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DIY Creations You Can Make From Yarn – No Knitting Involved!  

You’re just not that into knitting – it is what it is! Maybe you’re too busy to stay committed to a knitting project or your creativity has simply taken a different path. Every time you see a yarn shop you walk right past it, but now we’re challenging you to go inside, pick out some colorful yarn and check out these exceptional DIY yarn creations you can make with zero knitting!

1. Yarn Fishtail Braid 


Braids are a beautiful and versatile hairstyle that can make you look both playful and elegant, depending on the style of the braid. If you’ve been wishing for a way to spice up the regular fishtail braid, A Beautiful Mess can show you how a little yarn can make all the difference!

2. Yarn Wrapped Letters 


Looking for a way to bless your home with an outstanding decor piece? Go with yarn wrapped letters! They are going to get all of the attention thanks to their big size and chic look! They are super simple to make and My Sister’s Suitcase will guide you through the whole process.

3. Yarn String Chandeliers 


As the days get warmer, the season of garden parties is slowly coming back. Decorating you garden can be quite the challenge but if you take a peek at Merry Brides, you’ll learn how these breathtaking yarn string chandeliers can turn your backyard into a fairytale setting!

4. Yarn Backdrop 


A last-minute photo-shooting sounds like a great idea but if you’re in charge of the backdrop it can feel stressful. Whether you have to make it for a themed party or just your group of friends, a backdrop made from yarn (like the one at Ruffled!) is going to have a great impact on the photos.

5. Yarn Pom Pom Rug 


Rugs are expensive, that’s just a fact. Chic, fluffy and colorful rugs? Very expensive! There’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a rug when you can simply purchase some yarn and make your own fluffy pom pom rug in one afternoon! Visit Say Yes for the behind-the-scenes!

6. Yarn Wall Art 


One of the most charming things about yarn is that it looks beautiful on it’s own. It rarely needs any extra decor – it is decor all by itself. It comes in all colors, so you can pick out your favorite shades and check in with Harlow & Thistle to make this lovely yarn wall art!

7. Yarn Hearts 


Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you’re still looking for that perfect gift, you’ve just found it. These yarn hearts by Tidbits are so simple to make but they have a strong personalized value because of the time you will invest into them. You can decorate the entire home with them as a sweet surprise!

8. Yarn Bangle Bracelets 


Bangle bracelets are so charming! They are that accessory that always brings out the fun in you! Thanks to My Poppet and some yarn, you can now create bangle bracelets that fit your vision down to the last detail, making them the ultimate accessory piece you can always count on!

9. Yarn Wigs 


We all love dress up and one of the many perks of having kids is that you get to play dress up all year long, not just on Halloween! A wig is an essential part of every costume, so here’s how Made Everyday used yarn to create four exceptional wigs!

10. Yarn Wreath 


Wreaths are usually the eye-catching decor piece on someone’s front door that is totally eccentric and creative. You can absolutely go down that route, but you can also opt for something more neutral and simplistic. If you’re willing to give a beautiful and calming yarn wreath a try, head over to Crafts Unleashed!

11. Yarn Flower 


Flowers are ever the most charming decor element in any room of the house. Whether you’re using natural flowers to decorate or you create flowers from various different materials, the charm stays the same. The most obvious perk of making your own flowers is that they never wilt! Here’s how Live Craft Love made these yarn daisies!

12. Yarn Dolls 


Kids love to play with dolls and while there may be hundreds of different dolls to choose from in the store, the most memorable dolls are those you make yourself. You don’t need to clear out the crafting store in order to make DIY dolls. See how The Craft Train made them out of yarn alone!