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15 Fall Bread Recipes That Are Sweet and Savoury

Even though we’re the kind of kitchen enthusiasts who adore making food from scratch all year round, there’s just something about the flavours that are seasonal to fall that make us especially excited to try new things and get creative with ingredients. For the past few years, we’ve done our best to try and learn how to make something new each season, and this year we decided that autumn is the perfect time to learn more about making bread. That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled for sweet and savoury bread recipes lately, with bonus points if they have some kind of delicious autumn flavour to them!

If you’re feeling just as enthusiastic as we are, if not more, about the idea of making fall bread, check out these 15 fantastic ideas, flavour combinations, and recipes that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance.

1. One bowl wheat pumpkin bread


If you ask us, one-bowl recipes are the best way to learn how to make a new kind of recipe! They’re quite simple and literal; the instructions and ingredients are easily enough mixed that creating the recipe you’ll bake literally only requires one bowl. This one-bowl whole wheat pumpkin bread featured on Team Norris Running is the perfect example of what we mean.

2. Pumpkin snickerdoodle bread


Are you actually feeling a little bit torn between the idea of making some kind of fall bread and the idea of making a batch of cookies, which are your usual favourites? Well, whoever said that you have to choose? Instead, take a look at how Platter Talk combined the two concepts by making this deliciously sweet pumpkin snickerdoodle bread!

3. Apple bread with crumble topping


Where we live, apples are at the height of their season in the fall, reaching their ripest point right around this time of year. That’s why we’re always stockpiling apple recipes to try out in October, when they’ll taste the best. We’re sure you can imagine just how pleased we were, then, when we came across this recipe from Bake Eat Repeat for apple bread with a delicious crumble topping that takes the texture to the next level.

4. Carrot cake banana bread with cinnamon cream cheese frosting


Are you the kind of sweet bread maker who usually adores banana bread the most, but you’re also always willing to put creative twists on your very favourite things? In that case, we have a feeling you just might get a kick out of the way Ambitious Kitchen outlines the steps for making this irresistible carrot cake banana bread with homemade cinnamon cream cheese frosting!

5. Lemon zucchini bread


If you ask us, one of the other total bread classics for the fall season that has a great traditional taste besides pumpkin and banana is zucchini bread! Once again, however, we’re still always looking for ways to take our usual choices in a slightly more unique direction. This particular recipe from Chew Out Loud for making a glazed lemon zucchini bread, for example, was a huge hit in our house!

6. Cinnamon sugar pumpkin bread


Did we actually really catch your attention earlier with our mention of cinnamon but you’re just not sure that the involvement of cream cheese icing in that particular recipe is quite what you’re aiming for? Then here’s an alternative that might be a little more up your alley! We love the way Averie Cooks outlines the steps for making this fragrant cinnamon sugar pumpkin bread.

7. Apple and cheddar quick bread


Are you still feeling quite intrigued by the idea of finding a recipe that’s incredibly simple and quick to do, but you think you’d rather make something a little more savoury than what we showed you earlier on our list? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how this apple and cheddar quick bread outlined in detail on Chowhound was made instead!

8. Sweet potato bread


If you ask us, one of the coolest things about the various types of breads you can make is that sometimes the ingredients that you’d think would make a recipe savoury are actually what you might put in a bread that tastes a little more sweet. That’s why we got such a kick out of this recipe from Simple Easy Creative for sweet potato bread that, despite not being too sweet, still tastes like a dessert!

9. Low fat cinnamon peach banana bread


If you’ve ever been a big fan of peaches then we have a feeling this next idea from Ambitious Kitchen just might be the perfect one for you! Where we’re from, peaches are just reaching the end of their season, meaning they’re the perfect thing to use up right now before they get too soft and become less common in the stores. That’s why this low fat cinnamon peach banana bread caught our eye so well.

10. Blueberry zucchini bread


Just in case you’re still thinking about how much you loved the idea of putting a nice spin on the classic zucchini bread but you’ve just never been one for lemon recipes, here’s another idea for your consideration! Take a better look at the recipe and tutorial featured on Simple Easy Creative to see how this blueberry zucchini bread was made.

11. Chai loaf


If you’re a lover of cinnamon and, more specifically, a lover of spiced teas, then we’d be willing to bed that you’ll really appreciate this next recipe from Life Sew Savory a little more than some of the other things on our list. Check out their surprisingly easy guide to make a mouthwatering Chai loaf that hits the tastebuds somewhere right between sweet and spiced!

12. Fall plum bread


If you’re going to put in all the time and effort it takes to make some kind of homemade bread from scratch, would you actually much rather make a recipe that’s a little more traditional or old fashioned for the season? In that case, we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at the way Lavender & Lovage made this unbelievably tasty fall plum bread.

13. Elderberry orange zest soda bread


Perhaps you’ve actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find a recipe that’s a little more uniquely combined than some of what you’ve seen so far, sounding almost like something you might get at a gourmet bakery? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Gingertooth & Twine made this scrumptious elderberry orange zest soda bread.

14. Whole wheat pecan pumpkin spice swirl bread


Are you actually quite experienced in making all different kinds of breads, both sweet and savoury, so now you’re looking for something that’s slightly more challenging and really novelty for the season, just to make sure your family can see why you love making bread so much? In that case, we’d definitely suggest that you give this whole wheat pecan pumpkin spice swirl bread featured on Team Norris Running a try!

15. Artichoke dip stuffed bread


Just in case you’ve really been scrolling through our list hoping to come across a kind of bread that’s much more savoury than a lot of what you’ve seen so far and could actually make a good appetizer or side dish to one of your fall meals, here’s a recipe that our family gobbled right up when we tried it! Take a better look at Tastes Better From Scratch to see how this artichoke dip stuffed bread was made.

Do you have another favourite kind of sweet or savoury fall bread that you love making for your family and that they always gobble right up, but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about it or link us to the recipe in the comments section so we can try it too!