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Daring and Memorable: DIY Rainbow Hair 

If you love dyeing your hair and are always on the hunt for new hair color ideas, you probably like to experiment a lot and have likely tried out a whole color palette already! Some days it almost seems impossible to come up with a fresh hair color when you’ve been through so many hairstyles already, but we’re going to take a wild guess here and say you haven’t had rainbow hair yet! This is a totally daring idea and you can bring it to life in the comfort of your own bathroom! Check out some epic ideas for DIY rainbow hair down below!

1. Peekaboo Rainbow Hair 


If the idea of walking around with rainbow hair still feels a little too out of the comfort zone for you, we recommend starting with Emily Susanah‘s tutorial. You can hide the rainbow part of your hair under the hair of your regular color and so pass as just another regular citizen until you  reveal the rainbow magic yourself!

2. Curly Rainbow Hair 


Having curls can often complicate your daily hairstyle routine, because curls tend to have a mind of their own! Dyeing your hair to all the colors of the rainbow is going to give you a wild and fierce look, so a few locks of untamed curly hair won’t seem out of place anymore! Get the tutorial at Jade Madden!

3. Wild Rainbow Hair 


There are many different ways to color your hair in a rainbow style, as you can see through the ideas that we’re sharing. Some rainbow hairstyles are softer and some are much bolder. Jingle Heart Art shares the process of coloring your hair on a rainbow color that screams wild and fearless!

4. Pastel Rainbow Hair 


Do you shudder at the thought of having brightly colored hair but there’s something about the rainbow palette that is calling to you? You can find a balance with Bianca Gover‘s pastel rainbow hair tutorial! The colors are much gentler, but they still stand out!

5. Ombre Rainbow Hair 


Maybe you’re not into dyeing your whole hair just yet, but a little ombre never hurt nobody! Choosing a rainbow ombre is a great way to bring some freshness to your hairstyle without sacrificing your whole hair. You can see the detailed process at Nicole Skyes!

6. Short Rainbow Hair 


Rainbow hair isn’t just for for people with long hair! A short hairstyle can look absolutely majestic with a rainbow color palette too – just take Erica K’ren for an example! This hairstyle is noticeable and trendy, while remaining breezy and low-maintenance!  

7. Pigtails Rainbow Hair 


The whole point of dyeing your hair rainbow is to break the monotony of a regular hairstyle and bless your whole appearance with an unexpected element of playfulness that is going to be present no matter where you are or what you’re wearing. Check out how pigtails play with rainbow hair at Camille Johnson!

8. Wig Rainbow Hair 


You desperately want rainbow hair but you’re also way too scared to take the risk. What if that eccentric change is simply not for you? Thankfully we have an invention called wigs and they can be one of the best tools when you’re experimenting with different hairstyles! Shannon Taylor will show you how to rainbow dye a wig!

9. Boys’ Rainbow Hair 


Rainbow hair is not just for women, obviously! Boys can have rainbow hair as well and it actually looks incredible! There’s a free-spirited element to it and you’re definitely going to be noticeable from far away, which is great if your goal is to catch some attention! Bradlee Wannemacher shares the tutorial!

10. Minty Rainbow Hair 


Your hair doesn’t have to be dyed equally with all the colors, you can choose one that you are particularly fond of and use it as the most dominant shade, followed by the  rest of the colors in the rainbow palette! Pixielocks‘ tutorial for minty rainbow hair is the perfect example!