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15 Bright Eyed and Adorable Owl Themed Crafts for Everyone

Have you ever loved something so much that you can’t help wanting to incorporate it into just about every aspect of your life, including your home decor scheme, your sense of personal style, and your crafting time? Well, you’re not alone there, because that’s how we’ve been feeling about owls lately! There’s just something about their feathers, their shape, and their big, round eyes that has us completely enamoured. That’s why you can find us scouring the net for inspiration and guidance when it comes to owl themed ways of getting creative with our style, our kids, and the space around us!

Just in case you love owls as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best DIY owl themed ideas, designs, and tutorials for you to try out for yourself.

1. Detailed beaded owl pins


Are you the kind of crafting enthusiast whose best skills have always been rooted in hand stitching and detailed sewing-based work? Well, if you’re also a DIY jewelry fan, then we think you just might be the perfect person to give something like this absolutely stunning hand beaded owl brooch a try! Tierra Este guides you step by step through the process of making it happen with sequins and seed beads.

2. Framed button owl art


Have your favourite kinds of crafts actually always been mixed material ones where you make something, especially an image, out of a material that’s a little bit unconventional? Then we have a feeling you might get quite the kick indeed out of the way A Spectacled Owl created a wonderfully colourful little framed owl by arranging and gluing buttons! We like the way they alternated sized along with changing the colours because it makes the finished owl look impressively detailed.

3. DIY toilet paper roll owls


If you’re going to get crafting with your kids, would you actually rather make something that will help you upcycling things that are already around your house? We love doing this too because it saves us from spending more money on new, store-bought craft supplies and it also saves us from throwing away things that might be repurposed. That’s why we love toilet paper roll crafts so much! It’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that we were very excited to stumble across this fantastic cardboard tube owl tutorial featured on Useful DIY.

4. Little round crocheted owls


Are you actually a huge yarn crafting enthusiast whose primary DIY skills have always been rooted in knitting and crochet, so you’re always on the lookout for new patterns that let you combine that with your favourite animals and things? Then we think you’ll get along very well indeed with these adorable, very rounded crocheted owls! Josephine Wu shows you how to make them with a full stitch pattern but also how to embellish their little faces with felt and beads.

5. Wood slice and upcycled cutlery owl decoration


When you think about your best DIY skills, do you start to realize that you’re actually a little more of a “handy man” than anything else? Well, if you also enjoy making things out of unconventional materials, especially if they’re upcycled, then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how House of Hawthornes created this wonderfully natural and rustic looking wooden slice owl using jar lids, bottle caps, and old cutlery for its face and feet.

6. Painted owl babies craft


Are your kids actually just as in love with owls (and crafting) as you are so you think you’d like to try and find a project that they can help you with and proudly display on the fridge when they’re finished? Well, if they’ve ever been big fans of painting then we have a feeling this adorable little fuzzy baby owl painting idea is the perfect project for your whole family! Get the full details for sponging and painting on I Heart Crafty Things.

7. Felt owl busy board


Perhaps your kids do love owls very much but they’re still very young and you don’t think they’re quite ready for their own painting projects? Then perhaps you’d do better making something for them, especially if it’s something they can use over and over and actually get some play time out of! Check out how how Crafts Unleashed used carefully cut felt in all different colours to make a “busy board” in the basic shape of an owl, as well as all kinds of interchangeable features for their kids to place and created different owl faces and moods with.

8. Watercolour newspaper owls


Are you still thinking about the idea of creating owls with upcycled materials but you’d like the project you create to be very kid -friendly, so working with metals like cutlery and jar lids doesn’t quite sound like the kind of project you need? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how I Heart Crafty Things helped their kids make these adorable painted owls from newsprint!

9. Pretty felt and fabric owl stitching project


Have your best DIY skills actually always lied in your ability to sew and stitching in a careful, detailed way, so you’ve been scrolling through our list hoping to find a project that will let you combine that kind of creativity with your love for all things owl related? Then you simply must check out this adorable hand stitched owl outlined step by step on Guidecentral! This project actually makes a great beginner craft for young sewing enthusiasts.

10. DIY cork owl craft


Are you totally in love with the idea of making multi-material owl crafts but you also prefer structured pieces that you can stand up on their own as little decor pieces? Well, start saving your corks after each bottle of wine when you host a dinner, because Lia Griffith has an idea that’s so little and adorable that we can barely handle it! Check out how they dressed their corks up like curious little owls using cut pieces of felt and some sewing pins.

11. Multicoloured owl string art


Are you a little more advanced when it comes to intricate DIY projects so you’re looking for a project that will give you a little more of a challenge? Well, we have tried brightly coloured string art at length in all kind of different designs and we’re here to confirm with you that it is both challenging and rewarding! If you’re feeling up for it, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Craftionary made this stunning string art owl with a canvas and nails.

12. Framed owl pom pom craft


Were you actually quite intrigued indeed by the idea of making owls from fun, brightly coloured materials… until you discovered that your spare button collection isn’t actually as big as you thought and the previous idea we showed you just isn’t a possibility right now? Well, if you’ve got a bag of crafting pom poms lying around, perhaps you’d have a great time using those instead! We’d suggest checking out how Repeat Crafter Me used differently sized and coloured pom poms to arrange an adorable fluffy owl nestled snugly into a tray.

13. Layered felt feathery owl craft


Have your favourite options on this list so far actually been the ones made from felt and other soft materials but you’re kind of set on making a larger craft than some of the little, kid-friendly felt crafts we’ve shown you so far? Then we have a feeling you’re going to get along very well with this awesome layered felt owl design featured step by step on Fave Crafts. We love the way they added massive googly eyes to give the owls a lot of personality!

14. Baby owl mobile


Did your ears totally perk up when we started talking about the idea of making wonderful owl projects for your kids rather than with them because they’re very young indeed… or perhaps you’re actually still expecting? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how TracyDIYMom created a homemade baby mobile out of little hand stitched felt owls strung to look like they’re flying around another happy owl sitting contentedly in a hoop up top.

15. Cute wooden owl tree


Were you actually so taken with the previous idea that we showed you where we suggested making a large wooden owl from a section of a tree stump and some upcycled utensils, but you’re wondering whether there might be a miniature version of that project so you can sit and make the smaller wooden owls with your friends or kids? Then we definitely think you should take a closer look at how Frugal Fun 4 Boys made a mini branch version with pipe cleaner feet, felt beaks, and layered button eyes. We love the way they added strings at the top to turn them into ornaments! When you hang them in a tree, they look like they’re flying around.