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10 Vegetables You Can Regrow Time and Time Again!

There’s really very little more satisfying than dining on delicious and healthy vegetable you grew yourself at home for practically no cost at all. Every fruit and vegetable is an absolute joy to grown, but none are quite as economical or simple to go about as these ten amazing vegetables you can regrow time and time again.

It’s an ancient trick that’s just as valuable today as it ever was – make your vegetables go further by re-growing them using the bits you’d usually throw away! From herbs to root vegetable and so many more, it’s a little bit like having the vegetables you love replaced free of charge time and time again – will with little to no work involved on your part!

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There are dozens of vegetable you can do this trick with, but here on this page you’ll find ten of our absolute favorites.

1. Romaine lettuce

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Keep the stumps from your lettuce and let them float in a bit of water — try keeping water levels. In a few days the stump will get new leaves and in a nother few days it will get roots – that’s when you can transplant it into soil. [Fastcheapandgood]

2. Garlic sprouts

VIEW IN GALLERYRegrow garlic sprouts VIEW IN GALLERYRegrow garlic sprouts from cloves

Very similar with lettuce growing, you put your sprouting garlic in a bit of water and let it grow. The garlic sprouts are very flavored, but not tough on the palate as actual garlic. Use the sprouts in Asian dishes or to garnish whatever meals you’re planning. [Nancyengedesign]

3. Carrot tops

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Your leftover carrots need to be put in water in a bowl and kept close to the window for maximum light. That way you grow carrot greens from carrot tops leftovers. Be warned that the carrot greens can be a bit bitter, but this still sounds like a fun project to do wth kids. No? [Projectfidgetyfingers]

4. Bok choy

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Just like celery Bok choy can be regrown from bok choy scraps. After you put it in water they’ll be ready to be transplanted into a pot with soil, after 1-2 weeks. That way you will be growing new bok choy heads. Delicious! [17Apart]

5. Basil from basil cuttings

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We love fresh basil in everything pasta or pizza, which is why growing them at home is quite amazing. The only secret here is to change the water daily so that the plant doesn’t get slimy. Plant them in a pot for a full plant … [Cepsinthecity]

6. Celery

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An endless supply of celery? Just put the celery base in water for three days and then plant it in soil. Give it plenty of sun so that the leaves begin to thicken and grow better. [FoodStorageAndSurvival]

7. Cilantro

VIEW IN GALLERYRegrow cilantro - potPlace cilantro stems in a glass of water until they grow roots. Then plant them in a pot with soil and leave them by the window for more light. Takes only a couple of months and you have a full plant. Use them in soups, over fresh rice or other dishes you have in mind. [Green Jeane]

8. Scallions

VIEW IN GALLERYRegrow scallions

This one is just as simple as regrowing garlic. Use the “bearded” part of the scallion (1-inch) and place it in a glass in water. A well-lit room will help the scallions grow faster. [Imgur]

9. Sweet potato

VIEW IN GALLERYRegrow sweet potatoes

For those of you with extra time on hands, looking for a more complex project, try regrowing sweet potatoes. Keep the sweet potato in water. It will sprout vines that will grow new sweet potatoes. You might need to try this a few times before you master the regrowing process. [Cherylsgardengoodies]

10. Ginger

VIEW IN GALLERYRegrow ginger roots

I’m crazy about ginger tee made at home. And I’ve tried making some ginger beer as well. For that, you will – of course – need plenty of ginger. Rest assured you can regrow it. Ginger roots can sprout and grow more ginger – but it’s going to take months to sprout, while harvest-worthy ginger roots take almost an year. [Find directions  @chiotsrun]

11. BONUS: Pineapple

VIEW IN GALLERYGrow your own pineapple

VIEW IN GALLERYHow to Grow a Potted Pineapple

It’s great having your own pineapple at home. Right? Be advised it’s going to take up to three years to have a full grown pineapple. More details @ rickswoodshopcreations