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How to Grow Apple trees from Seed

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Have you ever simply plucked seeds from the delicious apple you just ate and grow them in your yard? When you enjoy an apple, you probably think about the fact the tiny seeds in the core can actually produce an apple tree .
Growing apples from seeds is not complicated , it just takes some effort, planning, patience and helpful tips . First, there are some important materials you need to have, such as: an apple, compost, pots, paper towel, plastic bag and a knife. Start by cutting the apple in half and get out the seeds. You should use more than one apple’s seeds to make sure the project will be successful. The next step will be the germination of the seeds, which is the hard part. Wrap the seeds in a paper towel, wet it and place in a plastic bag. Seal the bag and put it in the fridge. This process should take around a month, but check the bag from time to time and wet the seeds if they seem to be dry. When the seeds start sprouting you can start planting them. Plant the seeds and wait for your beautiful apple tree to grow. The entire set of instructions can be found below. Enjoy !

VIEW IN GALLERYGrow Apple trees from Seed1You will need:
An apple
Paper towel
plastic bag

Later On:
Grafting tape or Cling film
Grafting Wax or Masking tape

Instructables — Growing apple tree from seed Tutorial

YouTube video

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