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A Stylish Knot: 15 Creative Shoe Lace Designs

Have you ever looked at a very simple aspect of your life, maybe even just a tiny part of your day, and wondered whether you might be able to make it better using your own DIY skills? Well, not to sound over confident or anything, but we do that all the time! It happens when we’re in the subway, walking down the sidewalk, or even just sitting at our desks at work. It can be the simplest thing, too. In fact, some of our coolest DIY ideas happen when we’re just looking at the everyday details around us and letting our minds wander! We know there are plenty of awesome printed shoelaces out there that you can buy and we know there are lots of ways to tie, loop, and twist your regular shoelaces into shapes, but what if you want to get even more creative than that?

Just in case you’ve ever wondered about whether your shoelaces can become part of your own DIY style, check out these awesome shoelace alternative ideas that we found from all kinds of different fellow crafters online!

1. Silky ribbon shoelaces


Do you have a pair of shoes that are so dressy or dainty that you’ve always thought regular laces just didn’t quite do them justice? Perhaps your shoes have those annoying rounded laces that many dressier shoes have. You know the ones we mean; the kind that are always untying themselves on you! Well, we’re kind of obsessed with the way Grosgrain Fabulous solved both of those issues by replacing the laces with pretty silk ribbons in colours that complement the shoes themselves!

2. Braided shoelaces


Are you looking for some alternative shoelace ideas for your kids so that maybe they’ll actually want to tie their shoes, rather than running around with them undone and always tripping on them? In that case, here’s an awesomely creative shoelace idea that’s two-fold! Besides looking so cool that your kids will be proud to tie them, these neat little braid fabric strip laces from Martha Stewart will actually stay tied up better than some store bought laces thanks to their texture.

3. Elastic no-tie shoelaces


Are your kids small enough that laces on their running shoes are a complete hassle all together, even though you’re the one tying them? Well, we know from experience that you can’t exactly tie their shoes very easily when they’re squirming, which babies and toddlers tend to do! That’s why we replaced all our kids’ laces with elastics just like Beth Being Crafty did here until they were ready to started tying the laces themselves! This method actually works so well that some days we’re honestly tempted to replace all our own laces too.

4. Knitted shoelaces


Are you the kind of knitting fiend who would knit essentially everything you and your kids use in your whole daily lives if you could? Well, for some small details, that’s actually a feasible goal! These funny little knitted shoelaces for kids are actually so easy to make it’s unbelievable and they stay tied very well thanks to the hardiness of the yarn, especially if you make them in acrylic or super-wash wool. Berroco teaches you how to make them with a technique that’s similar to an eye cord bind off.

5. Funky fabric shoelaces


Did you like the graphic, colourful look of the silk ribbon laces we showed you earlier, as well as their fun thicker shape, but you need a version that’s a little more kid friendly? Then we think you might prefer these DIY scrap fabric laces instead! This tutorial from The Life of a Cheap Chickadee shows you how to get the right shape, we all as how to taper the ends solidly so you can actually get the laces through the holes in the shoes and keep them tied.

6. Velour ribbon shoelaces


Did you love the aesthetic of the ribbon laces we showed you earlier but you’re just not sure about the silk idea because it seems so delicate? Perhaps you just prefer materials that have some texture or you’re worried the silk will be slippery on itself and untie constantly. Well, don’t stress, there are plenty of other awesome ribbon options for you to try out instead! We actually followed this velvet ribbon shoelace suggestion in more than one of our pairs of dress shoes because we loved it so much. Check the whole idea out in more detail on Grosgrain Fabulous. 

7. DIY shoelace bracelet


Did you actually try one of these shoelace alternatives and love it so much that you replaced a whole bunch of your laces with them and now you just have a piled of clean, unused shoelaces lying around not being used? Then why not upcycle those in other ways too? We love the way Crafty Hands used simple braiding techniques to make easy jewelry. This idea makes a great friendship bracelet at a kids’ slumber party!

8. Leather laces with tassels


Do you have a pair of wonderfully worn, stylishly rustic boots that you adore wearing in the fall, but you’d never thought the fabric laces they came with quite matched the aesthetic? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer these fantastic looking DIY leather laces from The Nina Project! Besides being more durable than the average lace, these laces feature a tassel on the end that we just can’t get over.

9. Chiffon ribbon laces


Are you still thinking about how pretty the idea of ribbon laces is, but you pictures something a little more delicate looking on your favourite dress shoes? Then perhaps this stunning chiffon lace alternative is the best idea for you! Creatively Grateful gives you more information on the whole idea. We love that you could repurpose matching gift ribbons this way.

10. Cartoon ribbon laces with washi tape ends


Do your kids already have lots of different ribbons at home that they could use as fun laces rather than buying new ones? Then grab some equally fun coloured and patterned washi tape and check out how Englin’s Fine Footwear combined the two to make really fun cartoon laces! The washi tape tapers the ribbon at each end so your new laces actually fit through the holes of the shoes.

11. DIY puff ball shoelaces


Perhaps you’d like to keep the laces that actually came in your shoes right from the store because they tie well, but you still think they’re a little too plain looking for your liking? Then here’s a totally fun way to add some personality! My Crafts guides you through the process of adding faux fur pom poms to the ends of your laces for a super funky look. Try the monochrome look with some matching pom poms like the picture you see here or add a pop of colour by giving your laces pom poms in contrasting shades instead.

12. DIY magnetic shoelaces


Are you actually so tired of your laces coming undone that you’re looking for a complete alternative instead? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this futuristic looking idea from Solid Smack that involves absolutely no tying at all! Their tutorial shows you step by step how to make a two-part panel for each shoe that pulls the laces together and stays fastened with the power of mini magnets.

13. DIY shoelace hairband


Were you intrigued by the idea of not only replacing your laces but upcycling the old laces as well, but you’re not quite sold on the shoelace bracelet idea? Perhaps you actually do like it but you’re looking for even more shoelace based accessories to make with your kids? In that case, we definitely think you should check out these cute little braided shoelace hairband instructions from Run Wiki!

14. DIY shoelace chain charm


Do you love the idea of embellishing the laces you already have because you like how well they stay tied, but you still think the whole look could be amped up at least a little bit? In that case, if your personal style is a little edgier, we have feeling this cool chunky chain lace charm idea might be the one for you. Find out how to weave your laces through three simple links of jewelry chain on Daniela Tabois.

15. Skinny beaded shoelaces


Have you every seen those very skinny shoelaces and thought about how they’re so thin they almost look like jewelry making string? Well, they might not really be made from jewelry supplies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use beads to dress them up! Check out how Motte’s embellished their shoelaces using straight, wide chrome beads to give an otherwise plain pair of runners just a touch of glamour.