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Vegan Cookie Recipes Everyone Will Love

Eating vegan is a healthy diet choice and, for some, even a lifestyle! Non-vegans, however, should understand that being vegan doesn’t mean that you can’t still have treats or eat delicious things!

Check out these yummy, healthy vegan cookie recipes that anyone, now matter their eating habits, will totally love.

1. Gluten free vegan coconut cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYGluten free vegan coconut cookies

This recipe from Killer Bunnies reminds you that sweet, fruity flavours are still a-ok, even when you’re on a vegan diet!


2. Classic vegan chocolate chip cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYClassic vegan chocolate chip cookies

Eating vegan doesn’t have to mean that you can’t enjoy the same great treats you always did! This recipe from Hell Yeah It’s Vegan shows you how to make a delicious, healthy classic.

3. Oreo cookie cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYOreo cookie cookies

What’s better than a regular cookie? A cookie in a cookie! What’s even better than that? The fact that it’s vegan, making it just a little healthier! Get the recipe on Have Cake, Will Travel.

4. Gluten free peanut butter cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYPeanut butter gluten free cookies

The Pretty Bee shows you how to make a healthy, vegan, gluten free version of yet another delicious classic cookie. Peanut butter lovers rejoice!

5. Vegan oatmeal snickerdoodles

VIEW IN GALLERYOatmeal snickerdoodles

These sugar and cinnamon dusted delights are made with coconut oil and they’re fully vegan! Get the gull ingredients at Oatmeal With a Fork.

6. vegan s’more cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYS'mores cookies

Some vegan baking recipes are a lot more decadent than you’d expect! These cookies by Keepin’ It Kind taste just like your traditional delicious s’mores.

7. Vegan peanut butter chocolate chip avocado cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYPeanut butter chocolate chip avocado cookies

This delicious chocolate chip peanut butter cookie recipe by Veggie and the Beast is made with avocado instead of butter! This makes it vegan and healthier.

8. Vegan Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles

VIEW IN GALLERYMexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles

Are you looking for something vegan that still has a huge kick of flavour? These Mexican hot chocolate cookies have and cinnamon to balance the sweet flavours of cocoa powder and maple syrup. The Veggielogue shows you how to make them.

9. Gluten free thumbprint cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYGluten free thumbprint cookies

These thumbprint cookies are a great way to combine yummy cookies with some of your favourite fillings. Try filling the thumbprint in the middle of each cookie with blackberry jam, strawberry jams, or Nutella! Passports and Pancakes shows you how to make them using all vegan gluten free ingredients!

10. Vegan gingerbread people

VIEW IN GALLERYVegan gingerbread people

Kimberly Dioszeghy shows your how to make a vegan version of these classic Christmas cookies so that no one misses out over the holidays.

11. 3-ingredient thin mints

VIEW IN GALLERY3-ingredient thin mints

There are so many great things about these thin mint cookies by Top with Cinnamon! They’re made with only three ingredients, they only take 15 minutes to make, they don’t need to be baked, and they’re completely vegan!

12. Healthy sugar cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYHealthy sugar cookies

Simple sugar cookies can be made into vegan  treats too! Chocolate Covered Kate shows you how to get the same great taste with alternative healthier ingredients.

13. Gluten free raspberry linzer cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYGluten free raspberry linzers

Healthful Pursuit shows you how to make delicious raspberry linzer cookies using gluten free vegan ingredients like ground almond flour, coconut flour, and coconut oil.

14. Healthy homemade wholewheat graham crackers

VIEW IN GALLERYHealthy homemade graham crackers

These vegan graham crackers are perfect for s’mores, or even just people who prefer cookies that are a little less sweet and sugary. Get the recipe from Desserts With Benefits.

15. Double chocolate olive oil sea salt sandwich cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYDouble chocolate olive oil sea salt sandwich cookies

In addition to their decadent sweet and salty combination of flavours, these cookies are ultimate because they’re also gluten free and vegan! Will Frolic for Food shows you how to make them.

Do you have another favourite vegan cookie recipe that you just can’t get enough of? Tell us how to make them in the comments section!