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A Quick Click: 9 Totally Chic DIY Mouse Pads

Whether we’re working in an office or freelancing away, in this day and age, most of us click away our days. It’s hard to imagine our everyday lives without a computer. Because they’ve become our most trusted companions, it’s our responsibility to ensure that they’re always included into our chic vibes of living fabulous lives! Think about the most unique mouse pad you can imagine – now you can have it! Make one from scratch or upgrade an old one, the choice is yours!

Keep reading to see 9 incredibly chic DIY mouse pads!

1. Floral Mouse Pad


Make the best of spring with this floral mouse pad that will bring warmth and brightness into your working space. It is very budget friendly as you will only need about 4 supplies, so as soon as you set your heart on your favorite floral fabric, you’re all set. The Crafted Life has the tutorial!

2. Gold Confetti Mouse Pad

VIEW IN GALLERYgold confetti

They say that gold is the new black, but it is not until you pair those two together that you get pure perfection. It is a match made in heaven and a very safe route to go down, because it’s impossible to mess it up! Don’t believe us? Visit Whitney Blake and see for yourself!

3. Gold Striped Mouse Pad


Speaking of gold, here’s another shiny project, created by An Exercise In Frugality. Thankfully, if dots aren’t your thing, stripes are always there to save the day! Keep it simple, but make it fun!

4. Marble Mouse Pad


This idea by Adorablest is a total winner! Throw away your boring old mouse pad and make this one instead! It looks like a décor element by itself, but its functionality really gives it a purpose. Once you go marble you can never go back – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

5. Pepita Pattern Mouse Pad


Why not make a mouse pad out of the most recognizable pattern ever?! The pepita pattern never ceases to dominate the fashion shows! That’s right, you can bring fashion into everything you do, including surfing the social media! Visit Dream A Little Bigger to see how it’s done!

6. Mountain Mouse Pad


Sometimes we’re stuck behind our computers when we really just want to be out in nature. If you recognize yourself in this description, it may be the time for you to consider a nature themed mouse pad! This way a little bit of nature will always be with you, even when you’re stuck inside. Find the quickest tutorial at Little White Whale!

7. Cube Mouse Pad


This idea is so much fun! It’s completely unique and it gives the optical illusion of cubes! How amazing is that?! Follow the instructions by Craft Hunter and soon you’ll be a proud owner of a mouse pad that will capture the attention of anyone walking past your desk!

8. Glittery Mouse Pad


Okay, maybe you really won’t be able to get rid of that glitter for the next month, but it will totally be worth it! Your mouse pad will be shiny, noticeable and as such, it will give you a much needed boost in energy while working long hours! Head over to Brit+Co to see how-to!

9. Constellation Mouse Pad

VIEW IN GALLERYconstellation

For the daydreamers and anyone who wanted to be an astronaut when they grow up (so, everyone). For those who look up to the sky at night and wonder about the stars. This mouse pad will bring a touch of that into your working space and you’ll never regret it; just ask the Lovely Clusters!