer tastes than what you’ve see so far? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how SBS made these baked and spiced red wine plums and served them with ice cream!

9. Bacon wrapped dried plums


Would you actually like to try combining the plums you love so much with something savoury to get a slightly more unique and almost gourmet taste? Then we’d encourage you to try this fantastic bacon wrapped recipe! California Dried Plums shows you how to wrap the dried plums and even fill them if you’d like.

10. Plum dumplings


We love dumplings of all kinds but we’d never tried them with plums until we saw this recipe and we are so grateful that we did! Jo Cooks shows you how to make delicious baked sweet dumplings with delicious slices of plum in the centre.

11. Fig plum orange torte


Were you intrigued by the idea of making a plum torte but you can’t help wishing there were some more flavours involved? Then we think you’ll really love the way Jeanette’s Healthy Living made theirs with fig and orange as well!

12. Spiced plum and yoghurt popsicles


We’ve talked a little bit about spiced plums in baked dishes so far but what if your favourite desserts have always been cold? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get along much better with something like these spiced plum and yogurt popsicles outlined step by step on Running Magazine!

13. Plum fruit leather


We’ve made fruit leather plenty of times before at home but plum was definitely not one of the flavours we’d tried! That’s why we were so intrigued by this recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen and we decided to make it right away. We’re pleased to report that we were not disappointed.

14. Plum and almond buttermilk cobbler


Are you still thinking about how much you loved the plum and almond idea from the cake above but you wish there was more fruit involved? Then it sounds like making something more along the lines of a cobbler might be a little more up your alley! Delia Online shows you how it’s done.

15. Sugar plum jellies


Just in case you liked the basic concept of a plum fruit leather but you’ve always had a sweet tooth and would prefer a sugar coated option, here’s an awesome alternative from Bryony’s Kitchen! We love the taste (and also that the name reminds us of the sugar plum fairy).